Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 1/17/2014 - Hexakill Announcement, Gragas, Kass, Riven and Xerath Changes, Item Changes


Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 1/17/2014

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"Contextual Education" Added to the AIR Client

Swf files with the names "contextualEducationAssets" and "ContextualEducation-en_US" (and versions for all other supported languages) were added to the Air client with today's patch. Among the "Assets" there is an animation with a poro and a place for text, which is now taken by several question marks and what seem to be random letters. The animation is very simple and the screenshot you see below is basically the only thing you can see in it so far. However we found some interesting strings in the "en_US" file:

"TipHeader_DidYouKnow:"Did you know?", TipBody_LAST_HIT:"When you deal the last bit of damage to a minion or monster, you get lots of bonus gold! <br><a href=\'{0}\'>Let me tell you more.</a>", TipBody_LAST_HIT__NO_URL:"When you deal the last bit of damage to a minion or monster, you get lots of bonus gold!"};"

Hexakill Announcement

Hexakill is obviously in the game! No audio for now, but if there is one, we'll find it!

  @srctr name@ has slain @desttr name@ for a hexa kill!
  @srctr name@ has ended @desttr name@'s killing spree for a hexa kill! (Bounty: @srctr bounty@G)

Champion Changes


  • Health per 5 seconds is now 1 (down from 5.5 compared to last PBE patch)
  • Valor [ E ] - Now blocks up to 80/110/140/170/200 damage (up from 70/100/130/160/190 compared to last PBE patch)


  • Barrel Roll [ Q ] - Damage now scales with 0.8*AP (down from 0.9*AP compared to last PBE patch)
  • Explosive Cask [ R ] - Now deals 150/300/450 damage (down from 200/325/400 compared to last PBE patch)
  • Explosive Cask [ R ] - Damage now scales with 0.9*AP (down from 1*AP)


  • Force Pulse [ E ] - Now deals 80/115/150/185/220 damage (up from 80/110/140/170/200 compared to last PBE patch)
  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Cooldown is now 7/5/3 seconds (down from 7/5.5./4 compared to last PBE patch)


  • Locus of Destruction [ W ] - Slow's duration is now specified as 2.3 seconds
  • Locus of Destruction [ W ] - Enemies in the center of the blast are now slowed by 60/65/70/75/80% (up from 40/45/50/55/60% compared to last PBE patch)
  • Ascension [ R ] - Now deals 130/170/210 damage (down from 140/190/240 compared to last PBE patch)
  • Ascension [ R ] - The extra damage now applies if Arcane Barrage hits "no more than one enemy champion" (previously said "a single target")
  • Ascension [ R ] - Extra damage for a single champion hit is now 50% (down from 75% compared to last PBE patch)
  • Ascension [ R ] - The root now ends after 10 seconds (up from 6 compared to last PBE patch)

Item Changes

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

  • Now grants 400 health (up from 350 compared to last PBE patch)

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Now grants 35 Attack Damage (up from 30 compared to last PBE patch)

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • UNIQUE Passive - Butcher: Bonus damage against monsters is now 20% (down from 30% compared to last PBE patch)

Spirit Stone

  • UNIQUE Passive - Butcher: Bonus damage against monsters is now 15% (down from 20% compared to last PBE patch)

More Info On The New Audio Engine

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey Summoners!

For the next two days we've turned on a new audio engine on the PBE. While we work on a plan to get the new engine out to all of you, we first wanted to see how you guys feel about the new audio engine. We've had to change a few parameters around, so some of your favorite champions might sound slightly different. Things may be louder or quieter, VO lines might overlap, or some sounds just straight up might not work. However, surround sound and stereo panning should be functioning now.

If you find a sound that doesn't work, or if you want to leave feedback about the way things sound now, just leave a comment on this thread! We’ll be actively monitoring it and replying to your questions and concerns. Please let us know what equipment you’re using for audio (Stereo headphones vs. 5.1 surround sound speakers, Sound Blast Zx vs. Realtek HD Audio) so we can help narrow down the cause of the issues.

If you’re unsure how to get your system info, here’s a handy guide for PC and one for Mac.

Why are we changing audio engines?

We’re looking to create a more immersive and engaging in-game League of Legends audio experience, and this new engine will allow us to do a lot of cool things in the future.

When will this be going out?

The new audio engine won’t be going out with the next patch, but we will be working to hopefully bring it to you guys and girls sometime in 2014.




  • #59 Sagethyme

    Ahhh wtf, does this mean we can't get legendary kills now?

