Patch 4.1 Notes Update + Context on Series Skipping

Patch 4.1 Notes Update

Reminder: Here are the official Patch notes prior to the update.

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02/04/2014 Leagues & Gameplay Update

Currently, the League system allows players to rapidly move up the ladder if they're playing at a high skill level. In some rare cases however, players were entering their promo series and facing off against unusually difficult opponents. We’re introducing a change that allows players to skip their promo series up to Platinum I if they continually play at a skill level a full tier higher than their current league placement.

  • Players who consistently win against opponents a full tier higher than their current placement will automatically skip their promotion series as they progress to the next division. Series skipping will be possible up to Platinum I.
Bug fixes

Vision Wards

Vision Wards will now properly provide true sight to an enclosed area when placed in front (ie: dragon pit and Baron pit).

  • Fixed a bug where Vision Wards weren't granting full true sight vision equal to their normal vision range

Blade of the Ruined King

  • Fixed an exploit with Blade of the Ruined King's active

Promo Series Skipping 

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Hey all,

The response to the start of the 2014 ranked season has been staggering. We are seeing more players involved in ranked play than ever before and though there has been a lot of positive feedback there has been a few concerns brought up about promotional games. Specifically, there is a concern that if a player does poorly in placements then goes on a winning tear they could get stuck in a promotional series against players who are more highly skilled than the tier they are trying to enter. We investigated how many players were actually in this position and it’s a very small group. That said this can be a pretty frustrating experience so we’re releasing a change to allow players to skip promotional series up to plat 1 in the rare case they are consistently playing way above their current placement. The number of players who will actually qualify for promo skipping is quite small since the vast majority of players are placed very close to their expected position. Also, it’s worth noting that the existing mechanisms for correcting fast moving players position will remain in play. So you can trigger this as well as division skipping at the same time.

We expect this change to go into effect sometime in the next 24 hours.

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  • #12 XiXiS

    Blade of the Ruined King: Fixed an exploit with Blade of the Ruined King's active

    What exploit? Never heard of it.

  • #13 Sonnk

    There was some bug where people could use the active without it going on cooldown. Meaning they could use it over and over and over and over.

  • #8 cypherslick

    Is Scorched Earth Renekton being released with this patch possibly? & Heartseeker Ashe I'd assume? Or probably a Spotlight for Ashe soon...

  • #5 Shadeful

    Annnd... that's whole patch? O_o

  • #4 Liefchan

    Tier is like Silver II/Silver III or Silver/Gold?

    Not too familiar on the definition of tiers in that it means divisions or leagues.

  • #6 NinjaCalibur
    Quote from Liefchan »

    Tier is like Silver II/Silver III or Silver/Gold?

    Not too familiar on the definition of tiers in that it means divisions or leagues.

    This is explained right in the Ranked section in the in-game client if you just click on the side info.
    Tier = Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Challenger
    Division = V/IV/III/II/I
    League = Small 200 slot placement for more so decorative purposes. Example: Talon's Crusaders. it's just a name you can have at random for your specific random league you wind up in with 200 other players. It holds no actual ranked value to climb in or anything.

  • #7 Liefchan

    Thanks for clearing that up for me! :D

  • #3 killercrack

    So can i, for example, Get 100LP in silver 1 and go right into Gold 5?

  • #10 Gilgamarsh

    Pretty sure you have to win the series, but that series can take you up two divisions instead of one. That's what happened to me at least. So win your series in that scenario and you could potentially get to Gold 4. 

  • #11 BrienWright

    Yes, if you were playing far beyond the skill level of Silver, then you would go into Gold 5 without doing promos.

  • #14 FlameanatorX

    I believe you would have to be playing against roughly plat V opponents, since he said if you play against players above the skill level of the tier you're trying to enter. So, if you're trying to enter Gold V, they would have to be Plat V opponents, if you're trying to enter Gold II, they would have to be Plat II, etc.

  • #15 Crayonsnacha

    Actually, in the patch notes it states that you can only skip divisions, not league promotions.  You can go from Gold V-Gold I with no promos if you're constantly winning against people that are plat III and higher, persay.  Notes say you can't skip Leagues though, those promos are always required.

  • #1 Magnapinna

    Series Skipping?

  • #2 overneathe

    I added context on this :)

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