Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 2/4/2014 - Kha'Zix Q Change, Bouquet Ward Skin Store Image

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 2/4/2014

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Champion Changes


  • Taste Their Fear [ Q ] - Active's damage now scales with 1.5*AD (up from 1.3*AD compared to last PBE patch) (Back to Live values)

Bouquet Ward Skin Store Image

[TEST REQUEST] Vision Mini-Map Bugs

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hi folks,

In today's patch we've fixed one case that was causing the mini-map vision bug. For those not familiar with the bug, it's where an enemy champion icon appears on the edge of the fog of war for a split second in the wrong location. It quickly jumps to the correct location where the champion is actually standing (usually somewhere across the map). In the absolute worst case you would see the champion model and particles in the wrong location.

Our fix should lower the frequency of the issue significantly: we'd like to know if you guys feel like it's improved. Please post any feedback in this thread.





  • #15 XiXiS

    Ech, nothing very special this time :P

  • #14 dnagemo

    Yes ty riot for not overnerfing kha'zix!

  • #13 TheOverWhelming

    The icon jump on the minimap happens -very- often

    I see it twice at least a game and up to 5 times

    I don't see the teleporting champion too often but sometimes the mini-map bug does not agree where the teleporting champion bug is at (Yasuo in mid, his icon in bot lane but really in top)

    Edit: I'd like to add, it happens with Vi a lot that or I notice it a lot because I hate Vi

    Last edited by TheOverWhelming: 2/4/2014 6:54:18 PM
  • #10 Sohail316

    just a q change? great thats the biggest news i was waiting for thanks

  • #8 Jian_Liang

    bring back kayle's q to 1,0 AP ratio!!!!!!!!! why nerf her no 1 plays her -.- she was op all time and no one realized that and now she's getting nerfed cause of LCS xD

  • #9 mixpickle


  • #11 ordosan

    no one playes her...had 5 games in a row with a kayle. 2 of which was her jungle


  • #12 Butch_Flowers

    if you want i can pull posts from months ago where riot said that Kayle has been pretty op for a long time and if she ever saw popularity, like she did before the lcs, she would be nerfed. You obviously know nothing but act like you do

  • #6 tempacc01010010

    "Our fix should lower the frequency of the issue significantly: we'd like to know if you guys feel like it's improved. Please post any feedback in this thread."


    Lower the frequency of the issue significantly? Not completely fix it? I know this is a short-term solution, but the post reeks of incompetence. 

  • #7 zkylon

    don't mean to sound condescending but you look like you don't really know how bugfixing works. in cases such as this in which many different systems are mixed (fog of war, minimap, server tracking the information each player has on position of champions, wards, red trinkets, invisibility, etc.) and reproducing the bug hasn't been entirely reliable, it can take forever to fix because it's not really a matter of one little mistake causing it, but how certain initially flawed systems interact. 

    and as we all know the league client is old and from a time they didn't really had the money or time or intelligence to think ahead and prevent these things, so completely fixing the bug might take a complete overhaul of at least the vision system but probably a lot of other systems too. I forgot which rioter it was that talked about it in the forums but it's pretty bad.

    so it's not really incompetence but rather riot making a few short-term bugfixes for the current broken system while they work on building a new one from the ground up. 

  • #5 gabrielxrecon

    Finally, this bug annoys me so hhaaarddd omg

  • #1 BrienWright

    GG Khazix buff

  • #2 RhysWilliams

     (Back to Live values)

  • #3 Sanear

    buff for PBE, back to live values so its all like it should be right before new patch deployment

  • #4 Kaerhp
    Quote from BrienWright »

    GG Khazix buff

    Your eyes need a buff

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