Preseason Roles And Positions (Official Site), One For All Re-Enabled On the PBE, More on OFA on Howling Abyss, Sweeper Changes

Preseason Roles And Positions

There is a whole new official mini site dedicated to Preseason currently: the information is divided in Roles and Positions, Game Flow Changes and Pregame Changes. Riot also posted a pretty interesting video on the subject.

Here are a few parts of the Preseason Info:

And here is the video:

One For All Re-Enabled On the PBE

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey All!

One For All is back on the PBE for the weekend! We've made some bug fixes and changes to the champion select, so please let us know if you run into any issues there!

More on OFA on Howling Abyss

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Just a simple question, when u released the one for all to the original server, it was working fine why do we need to test any longer if there is no problems with it? i mean the HA one for all.
Most of the issue comes from the work in champion select, actually. We wouldn't be able to alter the voting system in time to show you what the enemy team is voting on and make the results unified across both teams.
Well, the question here isn't so much if it's better or worse that One For All on SR, but if we'd be willing to delay the game mode for a month (and maybe more given conflicts with Snowdown and Lunar Revel) to get it out for play.

Consequences from Lantern and Sweeper Changes

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Lantern is still gold efficient even without the passive/active. It's slightly more expensive, but it was far too cost effective before. The active is definitely harder to use, but like the cost, is now reasonable. There was zero counterplay at 1200 range.
We've been saying this on the Dominion forums since they were on the PBE.

At one point I even averaged out 10 common picks for Dominion with just gap closers. Came out to 817 range or something like that just over 800. So basically half the roster can and will catch you out when you try to use it unless you just catch them on the edge of the vision splash.

Also MWAB it's only cost efficient counting both the passive, and the active which sadly if you're getting caught out using the active, or don't have a teemo/shaco in the game it's not really that effective.

Side note it's the least cost effective 20% AP CDR item currently available.
This thread is regarding lantern. 

But in regards to sweeper, it is less cost effective than lantern. Sweeper is actually a tiny negative premium if you only count stats. It is not the only item in the game like that though.

800 cast range plus half the 500 unit splash range is 1050. Player can no longer casually cast it without thinking. Yes it is more dangerous and yes players will be caught if they continue to use it like they did in its previous state. 

As with all changes, I will continue to monitor both item's health and determine if changes need to be made. That being said, I am happy with the current state of lantern and sweeper, though sweeper cost may be a bit too high.


  • #24 Coykoi

    With all the changes, it's makes me feel like every character is now playing 'bankplank' haha

  • #26 IONDragonX

    Actually, all the gold items are exclusive (you may only have one, ever) except for Avarice Blade.

    This means that Bankplank is still pretty much the only champ who can pull off the build. He actually likes Avarice Blade, can pick up an Ancient Coin, and has his Q passive to stack. You might protest "but Coin requires a lane partner to get the bonus gold!" Nope. Read it again. It clearly states that you gain 2 gold if a minion dies that you didn't kill. Have you ever missed a last hit? Ever had to farm under tower? Ever had to stop last hitting to help get a kill when a gank comes up? Coin actually can earn you gold in those situations!

  • #22 MrSoullessness

    I just hope they don't ruin the 'One for All' that we loved so much like they did to ARAMs

  • #15 iP4thy

    btw what is dat


    Last edited by iP4thy: 11/16/2013 6:49:35 AM
  • #12 Koblizek

    So in a nutshell, they are trying to make the game more noob-friendly. If you get behind, np, here you have more exp. Good players juke you? Np, we'll remove those nasty bushes. Etc.

  • #13 Kinaro

    I don't think the feature of being able to get far behind (mostly support and jungle) and having dark spots in bushes, that are hard to read outweigh the benefits of a not only noob-friendier but also less frustrating and more refined game experience.

    Last edited by Kinaro: 11/16/2013 6:39:23 AM
  • #14 iP4thy

    Quote from Koblizek »

    So in a nutshell, they are trying to make the game more noob-friendly. If you get behind, np, here you have more exp. Good players juke you? Np, we'll remove those nasty bushes. Etc.

    u know its not posible for online game for exist without new players sir ._.

  • #16 Koblizek

    Of course I do, but they are making it so less competitive right now

  • #17 Kinaro

    I don't think that even the best players are at the skill ceiling. There is enough room, so that Riot can shift the skill requirement to things that are fun and much clearer. In other words: There are more things to do per second than anyone can process, so if some of those things get easier you have more process power for other things.

    Also reducing snowballing and helping every player to keep up makes the game more competitive if anything, because you have to be consistently better than the other team and not just get an edge early and snowball the game from there.

    Last edited by Kinaro: 11/16/2013 7:34:30 AM
  • #20 Xevantus

    So....what you're saying is that by removing the secret bush spots and making it so you don't win the whole game with a 6 minute 3v1 dive, the game is now less competitive?  Ok...

  • #21 Koblizek

    Well you don't have to try so hard early game, also less space for juking. I don't, I don't like new changes at all.

  • #25 iP4thy

    u know, PROs anyway would put ward in dat bush, so pros dont care about dat change xD

  • #19 KingOfThe23Stars

    LOL How Rude

    Noob Friendly??

  • #10 iP4thy

    WTF they did with garen house at top lane x)

  • #9 gogoshica123

    The increased debuff/buff duration better have diminishing effects or they'll become really ridiculous once you hit high ap (600-700) 

    And don't tell me : "but supports never get that much gold" ;

    Well,you can play some supports as mid ap carries if you didn't know.

  • #18 Kinaro

    Why would they? Damage doesn't have diminishing returns either, on the contrary actually.

  • #23 Coykoi

    Depends if damage is outweighed by disgustingly strong CC or buffs. 

    AP nami? Suddenly your team hits hecarim like speeds as an example

    Also, it doesn't make sense for other supports or mages since I assume it won't increase duration of stuns or roots making it skewed towards CC over time abilities. 

    It just seems like it impacts some supports over others. 

  • #7 Akeeyuki

    O have some question and I'd appreciate any response :)

    (Other Than Support) What if you are put into a position or in a lane where you constantly get harassed preventing you from CSing especially between a Melee v.s. Range champ . Will purchasing Ancient coin be a viable option since you can at least get some income without delivering the final blow since it would difficult for you to do so against a harass heavy lane or even in a 1 vs 2 lane, or is it limited for supports or duo lane? Now I know you are only limited to 1 gold income item but what if you opted to buy an Avarice Blade which has a unique passive. Will the passive cancel each other out? Or will either one of the items passive remain and still grant you the unique passive from avarice blade which is +2 gold upon minion kill?

    In Summary. Is it possible to earn gold for missing a creep but still gain +2 additional gold for killing one with these two items (Ancient Coin + Avarice Blade) together? Don't bash, just give me your thought. I cant test it out for myself since my PCs' busted AOTM. Thanks :)

  • #8 Protossij

    Avarice Blade doesn't count as gold income item, so you can buy one of the new items and Avarice Blade without worry.

  • #11 KingOfThe23Stars

    Quote from Protossij »

    Avarice Blade doesn't count as gold income item, so you can buy one of the new items and Avarice Blade without worry.

    And Im That Glad About That, U2?

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