Update on Xerath, Soraka's Rework Direction, Dancer Champ Suggestion, Bronze Skill Range, No ETA For A New Lux Skin


Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 12/17/2013 - Turrets and Nexus With New Icons, Riven, Shyvana, Nasus Changes, Item Changes

Update on Xerath

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Hey guys, I should lock down this thread pretty soon. 

We had a meeting last week where we discussed: "Who should we ship first? Xerath or Skarner?"

After some discussion, we decided that due to the timing, we want to ship Skarner first to give some extra jungle love. After Skarner ships, I would expect to see Xerath come back to PBE. 

That said, I hope you guys understand now just how *long* a champion rework can take. I started this thread when I was still trying to understand how Xerath players felt about the champion and it's now been 8 months, with a 3-4 month break while preseason crunch was on. 

The results are:

* We have all new VFX & Sound.
* Every skin has its own unique VFX.
* We have 3 new or heavily modified skills.

What we still need:

* Final design team agreement on the health of Xerath's ultimate
* Competitive level testing (D1 players, etc)
* Final balance
* New VO Hookups ( ... did I spoil your surprise, JayWatford? 

Soraka's Rework Direction: Stronger In Combat Effects and Healing, Weaker Out Of Combat Top Up

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We haven't started work proper on a Soraka rework, so no details to discuss yet. The direction of the preseason changes (stronger in combat effects/healing, weaker out of combat top up) is where we'll continue to look though for what it's worth. This is a purely gameplay driven rework, so the intent's not to change Soraka's core thematics/personality/appearance etc. Healing/sustain can be problematic in a game like LoL, there are certainly some ways to do it in an interesting, healthy way though (Wish for example's a really well designed spell, offering a real cost via its CD, potential to develop mastery of use and a strong, clear, high moment).

Feedback/ideas for a rework are definitely appreciated. It'll probably be a while before we're discussing anything concrete or looking at her in detail though (got some other champs we want to work on first, particularly those like Sion who could really do with some love).
The PBE change is actually just a modification of the tooltip, explaining the mana cost mechanic in the ally cast part of the spell instead of as part of the cost sub section above (previous version was long enough to cause display problems in some languages given the limited space available). Infuse in the next patch will still have the same mana scaling/cost as per the current patch.

Riot Has 'Toyed' With The Idea Of A Dancer Champ

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League has dance emotes, but no Champion who specializes in dance moves (Orianna doesn't count). What are your thoughts on this?
We've toyed with the idea - I generally think it's a good archetype (especially when you have a lot of the "core" ones covered, too). 

It's a bit more challenging of a kit to make, but by no means impossible.

Morello on Bronze Skill Range

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(Warning: not my dept, but I have some thoughts to share as a designer)

I tend to agree with the problem "Bronze is too big a bucket." Generally speaking, you want divisions and brackets to capture certain bands of players; when there's too many or they're too small, they become incomprehensible, but when there's too many people in one, it robs the division of meaning.

It's also why Bronze has such a wide discrepancy of skill between players in the division - some are legitimately struggling Ranked players that have a lack of certain core LoL proficiencies (last hitting, map awareness, etc), while others are simply less experienced or consistent players that have at least a general competence in most core skills.

I actually think I miss "Unranked" being a thing you could be, personally. Unranked is the nicest way of saying "yeah, you're not doing very well!" without extending that feeling to a majority of the League playerbase! Whatever the bottom League is feels bad, whether you're in Bronze V or Bronze I. 

So, in short, I agree - I'd love to see greater granularity in the bottom of the ladder to give some additional skill division and more chances to achieve a goal for more players. I'll ask the team about this.

No ETA For A New Lux Skin

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)


Though in all seriousness, we still want to do this. What form it takes and when is still up in the air a bit. No news yet!
I can't believe we waited so long for THIS. lol. I hyped a bit seeing this thread got a response...
Well in what world do we announce timelines? :P

I just want to mention this is not forgotten or abandoned, which =! now.
Thanks for the response. Any update on that dragon champion concept that was teased to us a few months back?
Needed to do some more work after we explored the concept additionally, so no news yet!
Exactly how long does it take to create 1 skin in its entirety? I'm honestly interested in how skins are made and the steps that you guys go through.
Depends on the skin - normal skins are faster to make than Legendaries of course. Ultimates are massive undertakings - I think 9+ months per, considering new tech and bugs also.

