Update on Rengar, EUW/EUNE In-Game Lag, SR Feedback Summary - Part 3, [PBE] Leveling, IP/RP and Pricing Updates, Curse Is Hiring


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Update on Rengar

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

My main question is: will I be able to play assasin Rengar and blow up people, or you're going to make him another boring bruiser? Because right now killing people with his ult is the most fun thing in the game. I really don't want him to become yet another jax/rene/mundo/shyvana which are boring as hell to play in top lane. At least when I'm playing full ad assasin Rengar i feel like it is "high risk/high reward".
Even with the changes Rengar's teamfight role is still all about finding squishy targets that are separated from their team and blowing them up. With the changes we want to allow the opponent a (very short) window in which they can react to Rengar leaping out of stealth onto them.

PS - The leap on to target after E idea is really cool and it sounds like a lot of fun. To make that happen, we would probably have to remove the slow from E, which would really hurt his utility.

Ok Rengars, big awesome update:

So far the direction of starting a fight with 0 ferocity but building up reliably to a finisher is working out, but with the current design we haven't really committed to it 100% and allowed Rengar to have a really reliable and contained way to get to full stacks. So here's the new hotness that we are trying out.
(anything not mentioned is the same as the previous changes)

-Rengar's max ferocity is lowered to 4 from 5
-Q cooldown lowered dramatically to 4/3.75/3.5/3.25/3s
-Q attack speed buff lowered to 15/20/25/30/35%
-Ferocity Q grants 2 ferocity after use instead of 3
-Also trinket cooldown is lowered so that he can have 2 traps in the world at a time

The real linchpin of this new rotation is Q. With Q on a 3 second cooldown he can come in to a fight with 0 ferocity Q->W->E->3s cooldown->Q and hit the new max stacks of 4 for a finisher.

These numbers aren't final but what we have the potential to do here is really understand and balance the buildup to finisher rotation. I'll let you know how this works out in testing (crosses fingers).


Regarding EUW/EUNE In-Game Lag

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Hey guys,

Errigal plans to give you another monthly update and reveal some great news about Amsterdam data center (we’re ready to announce the live date, yay!), but before that update I want to shed some light on our recent latency problems in EUW and EUNE. We know that at some parts of the day you guys are experiencing lag. We’ve read your posts and we understand how painful it is, because we are in the game at the same time and so get the same experience. I hear you ask: “Why are we recently observing increased lag periods? Why are your games disturbed? Why always Europe and why always League of Legends?”

Well, it’s not always Europe and not only LoL. But the general answer is relatively simple – we were being attacked.

Malicious attacks, such as DDoS, are a global problem and affects many online services and Riot Games is no exception here. Similarly to all major online games, our servers are being flooded daily with huge amounts of malicious traffic, which sometimes lead to instabilities. This is nothing new, we’ve been fighting this problem for years. However, recently the sheer amount of attacks and volume of malicious data transmitted towards our servers has been significantly greater than we've seen before. Additionally, this does not only affect Europe as we have seen similar malicious traffic in BR, NA and OC.

With that said we know that the ball is in our court and we’re constantly working towards better protection. I want to emphasize that our servers are not a cause of the lag. We’re managing thousands of them globally and EUW/EUNE are on the same level as KR, NA or any other Riot’s environment. “Fix your servers” can feel like a logical statement, but in truth the European platforms have been stable for last 4 months. We haven’t performed a restart since last October (we did have some serious problems in December, but they were again part of our provider’s network infrastructure) and our platforms are very reliable nowadays.

Beside these attacks we’ve also uncovered some 3rd party problems, which take us longer to resolve. Although this has been improved recently, we still notice some hiccups related to ISP performance, routing re-convergence and sub-optimal routing. These kind of problems (eg. resulting in game reconnects) are not something we directly control, but we’ve been (and are) working hard on getting this resolved. This is what we have currently completed:
  • RiotDirect: We’re happy to announce that this project was launched back in January. We currently have about 50% of our game servers running on our direct links connected to several major ISP providers in Europe (the remaining 50% are still on our old partner’s lines) and Riot network engineers are personally responsible for ensuring best possible routes for the game traffic. We’re planning on moving 100% to RiotDirect, and this will be completed within next few weeks. As of today, this solution gives us a bit of diversification and any live issue does not impact the entire player base.
  • We purchased additional bandwidth from our previous provider.
  • Loss Forgiven is being applied much faster. We streamlined our procedures, and our NOC technicians are now empowered to enable this mode as soon as the problem is diagnosed. We’re aware that there are always some games that were not forgiven, but we’re doing our best to minimize this impact.
  • We’re constantly tweaking and upgrading rules and filters on our firewalls.
  • Stabilized EUW platform: no major failures related to our infrastructure.
Amsterdam Data Centre will improve a lot of things, but external attacks will always be there. That’s why we’re investing our time and use worldwide resources to establish best practices and ways of protections. Some things are beyond our control, but we’re on top of everything else, and our goal is still the same: deliver you a smooth gameplay experience. Thanks a lot for all your passion and gl hf.

