Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 1/30/2014 - Heartseeker Ashe Available For Testing, Thresh and Jarvan IV Range Changes

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 1/30/2014

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UPDATE 2: Heartseeker Ashe is available for testing! Check out the video below!
Some pretty interesting Heatseeker Ashe details have been added (like a placeholder Load Screen), so let's hope the skin will be active today!
There are some Xerath changes that are in the Air Client only, so I'm not gonna list them for now.

Heartseeker Ashe Available For Testing!

Champion Changes


  • Base range is now 450 (down from 475 compared to last PBE patch) (Down from 475 compared to Live)

Jarvan IV

  • Golden Aegis [ W ] - Range is now 525 (down from 600 compared to last PBE patch) (Down from 600 compared to Live) (IMPORTANT!!! Seems like this isn't a nerf - the range indicator is just made to visually fit the particle)

Mac Testers: Delayed Patch (Jan 30)

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey testers, as you can tell from the delays, we ran into some issues with getting today's PBE deploy ready to go. One of the problems has stopped us from rolling out Mac update with the Windows one. Rough sequence of events:

  • In progress: Take the PBE down to deploy today's update, including the Windows update
  • Turn the lights back on; Windows testers will download the update and be able to start testing
    • Everyone will be able to log back into the PBE but Mac testers won't be able to get into matches due to version differences between their client and the game servers
  • Get the Mac update ready to go (somewhere between 1-2 hours after we come back up). Mac players will download the update upon relog and be able to test normally again.

Thanks guys, and sorry for how long today's release is taking :/



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