Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 12/7/2013 - Yasuo Login Screen, Snowstorm Sivir & Snow Day Singed Load Screens, Showdown is Back

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 12/7/2013

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Yasuo Login Screen Music

Update: Here is a video of the login screen directly from the client:

And if you'd like to simply enjoy the music, there you go:

Season 3 Ward

We can't show it open sadly, but from what we can guess from the Store Image it is fabulous.

Update: The ward was in the files, but is not in-game unfortunately.

Snowstorm Sivir Load Screen

Oddly enough the load screen images are here, but the splashes aren't.

Snow Day Singed Splash and Load Screen

Updated Yasuo Tips

  • Tips: *Dash through a minion to have Sweeping Blade available to chase your opponent should they flee; Dash directly to your opponent to preserve a minion as your escape route.*At level 18,Yasuo's Steel Tempest reaches its attack speed cap with 50% attack speed from items.*Last Breath can be cast on any target that is knocked Airborne,even by one of your allies.
  • Previously: *When Yasuo lands two Storm's Edge's in a row,his next will fire a tornado.Watch and listen for the associated sound to prepare to dodge.*Move through or around Wind Wall if you wish to continue damaging Yasuo while it is up.*Last Breath can be cast on any target that is knocked airborne,even the knockups of Yasuo's allies.
  • Opponent Tips: *Steel Tempest is very narrow.Dodge laterally if possible.*When Yasuo lands two Steel Tempests in a row,his next will fire a tornado.Watch and listen for the associated sound to prepare to dodge.*Yasuo is at his weakest just after he has launched a whirlwind.Engage at that point.*Yasuo's shield from Resolve lasts only 2 seconds.Dealing damage to him will trigger it.Wait it out,then engage.
  • Previously: *1.*2.*3.

New Barrier Icon

Showdown (Re-)Enabled on PBE!

Update: Tried it in-game - everything seems to work as intended!

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey everyone! The Showdown featured game mode has once again been enabled and is now playable on PBE!

As before, you win if any of the following happen:
-In a 1v1, first blood wins! In 2v2, the first team to get two kills wins. Suicides count towards the victory kill condition.
-The first team to kill a tower wins the game.
-The first team to score a combined 100 CS wins the game.

As a reminder, you are allowed to heal, shop, and recall to base whenever you want on Showdown.

There is a minor known issue where the Recall spell does not have sound when cast on Showdown, but we'd love to hear about any other issues you encounter. Please feel free to leave any feedback about the Showdown game mode here!

Official PBE Note

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hi folks,

PBE will be opening shortly and includes the following updates:

  • Lulu snowman fix; Lulu is now enabled
  • Scroll lock bug is fixed
  • New login screen!
  • Polish on the Snowdown skins that we'd previously reverted
  • Tons of general bug fixes
  • Snowdown Showdown game mode

This build also includes many of the balance changes that had been made over the course of the last week, which we reverted last night. We have not yet fully "caught up" with our previous state and expect an additional patch tomorrow.

Looking forward to your feedback!





  • #24 Leythal

    I really like Yasuo's login music. A nice and relaxing change compared to most logins.

  • #19 Nakhan

    Sivir's waist.... It looks as deformed as her leg does in Sivir's basic splash.

  • #17 NoobyBanana

    That realistic looking sivir. Enough of your "hot" trash riot. We want more jinx. 

  • #23 Drawmeomg

    That's not even 'hot'. It's 'pool noodle'. Yikes.

  • #15 R357L355

    Yasuo's secret ability: to make a cozy hut out of a bunch of assassins. :3

  • #12 chojustin

    Am I the only one happy for the Singed skin?
    I mean come on, he looks so happy!

  • #8 LightEcho

    That waist on Sivir, ugh its worse than MF.

  • #11 Faren22

    Yeah, and here I was thinking they were making progress with Jinx and Sejuani...

  • #7 samwel93

    The sivir splash is just justicar syndra repainted, they did the same thing with champ riven/aatrox and stormblade zed/nocturne. They look good but it's pretty obvious that they reused the image and just redrew the details.

  • #16 D00meriksen

    "Wait, that's popstar Ahri" for me

  • #6 Faren22

    Guys, can we please try to at least act like adults here? If you want to drool over something, go look at porn. I'd rather keep sex out of League of Legends if at all possible.

  • #9 Mirikado
    Quote from Faren22 »

    Guys, can we please try to at least act like adults here? If you want to drool over something, go look at porn. I'd rather keep sex out of League of Legends if at all possible.

    It's kinda hard not to drool over LoL female splash arts cause Riot sexualizes 99% female champs with giant boobs and revealing outfits. Well the other 1% you know... *cough*... Jinx.

  • #10 Faren22

    Agreed, it's hard to keep sex out of the game when champion designers are hell-bent on putting it back in. Sorry for the incoherence, I've been getting pretty frustrated over Riot's female champion designs recently and it's caused me brain no work.

  • #13 KingCromb

    Sorry but no ones going to buy a skin with the girl wearing a sweater and baggy jeans.. It's understandable that a lot of girls have low self esteem  and are jealous of other women beauty.. but these are fictional characters.. so relax and dont hate on riot.. 

  • #14 samwel93

    2 words: sex sells

  • #18 NoobyBanana

    It's funny how it's snowstorm sivir yet she's wearing clothing that reveals her boobs and legs. Sex gets in the way of logic. 

    Last edited by NoobyBanana: 12/7/2013 9:55:51 AM
  • #20 Kazaanh

    Well Elise is a great example of oversexualization imo.

    Ahri is okay becouse in her lore she was a slut. So skimpy/revealing skins for her are alright since its canon and fits her story.

    What about Diana ? Quinn ? Vayne ? Leona ? They wear nearly armour that covers their entire body.

  • #21 Faren22

    Sorry, KingCromb, but I would buy that skin. I bought Spellthief Lux, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn, and Iron Solari Leona. You bet I would buy that skin.

    That's an interesting point, too. What if champions with revealing base skins had alternate skins that covered them up a little more? I'd love to see sales data for the few skins in existence that already cover up more revealing parts of champions.

    For the record: I'm a straight white male, and this makes ME feel uncomfortable. Fiction is informed by reality, but this all feels like a teenager's masturbatory fantasy, or (god forbid) the comics industry. 

  • #22 Faren22

    I am definitely fans of those champions, Kazaanh, and the designer behind a lot of them, IronStylus. (I believe he didn't design Vayne, but had a hand with the other three.) They're steps in the right direction, but for every step forward with these champions, they (the Champion Design team in general) release others that are a few steps back. 

    I am glad, though, that Pool Party Leona was spared a super-revealing bikini. 

  • #5 Exaelitus

    this sivir and the kpop ahri splash....


    riot, more pls

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