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Nasus Visual Update: Old Dog, New Stick

Nasus Visual Update: Old Dog, New Stick

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Nasus is shaking off years of rough abrasion from the sands and returning to the battlefield with a complete visual update. Armored with refined plate and a higher fidelity look for his signature halberd, Nasus's new model reflects his unbounded intellect and immense power.

Beyond the new model, all of Nasus's abilities, animations and particles have been updated. His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, summons the ferocity of the desert tempest, and Spirit Fire burns with arcane etching upon the ground. Along with his model and visual changes, the Curator of the Sand's sound effects and voiceover have been updated and expanded, exposing more of the vast archive in Nasus's mind.



  • #57 KingOfThe23Stars

    I Love It (AGAIN! :-D ) Above He Looks Better Cuz He Is A God! Now He Looks Too Soft For Being Anubis, The God Who Decides About Life And Death Needs To Look Agressive And Scarying!

    Last edited by KingOfThe23Stars: 11/1/2013 2:51:34 AM
  • #54 Plasmodius

    They took away Pharaoh Nasus' uraeus. :(

    But other than that it is most definitely a big improvement.

  • #50 Nevran

    I love this community... Now the drama will be about a new VO... And they will say that they 'care' because the voice actor died? Please... Nobody cared before they read it on one comment on reddit/GD/RoG...

    I am cool with keeping the old voice but I would love to see people STFU when it come to whining for something that isn't so hard to accept.

    Last edited by Nevran: 10/31/2013 12:21:30 PM
  • #51 OuterRaven

    Is it that hard for you to accept that some people like Nasus' current VO? And that they're worried that it won't be the same?

    Nobody cared about it? Nasus' voice is one of the most iconic and one of the most liked voices in the LoL. For every guy saying that his VO sucks, there's a thousand saying that they love it.


    Stop being such a prick. Why are you even so bothered about it? The only one creating "drama" here is you.

  • #52 Nevran

    Because when I see a VU and I read some red post saying "We are concerned about you caring for Nasus old voice", I don't see why people are talking about it.


    Riot gave traditionnal skin for Karma, for Trundle and even Sejuani for god sake.
    They will again listen to the fan.

    Again you clearly don't understand what bother me.

    What bother me is people talking like it is gonna be a big problem when Riot listen a LOT to them and generally do some things for them.

    I like nasus old voice, a lot of people do. But I also would like to see him having NEW line, especially against Renekton. So yeah, I don't see why people freak out. It really get on my nerve, they really give interesting VU and what do people see?

    New VO possible?

    Yay, new VU but hey, saying it is gonna be awesome suck, let's freak out over a new VO when Riot ALWAYS listen to us and try to give something for both side.

    And it is like that for every VU, drama/concern over NOTHING.

    Last edited by Nevran: 10/31/2013 12:25:47 PM
  • #53 OuterRaven

    Oh, ok then. I misunderstood your post. Yes, people are overreacting, as per usual.

  • #56 Mysnomer

    My problem is that they didn't even try to make him sound similar. Surely they could do a good imitation, but he sounds so angry now. Also, they kept the line about Anthropomancy, one of the most out of place lines in the game. It feels like they're trying to show that they care about the old VO, but they don't understand why it was good. Which is really perplexing and disappointing.

    Also, they had better give my stargate skin rings on the recall. To pass up on such an opportunity would be a crime.

    Last edited by Mysnomer: 11/1/2013 1:46:13 AM
  • #39 SteppenKat

    "Expanded VO".

    So Riot now has hired NECROMANCERS??!?!?!

  • #38 Frostdiener

    Meh... And there they fucked my Galactic Nasus. Live one looks better tbh...

    Might as well get Dreadknight now.

    No more Hotdog from Outer Space for me i guess. *QQ*

  • #40 Vladutz19

    what are you talking about?? Galactic Nasus now looks amazing!!

  • #42 Captain_Sigh

    agreed, I used to hate the old one. I may now even buy this version! Along with any others I can get! 
    <3 the dog!

  • #58 Frostdiener

    *points out to: "my Galactic Nasus"* So it´s obviously my personal preference and opinion.

  • #59 Captain_Sigh

    nah dude. You have to conform to general consensus! I am sorry to hear you don't like it though :(


  • #60 KingOfThe23Stars

    *points out to: "my Galactic Nasus"* So it´s obviously my personal preference and opinion.


    YEP Got This SKin Too

    Last edited by KingOfThe23Stars: 11/2/2013 3:34:19 AM
  • #37 klocugh12

    Nooooooo, no voice over please...

  • #41 Vladutz19

    his voice actor died in 2011.... sorry mate

  • #45 klocugh12

    I know, doesn't change that voice over is not needed IMO.

    Honestly, I dunno why they bother with VO along with VU. IMO they were never needed, though nice touches most of the time, but that was because I didn't care about old voices.

  • #35 dnagemo

    Coulda made him fatter , looks like a stick now.

  • #43 LanceLiege

    To be fair, he is based on a jackal based Egyptian god.

  • #46 Vladutz19

    he is based on Anubis

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