Mindbullets actually has this kind of information, and it's morphed quite a bit since I worked more closely with the skins team
Thanks for the reply Morello. Sounds like it is going to still be quite a while though...
Expectations were kind of raised though when you said back in January that you wanted to get another Lux skin out sooner than normal, as I figured that another skin within a year would be reasonable.
Whatever it turns out to be, I'm sure it would be worth the wait.
To be honest, I thought that too, but we (and I think correctly) focused on making sure to do skins for some underserved champions first. That changed the equation a bit too.



  • #18 Keleyr

    A lot of material arts are hidden in dances. There are something to look at.

  • #17 Simhacantus

    Xerath needs his rework pretty quickly, to be honest.
    And don't get me wrong, I love turning being a mobile piece of artillery as much as the next guy.

    But outside of his range, theres really not much he can do at the moment, that another champ can't do better.

  • #15 CoolRoot

    If you make a dancing champ, please please please don't just make some generic belly dancer lady.

    Either something following the theme of Tango Twisted Fate (preferably openly gay) or just a flamboyant arabic-style dancer. Either of those would rock.

    Ballet could work too, of course. Might be the easiest one to translate into actual combat skills, unless you count capoeira and stuff. Make me a Mr. 2 champ already! (though Eddy would be sweet too)

    Last edited by CoolRoot: 12/18/2013 10:05:12 AM
  • #14 dnagemo

    The only reason i think why dancer champs are difficult to make . Skills what do you do with a dancer champ ? Make him dance and unless he can glide while dancing all his skill will be channeled which is horrible.

  • #16 Simhacantus

    No, I think if anything, his skills would end up leaning in the directions of sona.
    An active with a strong effect, followed by a persistent aura.

  • #19 Keleyr

    You can make it a generic fighter champion that have a more flowing skill set. Perhaps not the most unique  way of doing it, but it is a way.


  • #12 ohGr

    Riot pls, give dancer champ.

    In all seriousness, I totally support this idea. The Dancer class in FFXI was the whole reason I rejoined after 3 years of dormancy, and I didn't regret a minute of it. Arguably my favorite class in any MMO. The Kali from DragonNest is a close second, as it was similar in concept, but not as fun or diverse.

    Seriously, Dancer could do any role they wanted in FFXI, Red Mage was the only other class able to do this. Wanna tank? DNC/NIN! Wanna dps? DNC/WAR or DNC/THF! Wanna heal? DNC/SAM! Wanna solo nearly goddam anything? DNC/THF or DNC/NIN!

  • #11 sashakEE

    a 'dancer' champion would be awesome - anyone who knowes the game "neuroshima hex" and the "dancer army" can agree that it's a real unique strategic army. (yeah i know it's totaly different to league)

    I'd love to have something like this for league.

  • #9 Kazaanh

    You won't see a Lux's cleavage anytime soon mates.

  • #7 Gilgamarsh

    I think that if I were in Bronze, it'd make me feel better to know that it is a large league that contains a large chunk of the player base. If they split it into Copper and Bronze or something, I imagine the Copper players would suddenly feel worse than before about their ranking, even if they are at the same level of competition as before.

  • #6 Carmilion

    Rengar, Kha, Zed, really need some skins, not lux rofl.

  • #2 iShinobiXD

    So, in short, I agree - I'd love to see greater granularity in the bottom of the ladder to give some additional skill division and more chances to achieve a goal for more players.

    Wood league confirmed.

  • #8 ratzing

    Cardboard league nao!

    Rito pls

  • #13 ohGr
    Quote from ratzing »

    Cardboard league nao!

    Rito pls

    That's not how you spell Pyrite. It fits perfect with how bad it sucks, and it stays in the mineral naming scheme!

  • #1 kyuce4

    another lux skin? really? they did make the steel legion not that long ago and she has plenty compared to these other champs like name with absolutely none outside of the starting ones.

  • #3 Drawmeomg

    The steel legion skin was hated by lux players, they reworked it and promised another one to follow quickly as a way to get the hate to die down. Fast forward almost a year, they don't even have a direction picked and it turns out they de-prioritized that effort because Lux has enough skins, apparently.

    I hope none of the people who dislike the new Diana skin have their hopes up.

  • #5 ShroudedGlory

    By a Vocal minority of Lux players, she is my third most played champion over all and I adore the skin.

  • #23 kyuce4

    lol I actually like the steel legion skin and I also dislike the new Diana skin but once I saw it, I did lose all hope for her to get anything new for a long time once again. knew right away it wasn't gonna happen again

  • #4 Zekel

    Because steel legion sucks and the only reason they didn't scrap it is because they promised lux players a skin that's not military themed

  • #10 OuterRaven

    Lux players don't have any right to complain when their champ has a crap ton of skins.

    Riot hasn't even updated the splash art of Trundle's skins (which are completely different since the rework) and you don't see me complaining.

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