Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 10/21/2013 - Skarner's Rework, Ahri and Morgana Changes, Team Builder Sounds

Team Builder Strings

_as3_getlocal <0>
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_captain_play_game_label"
_as3_pushstring "Play Game"
_as3_pushstring "gf_invite_panel_title"
_as3_pushstring "Invited"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_solo_group_found_accept_button_label"
_as3_pushstring "Accept"
_as3_pushstring "gf_teammate_prompt_searching_for_solo"
_as3_pushstring "Searching For:"
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_invite_label"
_as3_pushstring "Invite"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dropdown_role_initial_label"
_as3_pushstring "Select role..."
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_solo_group_found_decline_button_label"
_as3_pushstring "Decline"
_as3_pushstring "gf_teammate_prompt_select_role_and_position"
_as3_pushstring "Select Position and Role"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_player_kicked"
_as3_pushstring "{0} has been kicked from the lobby."
_as3_pushstring "gf_position_jungle"
_as3_pushstring "Jungle"
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_groupie_ready_label"
_as3_pushstring "Ready"
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_position_teammate_delimiter"
_as3_pushstring "/"
_as3_pushstring "gf_estimated_wait_time_short"
_as3_pushstring "Short"
_as3_pushstring "gf_local_player_masteries_title_text"
_as3_pushstring "MASTERIES"
_as3_pushstring "gf_position_bottom"
_as3_pushstring "Bottom Lane"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_cannot_quit_body"
_as3_pushstring "That action is not currently available because matchmaking is in progress."
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_player_removed"
_as3_pushstring "{0} has left the group."
_as3_pushstring "gf_mma_tooltip_subtitle_champion_bonus_active"
_as3_pushstring "Champion: {0}"
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_kicked_title"
_as3_pushstring "Kicked"
_as3_pushstring "gf_local_player_runes_title_text"
_as3_pushstring "RUNES"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_captain_game_started"
_as3_pushstring "Matchmaking started."
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_spec_solos_label"
_as3_pushstring "Find Solo Players"
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_select_champion_label"
_as3_pushstring "Select Champion"
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_any"
_as3_pushstring "Any Role"
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_solo_afk_title"
_as3_pushstring "Game Alert"
_as3_pushstring "gf_player_status_ready"
_as3_pushstring "READY"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_player_added"
_as3_pushstring "{0} has joined the group."
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_cannot_quit_title"
_as3_pushstring "Sorry"
_as3_pushstring "gf_position_initial_label"
_as3_pushstring "Select lane..."
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_kicked_message"
_as3_pushstring "You have been kicked from the group and automatically put back into the queue"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_all_players_ready"
_as3_pushstring "All players are ready."
_as3_pushstring "gf_solo_availability_title"
_as3_pushstring "Availability"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_captain_update_to_solo_spec_phase"
_as3_pushstring "Ready for search criteria."
_as3_pushstring "gf_estimated_wait_time_very_short"
_as3_pushstring "Very Short"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dropdown_mastery_initial_label"
_as3_pushstring "Mastery page.."
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_groupie_launch_failure_body"
_as3_pushstring "We are not able to add you to the group. Please try again later."
_as3_pushstring "gf_estimated_wait_time_long"
_as3_pushstring "Long"
_as3_pushstring "gf_local_player_spells_title_text"
_as3_pushstring "SPELLS"
_as3_pushstring "gf_mma_tooltip_description_bonus_active"
_as3_pushstring "When you try a new role or champion, Team Builder adjusts matchmaking automatically. These adjustments decrease as you gain experience."
_as3_pushstring "gf_invite_panel_invite_button_label"
_as3_pushstring "Invite"
_as3_pushstring "gf_mma_tooltip_title_bonus_active"
_as3_pushstring "Matchmaking adjustment: Active"
_as3_pushstring "gf_estimated_wait_time_very_long"
_as3_pushstring "Very Long"
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_solo_unable_to_join_group_group_not_found_title"
_as3_pushstring "The group no longer exists. Requeuing..."
_as3_pushstring "gf_teammate_prompt_group_requires_friend"
_as3_pushstring "Group requires at least one friend."
_as3_pushstring "gf_mma_tooltip_subtitle_role_bonus_active"
_as3_pushstring "Role: {0}"
_as3_pushstring "gf_solo_find_group_button_label"
_as3_pushstring "Find Group"
_as3_pushstring "gf_local_player_roles_title_text"
_as3_pushstring "ROLE"
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_mage"
_as3_pushstring "Mage"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_confirm_quit_disband_group_title"
_as3_pushstring "Are you sure?"
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_any_description"
_as3_pushstring "No preference for this slot."
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_captain_search_for_solos_button_label"
_as3_pushstring "Search"
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_tank"
_as3_pushstring "Tank"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_captain_launch_failure_body"
_as3_pushstring "We are not able to create a group for you at this time. Please try again later."
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_solo_afk_message"
_as3_pushstring "You have been removed from the matchmaking queue for failing to respond when a match was found."
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_fighter"
_as3_pushstring "Fighter"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_invitee_update_to_solo_spec_phase"
_as3_pushstring "Captain is preparing to search for solo players."
_as3_pushstring "gf_estimated_wait_time_unknown"
_as3_pushstring "Unknown"
_as3_pushstring "gf_role_assassin"
_as3_pushstring "Assassin"
_as3_pushstring "gf_button_groupie_ready_clicked_label"
_as3_pushstring "Readied"
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_solo_group_disbanded_title"
_as3_pushstring "Group Disbanded"
_as3_pushstring "gf_docked_message_solo_unable_to_join_group_group_not_found_message"
_as3_pushstring "Unable to Join Group"
_as3_pushstring "gf_status_message_groupie_game_started"
_as3_pushstring "Captain has started matchmaking."
_as3_pushstring "gf_teammate_prompt_player_found"
_as3_pushstring "Player Found:"
_as3_pushstring "gf_position_middle"
_as3_pushstring "Middle Lane"
_as3_pushstring "gf_captain_title"
_as3_pushstring "Captain"
_as3_pushstring "gf_estimated_wait_time_average"
_as3_pushstring "Average"
_as3_pushstring "gf_dialog_captain_launch_failure_title"
_as3_pushstring "Unable to Create Group"

