Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 11/6/2013 - Item Changes, Jax, Sona, Lucian Changes

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 11/6/2013

Before you jump to conclusions about your favorite champion being nerfed, remind yourself the changes you see below, are compared to the previous PBE PATCH, NOT THE LIVE VALUES. So what looks like a nerf in the Unofficial PBE Patch Notes is very likely to still be a buff compared to the live version. To make the perspective a little easier to grasp, we're bringing back the habit of linking the previous patches every time AS WELL AS the last Official Live Patch Notes. If the champion you're looking for isn't mentioned in said official patch notes, look for it on Google for example so that you can compare adequately with their current live state.

Patch 3.13 Notes (Official, Live) ]

PBE 3.14 Patch 1PBE 3.14 Patch 2PBE 3.14 Patch 3 ]

Champion Changes


  • Base Health is now 550 (down from 561)
  • Base Health gained per level is now 87 (down from 98)
  • Empower [ W ] - Additional damage is now 60/80/100/120/140 (changed from 40/75/110/145/180)
  • Empower [ W ] - Now costs 20/25/30/35/40 Mana (changed from 30)


  • Piercing Light [ Q ] - Now damages enemies in a line for 60/75/90/105/120 % of bonus Attack Damage
  • Piercing Light [ Q ] - No longer displayed in the tooltip: 'Current bonus Attack Damage ratio: %'
  • The Culling [ R ] - Each shot now deals 40/50/60 damage (down from 50/55/60)
  • The Culling [ R ] - Total scaling over 0.25 shots is now 0.1 physical damage (changed from 0.1*AD)
  • The Culling [ R ] - Cooldown is now 100/75/50 Seconds (Down from 110/85/60)


  • Crescendo [ R ] - Scaling is now 0.5*AP (up from 0.4*AP)

Item Changes

Warding Totem

  • Base MP is now 60 (down from 90)

Brace of the Mountain

  • UNIQUE Active - Added to the tooltip: '60 second cooldown'

Kage's Lucky Pick

  • Mana Regen is now per 5 seconds (down from 10)

Kage's Pick

  • Mana Regen is now per 5 seconds (down from 10)

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

  • Passive's gold bonus is now 40 (up from 30)

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Passive's gold bonus is now 40 (up from 30)

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • Passive's gold bonus is now 40 (up from 30)

Great Wraith Gold on Death Change

  • Great Wraith now gives 60 gold upon dying (up from 55)


  • #72 Joe1512

    WTF with the Jax nerf?!?   I swear Riot is so full of crap.   With Lee Sin dominating top, jungle and mid, and Renekon being top pick for top along with Aatrox....they pick JAXJax who is only mediocre at semi-countering certain autoattackers?

  • #75 Taistelumuumio

    Quote from Joe1512 »

    WTF with the Jax nerf?!?   I swear Riot is so full of crap.   With Lee Sin dominating top, jungle and mid, and Renekon being top pick for top along with Aatrox....they pick JAXJax who is only mediocre at semi-countering certain autoattackers?

    You have not been following the competitive scene. Lee Sin is never top and Jax has lately been a bulldozer.

  • #71 Taistelumuumio

    Now the scramble to buff jungle items and camps begins. They were obviously extremely undertuned and I feel like Riot still isn't quite there. The new jungler items are horribly cost-inefficient for fighting other champs and the gold passives aren't strong enough to let them farm up the difference in a reasonable time frame. These changes will help but I'm not sure they're enough to convince junglers to not simply skip the Spirit Stone/Madreds upgrades and go for laner items instead. The lowered baseline rewards from camps also means people probably won't be eager to just farm the jungle as Riot anticipates.

    Last edited by Taistelumuumio: 11/7/2013 7:56:02 AM
  • #68 Biggkenny

    As long as jax remains the best duelist in the game, i'll be fine with the change. He only requires counter play to beat which is brilliant, but standing vs him 1v1 should always end up jax winning.

  • #76 donovan3995

    Tryndamere and Renekton would like a word.

  • #66 dnagemo

    Jax nerf dafuq?

  • #67 iP4thy

    Quote from dnagemo »

    Jax nerf dafuq?

    early buff, and late u dont see it (im talk about dmg not hp)

    Last edited by iP4thy: 11/7/2013 6:53:26 AM
  • #73 dnagemo

    At level 5 it doesn't matter anymore 

  • #65 KingOfThe23Stars


  • #63 bryjson

    Would be possible to make that posts also with comparison to live values?

  • #49 BlaSDX

    Lord Van Damm's Pillager...?

  • #64 Nevran

    See Urgoth?

    It is his new baby.

    You can also count Pantheon, Riven, etc. If he is made into 5 vs 5, he is gonna be really good.

  • #44 Dj0z

    Since everybody only cares about jax and 1337 or not 1337 bruta,

    I, for one, am happy about the buffs to junglers and supports. Now they just need to make Wriggles cheaper too. Also apparently free wards lost 30 seconds of duration? And why are they nerfing Lucian as if people didn't consider him the weakest adc already? Riot better stop teasing by touching Soul Shroud's cost if they somehow end up not re-adding it in S4...

  • #46 MementoMorieris

    I think they just reverted the buffs they gave Lucian on the PBE so what you see there are the live values when I´m not completely wrong. (:

    Last edited by MementoMorieris: 11/6/2013 5:01:36 PM
  • #48 Gameguy301
    Djoz is just another victim of RoG comparing PBE changes to other PBE changes rather than unified comparing all of them to LIVE, RoG used to do BOTH after alot of whining and then they stopped again. WTF overneathe
    Last edited by Gameguy301: 11/6/2013 5:46:22 PM
  • #69 Firalus

    Lucian is actually pretty strong in terms of winning bot lane and snowballing from there on. He outtrades and outpokes a lot of ADCs early on and can easily build a lead with enough aggression.

  • #43 Korzing

    I don't know guys about the jax Nerf. Some of you have said that its almost unnoticeable at 40 damage but the power only did 180 damage before. That's a 25% damage reduction on a power. His health pool is being reduced by right at 200 also, so that's about a statistical nerf of 1000 gold in dps and resiliency? He won't be viable anymore. It kinda sucks. and by not viable i mean he will be in the same state as he was after season three changes. I think anyway.

    Last edited by Korzing: 11/6/2013 4:33:52 PM
  • #50 snure

    Jax is an absolute monster in Korea right now, and it's starting to show in NA as well.  From the offense tree buffs alone (MR and Armor pen are now on the same mastery, increased spell damage on attack/increased attack damage on spells, easy to obtain % dmg increases, etc), if they dont bring him down, he would absolutely dominate everything, and then they'd have to nerf him even harder.

  • #52 CloudCarry

    That's actually a really good point.  I don't run jax 21/9 now, but with the changes to defense tree (i currently run 9-21)  I would probably opt for 21/9 because you can get so many good things from defense for just 9 points.

  • #56 Korzing

    I have always run 21/9 on jax because off the bonus armor and mr his ulty provides with the ad and ap plus how valuable the penetration masteries are. The new masteries are very similar for me if not slightly harder to use. The flat increases early will help jax very little in lane till level six Since the wont get the defensive scaling on his ulty yet and his ratios are meh. He scales really well off of unique passives( spell blade, hp shred on bork, slow on bork) since they usually unleash his true potential. Now the stacking % increases in the "weaving masteries" are not used by jax well. He does not stack ad or ap. The most ad you will get in a match is usually 80 and only about 50 ap. the  " weaver" masteries will prolly help other peeps who actually stack ap or ad far more than jax IMO.

    Last edited by Korzing: 11/6/2013 7:19:50 PM
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