Heartseeker Ashe Announced and Heading To Next PBE Patch

Update: PBE Patch is up! You can see the full post here

Heartseeker Ashe Announced

Looks like we'll have the amazing opportunity to have a look at Ashe's new skin on the PBE - Heartseeker Ashe! More info comes from RiotAether.

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Hey testers,

Wanted to let you know that we'll be adding Heartseeker Ashe to the PBE this morning in a few hours once we deploy. Like most of our recent skins, we're putting her up for testing before her new in-progress features are fully implemented in order to start the feedback and bug loops as quickly as possible. In particular, the following skin components aren't implemented at all yet:

  • Sound effects
  • New visuals for Hawkshot (E)

Please keep this in mind when you see Ashe in game!




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