Team Builder Sounds

Skarner's Rework Now on the PBE

Here are his abilities' tooltips:

Skarner's Stalk Icon

Champion Changes


  • Essence Theft [ Passive ] - No longer grants 35% Spell Vamp to the next spell upon reaching 9 charges
  • Essence Theft [ Passive ] - Ahri's next spell heals her whenever it hits an enemy (upon reaching 9 charges)


  • Tormented Soil [ W ] - Now deals 25/40/55/70/85 magic damage every second
  • Tormented Soil [ W ] - No longer adds 3% of enemies' missing Health to the damage
  • Tormented Soil [ W ] - Now increases the damage by 10% to 60% based on the enemy's missing Health


  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Damage upon teleporting now scales with 0.8 (up from 0.6)


  • Crystal Slash [ Q ] - No longer slows by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds if Skarner is charged
  • Crystal Slash [ Q ] - Added to the tooltip: 'If a unit is struck,Skarner gains % attack speed for seconds,stacking up to 3 times.'
  • Crystalline Exoskeleton [ W ] - No longer grants Attack Speed
  • Crystalline Exoskeleton [ W ] - Now grants 24% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds (changed from 15/17/19/21/23% increased Movement Speed while active)
  • Fracture [ E ] - Tooltip now says: 'Skarner summons a blast of crystalline energy which deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.7)magic damage to enemies hit and slows them by 30% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Fracture [ E ] - Removed from the tooltip: 'Striking enemies will consume the mark to heal Skarner for 30/45/60/75/90 (+).Killing targets outright will also activate the heal.(Each activation heals for 50/50/50/50/50% less.)'

Victorious Elise Visual Changes

Some very minor visual changes have been made to Elise's Victorious Skin - the blue elements are now dark blue, here is a comparison:

(Have in mind she still has her back legs, it's just the pose she's got in this screenshot that she looks like she doesn't have them. This pose is simply better for illustrative purposes for her blue elements)



New Options in the Shop: Trinket and Gold Income

"Trinket" is empty for now, but there are a few items in "Gold Income" - you can see them in the second screenshot.



  • #64 Itachi

    Did they fix Elise's rappel so the icon on the ground is blue instead of red to go with her skin? Trying to decide how badly I need gold.

