Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 1/24/2014 - Kassadin, Soraka, Jinx, Sona, Gragas, Riven Changes, New Particles, New Icons

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 1/24/2014

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UPDATE: Sona's W doesn't have a change, it's still the way it is on Live
Note:Yesterday's changes that were reverted due to a game breaking bug, are now added back.

New Kassadin Particles

New Scorched Earth Renekton Particles

New Summoner Icons



Lunar Revel:


New Soraka Ability Icons

Passive Q W E R

Champion Changes

PBE Client Changes:

(Those are changes you can see in-game, but make sure to check out the changes from yesterday's patch which got reverted and now are back in, I have excluded them from today's patch notes, so that there won't be any messes)


  • Explosive Cask [ R ] - Now deals 150/250/350 damage (up from 150/200/250 compared to last PBE patch)
  • Explosive Cask [ R ] - Damage now scales with 0.8*AP (up from 0.6*AP compared to last PBE patch)
  • Explosive Cask [ R ] - Cooldown is now 100/90/80 Seconds (up from 100/75/50 compared to last PBE patch)


  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Now deals 60/90/120 damage (down from 80/100/120 compared to last PBE patch)
  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Time for subsequent Riftwalks is now 12 seconds (up from 8 seconds compared to last PBE patch)
  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Each subsequent Riftwalk now costs 100/125/150 additional Mana (up from 100 at all ranks - this change was initially presented yesterday)
  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Each subsequent Riftwalk now deals 35/40/60 damage (down from 50/55/60 compared to last PBE patch)


  • Divine Blessing [ W ] - Movement speed granted to an allied champion now scales with 0.08*AP% (down from 0.1*AP% compared to last PBE patch)


  • Valor [ E ] - Now blocks 90/120/150/180/210 incoming damage (up from 80/110/140/170/200 compared to last PBE patch)


  • Song of Celerity [ E ] - Activation: Movement Speed granted to nearby allies now scales with 0.02*AP% (down from 0.04*AP% compared to last PBE patch)
  • Song of Celerity [ E ] - Power Chord - Tempo: Slow now scales with 0.02*AP% (down from 0.04*AP% compared to last PBE patch)


  • Stasis Orb [ E ] - Renamed to Shocking Orb
  • Ascension [ R ] - Renamed to Rite of the Arcane


  • Flame Chompers! [ E ] - Reverted to live values

AIR Client-Only Changes

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Some of them are way off, so take them with caution and keep in mind they MIGHT be implemented in-game, but also might not.


  • Base Movement Speed is now 350 (up from 340)

Xin Zhao

  • Crescent Sweep [ R ] - Damage limit now applies to monsters AND MINIONS (changed from monsters only)

Lunar Revel icon crediting method now on PBE!

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

DISCLAIMER! Icons and rules WILL change based on region when this feature is live. (Oceania and Latin America regions will have a different set of rules)

Help me find any issues with this system. I welcome both feedback and bugs. I hope this to run from now through the end of the event on the live servers. Direct your friends here on PBE to help test. Also feel free to add me on the PBE and I may be able to respond there as well in certain circumstances.

Summoner Icon Rewards

How do I earn the summoner icon rewards?

There are four icons to earn during the Lunar Revel:

The Year of the Horse Icon: To earn this icon, you must play and win a game in a matchmade queue. Custom games do not count, but you do not have to play with friends to earn the Year of the Horse Icon. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.

Icon of Lunar Goddess Diana: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Twisted Treeline or the Crystal Scar (Dominion game-mode). Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.

Icon of Dragonblade Riven: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Howling Abyss.

Icon of Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Summoner’s Rift. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.

When do I get my icons? The summoner icons are added by script, so they may not be available on your account immediately after you unlock them. You should receive your icons no later than three days after the event ends. For the PBE please let me know if you do not receive them within 6 hours.

Do bot or custom games count? No, you will have to enter queue with friends.

How many allies (friends) have to join me in the games? If you play with at least one friend, it will count towards the icon.

Do I have to earn them in a particular order? No, feel free to earn them in any order.

I have already earned some icons, why? I started the script looking at games from 2014-01-21 00:00:00 PST. This is so I could observe and get some small problems out before I launched it publicly to the PBE.

How can I find friends on the PBE? Just join one of the public chat room (hit the chat room button, the middle button in the bottom right after logging in) and ask. You can also try to guarantee other people are in the same queue as you there.

About Tonight's PBE Build

Note: This was posted 4 hours ago, so the timing is a bit off.

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey guys,

I wanted to follow up on yesterday's PBE crash thread and let you know that thanks to your submitted bugsplats and repro steps for your individual crashes, we've been able to fix or mitigate the biggest causes of yesterday's widespread issues - enough to get to a point where we'll be deploying an update in a few minutes.

Gotta let you know there are still a couple crashes that we're trying to get more information about, though. Our thinking with tonight's deploy is that the new fixes will expose repro steps for the last few problems, at which point we'll be able to kill them off and get back to business as usual.

Last note - The teams wanted me to let you guys know that even though they're heads-down working on fixes right now, they really appreciate your trust and support over the past day and a half. Keep being awesome, testers :)




  • #39 DerFinger

    At the end of season 3 players started to play AP champs as supports, like Zyra and Annie, who worked as supports because hey had CC that was affected by items. I have no idea how it even seemed to be a good idea to make the CC of typical supports scale with AP. This made supports like Thresh or Annie (and now even Kennen) a better pcik than Sona, Janna or whatever. Why nerf Sona now? They should accept that it was a bad idea and just give the typical supports more power than supports like annie or kennen. I consider Kennen, who is a mid and top champ, to be a better support than the suport champ Sona. That should not be this way Riot. I even consider supports like Trundle or WUkong to be better than Sona, Janna, Lulu or whatsoever.