  • #53 samwel93

    Yeah Xyph confirmed that her HP5 will now be 2.5 and that her shield base absorb is being buffed by 20 at all lvls

  • #56 tryyynda

    i check on the pbe and it was 4

  • #57 tryyynda

    maybe it was meant to say it was going down by 1

  • #58 samwel93

    Xyph has been having an ongoing discussion with people on the PBE forums about the changes. I didn't think he would be making changes as he went, but maybe he is.

  • #50 KeyShot23

    I read on the PBE forum that Riven's Health/5 is goin to be 2.5 afterall and not 1.

    Can you check it guys and if so change the article?

  • #49 PhilNye

    I'll be honest, I actually found playing against  Riven top fairly fun in the past, there was a lot of skill interaction and dueling nuances, and best of all, even Riven could be ganked if she was dumb enough to overextend too far out top lane.  Riven mid though, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate playing against, she just completely dances all over that lane without any consequence, she can even overextend and abuse the enemy laner and get out free from ganks if she has at least one Q or E available.  These changes seem to be making her viability remain exclusively to mid :\

    Last edited by PhilNye: 1/17/2014 7:36:18 PM
  • #54 tryyynda

    100% agree, used to play riven top, now honestly she's a way better mid lane because match-ups like renkton or garen will eat you alive and plus the ganks- plus with this new hp regen nerf... her substain top is pretty trash if you fall behind or get ganked... RIP riven top - new perma mid lane champ inc. I remember when I used to get flamed for playing riven mid now people actually prefer it

  • #47 KeyShot23

    As i was about to buy Gragas...Nerf.

    Anyway, I'don't think it will hit him that hard.

    But are we serious? They are basically exterminating Riven. Heimerdinger has the lowest h/5 with 0.6 and then is Rengar with 4. And they are going to make Riven's 1?
    Also Heimerdinger has his passive to help him.

    Absolutely horrible... :S

  • #70 Itachi

    Read Heimy's passive.

  • #46 FleurDeLiz

    Stop nerfing my fat man :|

  • #48 Lipton

    Honestly he deserves it. When you see him performing fine top (EuLCS), mid, jungle and even support, you know something is wrong.

    What piss me the most about him is that, you have no idea if you are out of his barrel explosion range (Q) unlike for others champion similar abilities (Lux for example).

    Last edited by Lipton: 1/17/2014 7:26:41 PM
  • #60 Mysnomer

    I know, right? How dare- I say, HOW DARE a character fit more than one role?! All characters should fit only a single lane. When I look at my opponent's draft, I shouldn't have to consider for even a second what their lanes might be. Such treacherous subterfuge is for cowards and charlatans!

    On a more serious note, screw you. Your narrowminded thinking is the direction Riot is already going in, and they don't need encouragement. Punishing a hero for being useful in multiple roles is more toxic to League than all overpowered characters combined.

  • #62 GogglesVK

    He isn't useful in multiple roles, he's OP in all of them. Enjoy your free Elo before he's nerfed, kiddo.

  • #65 Lipton

    The fact that he is played competitively in all these positions shows that pro valued him than other champs ESPECIALY designed for those position. It's not normal. I have nothing against viable multi build/position champion, but not ALL position and not at top pro level (yes i'm looking at you, Lulu Ad top) . Your agressivity only makes you look like a fool. Please, spare us.

  • #68 Mysnomer

    That might say more about how Riot pigeon-holes characters, but it also ignores the value of surprise and flexibility. He may have been picked for one role, then shifted into another role when a counterpick was required. There is no justification for saying a character should not be viable in all positions, and such an attitude demonstrates close-minded adherence to the meta. Perhaps what we need is not less heroes with this flexibility, but more.

    Last edited by Mysnomer: 1/24/2014 10:59:53 PM
  • #69 Lipton

    There is one justification for him not being able to do that. It's BALANCE. If you can tweak every 114 champions to be able to be that flexible/efficient/bursty/tanky/wave clearing/mobile/utility, then gragas will be ok at his current state. Sona is not jungle and fiora makes a shitty support, Gragas is currently everything but adc. He is op.

  • #45 MGBarotto

    I honestly hope they actually go through with that and nerf Riven to Oblivion, I just don't want to see a Riven ever again.

    I don't care if it's op or balanced, I'm just sick of having a Riven in every single game...

    Same goes for Lee Sin: EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.

  • #71 Lipton

    Play draft. Use ban.

  • #41 duhwayne

    Anyone think that it's possible that the hp regen is a typo

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