  • #62 Basinator
    • _as3_pushstring "gf_role_any"
      _as3_pushstring "Any Role"

      Seems to me as that you can also queue up role-less.

  • #61 dnagemo

    Lol skarner rework solved none of his problem

  • #54 xiondisc

  • #51 RashRider

    Wow. I love the new music for masteries, and Summoner's Call.

  • #57 Isfirrius

    Man, I've logged just to agree with you. I'm prompted to do a score transcription of this Summoner's Call :D

  • #60 Dj0z

    Straight to the LoL playlist

    Can't wait to hear how nicely the track for each of the 3 mastery categories overlap with the main theme.

    Last edited by Dj0z: 10/22/2013 3:03:46 AM
  • #50 GunPerfect

    Dear riot, please don't Olaf skarner. I hope he has something good coming for him too because right now it looks like you're "buffing" *cough nerfing* someone that doesn't need it. 

    EDIT: Also the video is uselss, his abilities are reworked not the champion itself. Even then the abilities haven't changed, just what they do is changed which wasn't showed in the video. 

    Last edited by GunPerfect: 10/21/2013 6:40:06 PM
  • #53 Gameguy301
    I don't understand this "olafing" idea that's passing around it seems that any champion receiving changes is getting "olafed" I checked lolking after his rework his pick rates increase by more than x5 and his win rate is still the same +/- a measly 2 percent it basically didn't budge at all. It's empty fear mongering and what's worse the example it tries to utilize is pretty much completely moot.

    I agree the video was horrid, the player being hit by E didn't run around to show the slow, he didn't run around with W to show the acceleration mechanic, and skarner never hit an enemy twice to show the stacking attackspeed buff a video devoid of any use at all.
    Last edited by Gameguy301: 10/21/2013 7:23:13 PM
  • #55 Bombkirby

    Well..."olafed" is a term used to describe his first major nerf. Before he fell to 35ish% winrate.

  • #56 Gameguy301
    Well if they are referring to his initial nerfs then that's another more complicated story, when something is "toxic" they deem the kit slated for a rework, now reworks take time, leaving something toxic in power while the rework is being prepared would be irresponsible so in the meantime they "declaw" the toxic champ by carpet bombing them with nerfs. This is a very common design pattern and one riot is very fond of, olaf is not the first or the last champion to receive this treatment.
  • #63 Benegesserit

    Then really the term that deserves to take precedence would be Evelina'd since when she took that stun to slow nerf she basically fell of the damn map (until her rework). I don't think any champ took a dick to the ass harder in one patch than she did.

    Last edited by Benegesserit: 10/22/2013 7:25:07 PM
  • #65 jhawkjayhawk

    days of stun eve Cringe* days of early reworked eve(dat OLD dfg into her pre-nerfed percentage max hp damage ulti) super cringe*

  • #48 Hyp3r1on

    i think the summoner Name on the skarner Picture is the best

    Pluto is not a Planet

  • #37 IvyBlade

    As of right now there is close to zero chances that Morgana will hit live in this shape... She kills the caster minions on second rank W... Basically she doesn't need now rank 3 W (5 lvl) to farm soo good... now she's able to rank 2 (lvl 3) them. And on lvl 5 if I Q, W ignite an Ashe full hp and autoattack her some I basically kill her without any retelation... I would love Morgana to be that strong but that's just not gonna happen :P Not in real life...

  • #52 Huntedwulf

    Morg isn't an assassin, and i don't think giving her this much upfront damage would a good thing, to retain her role as a midlane sustained pusher and bully. giving her assassination damage along with that would return her back to #1 ban status imo.

  • #58 IvyBlade

    Well I'm not saying she should stay the way she is on PBE now (she's hilarious now... I love her :D... But still... Tad OP is tad OP...) but she does need the buffs. She's not on par with anyone now... she's a mediocre pick now.

  • #36 Nakhan

    Skarner appears to look the same as on Live.  Why is an image of him included?

  • #33 Tishouq

    I logged in just to say this.

    Please make this kind of post smaler. This makes the blog so unfun to read, and really hard if you are looking for some recent post you know its on the front page. Please make a jump, for people who cares about this click and continue reading. (dont let a 900 lines post on the front page please)

    If your content wasn't so appealing to me i probably would've stoped coming here when this huge front page post started.

    A daily reader,


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