  • #37 TheKasaObake

    I can't believe they are nerfing Sona.  Why?  You don't see much of her anymore already amidst all the new "OP" supports like Thresh who is commonly seen in the marksman role in bot lane with a support of his own!  Honestly.  Stop making her not as viable please, my Sona will never support a Thresh!  

  • #30 IvyBlade

    Gosh they really wanna get rid of Sona... They don't like her for the love of God... As someone already stated she is constantly nerfed ALL THE TIME... I don't remember a time - except those silly armor and health changes which really did nothing as they at the same time toned down her power... I have enough... I had the most games played with her but with the raging Leonas and Annies I don't feel like even looking at her... She's to squishy and gives to little profit now... TY riTo

  • #28 Kinaro

    I really hope they will rework Sona soon. I guess right now her active abilities need to be extremely weak because her auras add so much invisible power. I would trade stronger active abilities for those auras any day. This would also make fighting with and against her much more interactive.

  • #26 aTomic


    * Changed Null Sphere's particle so that its name makes absolutely no sense 

  • #29 Kinaro


    That's the only visual change I don't like. Not only because of the name.

  • #38 sk3tch00d

    re particle a champion that is always banned
    but yeah that is a dump looking q, but I'm picky and I don't like change (rip trundle lore, rip garen, etc.)

  • #23 dnagemo

    Wow that gragas buff . Well now with the e and r damage buffs he is gonna 3-2 shot anyone

  • #24 Doomerdinger

    It's still a hefty nerf. On non-pbe live his ult does 200/325/450 + 100% AP, compared to the 150/250/350 + .80% AP above.

    Last edited by Doomerdinger: 1/24/2014 8:36:20 AM
  • #25 dnagemo
    Quote from Doomerdinger »

    It's still a hefty nerf. On non-pbe live his ult does 200/325/450 + 100% AP, compared to the 150/250/350 + .80% AP above.

    Oh there was a gragas nerf in last patch , my bad , Thought he was buffed 

  • #33 officerjimlahey

    It's a pretty gigantic nerf if it goes through.  Big enough that I'm pretty sure he'll see practically no competitive play whatsoever.

  • #22 Dom_kaio

    kass is gonna belong in shit tier....

  • #27 Kinaro

    What makes you think that?

    He just got reworked to a highly mobile fighter mage. Of course he won't be as good as assassin, but I'm very thankful about that.

  • #31 gtjio

    Yeah, he's not going to be bad, he just won't be a free win button. His damage didn't go anywhere, it's just moved to W and R instead of Q and E (And with Lich Bane, he actually deals more damage just as fast as before, it's just at 125 range instead of 600 range, and actually utilizes all of his abilities instead of just Q and E). I find it strange that people are so shocked at a melee assassin having to get into melee range to deal their burst...

  • #32 Doomerdinger

    The only really issue I have with the changes they are making are the mana costs on his ult. Increasing the timer AND the additional mana costs is too much. The mana restore on his W wont be enough to make up for that, especially considering he'll probably riftwalk MORE now that he is supposedly going to have to chase people with it stay in range, instead of just blink in -> burst -> walk away

  • #21 Brianna

    I honestly feel genuinely upset about the further nerfing to Sona... I've had to endure a substantial string of incessant nerfing to Sona and while she is still my number 1 support, there's only so much I can take. Nerf after nerf after nerf after nerf! You've taken away my true healing capability, you've severely lessened my poking capability, a sustained utility heavy mobility support was the new style I was falling in love with. I felt rewarded for building heavy AP as a support. I felt that I was utilizing the new gold income and being rewarded with attractive utility scalings. Now, to attain the same percentages I am achieving now, I would have to have at least 1000AP. It's understandable to bring it down, but to half it seems excessive. 


    Is it impossible to tweak her in any way that's not a nerf? A few tweaks here and there are acceptable, but she has been nothing but nerfed since day one. I'm exponentially losing my interest in her, the more she's assaulted with tweaks that are damaging her potential. 

    In my opinion, a 0.3% scaling on her E seems sufficient. That way, assuming she attains 250 to 300AP late game, she has a nice but not overly powerful boost in the movement speed by 8-10%. Besides, the "new" support meta are champions like Fiddlesticks and Annie, and these incessant nerfs to support champions is only making Annie look more and more appealing to play.

    I truly hope that the changes to Sona don't go through, as it will have substantial detriment to my gameplay.

    Last edited by Brianna: 1/24/2014 2:30:00 AM
  • #20 Arcane_Azmadi

    I'm SO glad they're nerfing the AP scaling on Sona's Song of Celerity. Because SO many people were stacking SO much AP on her and it was SO overpowered, I just didn't know what to do!


    Riot are morons...

  • #19 RoakOriginal

    that kassadins Q looks like some "void spit"... rest of particles is nice...

  • #18 XiXiS

    Ok, time to prepare weapons and 1 friend ;) Games are coming (for icons).

  • #14 NiKnights

    Uh "Cost: 0/0/0/0/0 Mana



    Sounded like a really strong ultimate til you see that it has zero range. I'm sure this is wrong. No way a 4 second cooldown with no mana and no range on an ultimate. What is he Jayce? Nidalee? Elise?

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