[Updated] Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 11/16/2013 - Infernal Nasus Login Screen, Jax Changes, Self Mystery Gifting

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 11/16/2013

Update: Self Mystery Gifting test added to the bottom of the post.

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Infernal Nasus Login Screen and Music

Champion Changes


  • Base HP per level is now 98 (up from 87 compared to last PBE Patch) (Back to Live Values)
  • Empower [ W ] - Causes next Basic Attack or Leap Strike to deal an additional 40/75/110/145/180 magic damage (down from 60/80/100/120/140 compared to last PBE patch) (Back to Live Values)
  • Empower [ W ] - Cost is now 30 Mana (Changed from 20/25/30/35/40 compared to last PBE patch)(Back to Live Values)

Item Changes

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • UNIQUE Passive now restores 8% of the damage dealt as health and mana (up from 5% compared to last PBE patch) (Changed from 20% Spell Vamp compared to Live)
  • UNIQUE Passive: Added to the tooltip: "(Half effect for area of effect spells)"

Twin Shadows

  • Now grants 50 Ability Power (up from 30 compared to last PBE Patch) ( up from 40 compared to Live)

Preseason Landing Page in the Client

New Item Icons


Self Mystery Gifting Available for Testing

Self mystery gifting is temporarily available for testing on the PBE. More information came from Hippalus earlier today:

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Finally! I don't need friends anymore!
That's why we're testing this - some players were frustrated that they needed a friend to purchase them a mystery skin.

Maybe too easy.. I could imagine this having an addictive effect on some people which is never a good thing.

For people who are not familiar what this is, it means that you can't get any hapiness from buying mystery gifts because you are never satisfied. Besides the fact that you will spend loads of money on it, you won't gain any satisfaction if it has an addictive effect on you. That's why it's not a win-win and also why I'm strongly against Riot implementing mystery skins.

If this feature is made available, it will not only have the daily limit of 3 purchases, but will also be live for a very limited time. Days, not weeks.

1350 skins will not become the norm dont worry.
1350s are not the norm. They are coming in at about 20% of new skins in 2013. Which admittedly is a little higher than I predicted in the spring. To make up for that, we've been releasing them all at 975 for a few days, which was also not in the original plan.

I think the problem is they don't seem like they are that spread out. There have been a couple times where one releases right after another. If they were more spread out, it feels more like a treat to players that feel the need to indulge on something more expensive, instead of now where it feels like you guys are just throwing stuff up because money (which is the point, but it overall makes players antsy as proven by.. well, all of the players mad about this).

Examples: Arcade Hecarim and Pool Party Graves were released within a months span. 38~% of all skins this year were 1350 or above, and 0% were below 975.

Edit: Did a fact check just to make sure I wasn't talking out of my ass, I only slightly was. It seems like there have been more 1350s than there has been, I think it's just that the price bump is so fresh on peoples minds that it feels like a lot of 1350s were made. 5 out of 21 really isn't that bad, but I think the 3 (or is it 4? I don't know if BC Cho was released in S3 or not because I don't remember the start date) legendaries kind of skew it because time kinda flies when you're having fun.

You're forgetting the TPA skins
can you tell me when this is`?i hope not before nov. 28th because i wouldnt be able to purchase them since im out of the buying zone
You're safe - It won't happen before then
Limited to a certain number of purchases per day. 3, I believe.

Yes, and a limited number of days.

Many players asked for it because they didn't have friends to trade mystery gifts with.

Can you just confirm when you say "Limited number of days"? So 3 purchases per day, but you may only be able to do this 3 days in the week, for example?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, i've just woken up from a 10hr nightshift.

More like it would be live in the store for 4 days and then go away. And maybe come back again sometime in the future.

Here is the feature:

...and, just for teh lulz, let me show you what I got:



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