Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 11/6/2013 - Item Changes, Jax, Sona, Lucian Changes

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 11/6/2013

Before you jump to conclusions about your favorite champion being nerfed, remind yourself the changes you see below, are compared to the previous PBE PATCH, NOT THE LIVE VALUES. So what looks like a nerf in the Unofficial PBE Patch Notes is very likely to still be a buff compared to the live version. To make the perspective a little easier to grasp, we're bringing back the habit of linking the previous patches every time AS WELL AS the last Official Live Patch Notes. If the champion you're looking for isn't mentioned in said official patch notes, look for it on Google for example so that you can compare adequately with their current live state.

Patch 3.13 Notes (Official, Live) ]

PBE 3.14 Patch 1PBE 3.14 Patch 2PBE 3.14 Patch 3 ]

Champion Changes


  • Base Health is now 550 (down from 561)
  • Base Health gained per level is now 87 (down from 98)
  • Empower [ W ] - Additional damage is now 60/80/100/120/140 (changed from 40/75/110/145/180)
  • Empower [ W ] - Now costs 20/25/30/35/40 Mana (changed from 30)


  • Piercing Light [ Q ] - Now damages enemies in a line for 60/75/90/105/120 % of bonus Attack Damage
  • Piercing Light [ Q ] - No longer displayed in the tooltip: 'Current bonus Attack Damage ratio: %'
  • The Culling [ R ] - Each shot now deals 40/50/60 damage (down from 50/55/60)
  • The Culling [ R ] - Total scaling over 0.25 shots is now 0.1 physical damage (changed from 0.1*AD)
  • The Culling [ R ] - Cooldown is now 100/75/50 Seconds (Down from 110/85/60)


  • Crescendo [ R ] - Scaling is now 0.5*AP (up from 0.4*AP)

Item Changes

Warding Totem

  • Base MP is now 60 (down from 90)

Brace of the Mountain

  • UNIQUE Active - Added to the tooltip: '60 second cooldown'

Kage's Lucky Pick

  • Mana Regen is now per 5 seconds (down from 10)

Kage's Pick

  • Mana Regen is now per 5 seconds (down from 10)

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

  • Passive's gold bonus is now 40 (up from 30)

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Passive's gold bonus is now 40 (up from 30)

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • Passive's gold bonus is now 40 (up from 30)

Great Wraith Gold on Death Change

  • Great Wraith now gives 60 gold upon dying (up from 55)


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