but in truth the European platforms have been stable for last 4 months.
You can't be serious man.
In this case, he is referring to the stability of our internal systems and network. The ability for players to connect to our service has been hampered by malicious traffic, which we're working to correct.
well its pretty much a steady 300+- ping on euw right now but there are no loss prevention's handed out :/ is this post a statement that you are on top of it or just coincidence?
As far as I can see, there is no lag problem going on from our side. If you are having this high ping, we're happy to look into it. Please contact our Support (upper right corner of the website is a direct link to it). We have dedicated Tech Specialists that will be happy to track down the issue with your help. No way that you hit any skillshot with 300ms latency
It's totally from your side, since i tested my ping http://www.pingtest.net/
and i had 4 MS! i mean 4!
I tested in cmd too (google.com) and i had 29 ms average, and since 4 days i have 80/120 ms on riot server, and i used to have 39/45 on bad days.
As you can see my internet is extremely fine (better than 94% world in ping tests)
so please fix your ping, or get better informatics to avoid those hack atacks.
Did you try to ping our gameservers? Obviously you could be routed differently to a pingtest website than to our servers.
Have a look at the IP addresses to ping: https://riotgames.zendesk.com/entrie...r-IP-Addresses . With the results you can contact us, or post them in the Help&Support forum.
Hi i have an Idea on how you may solve the problems. (Dont judge me, i know not much about Programming of DDOs or Network Systems)
Can't you, when you see that you are being ddosed, simply activate a filter where in the first only persons can access to your servers who logged in before with their ip on forums or ingame and where u know they are "real persons"?.
You could go further and make some system where u work together with other companies like Amazon etc. to reveal if they are real persons and activate only those IPS to be able to access.
Does that work?
Thanks for the suggestion We're always looking for ways to improve our network performance and access to the game.
No problem, couild you say if that might would work? :P
We thought about many ways to filter traffic. More than this, I cannot share

Summoner's Rift Feedback Summary, Part 3

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Ok, time for another installment of "Condensing feedback". All of this feedback originated right here on this thread. Items without asterix are thing that sound great, things with asterix are great ideas that need some explanation from me.

31. The Nexus needs to be updated
32. The Terrain feels too flat ***
33. Reposition the minion camps***
34. Add weather ***
35. Make the base look better
36. Higher tech deep water for the River
37. SR needs to be symmetrical
38. The map should feel war-torn
39. We need to avoid Visual and Audio clutter
40. The 2 sides need to be visually distinct Arcitecture as well as gamplay objects like towers
41. The 8-eyed wraiths seem really weird
42. Red Buff Spikes feel unnatural
43. Baron needs a VU
44. Flat flowers all over the map does not make sense
45. Make colorblind mode the default method of play

The Terrain feels too flat *** It totally does, but terrain elevation is something that will heavily impact gameplay. From a visual standpoint there is a lot we can do in the non-play space to give a better feeling of depth. Also the peripheries of the map have a lot of untapped potential for epic drops, mountains, and vistas. I think TT and HA have really good examples of what we can do in this regard.

Re-position the minion camps*** We actually did this a little prior to the 2014 season, so this is something that we would consider. I think camp positions are in a good state right now. If there are still concerns I would love to here what they are.

Add weather ***. Sure, but we need to do this very carefully because keeping the play-space clean and readable is one of our highest priorities. If you think about how snow is used in HA, it will need to be similar in any future application of weather effects.

[PBE] Leveling, IP/RP and Pricing Updates

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey guys,

Over the past few weeks we've made several changes to the PBE-only systems that manage tester accounts. We're working on updating the PBE FAQ to reflect these and other changes, but for now, here's a brief summary:

  • Tester accounts will be leveled up to 30 every night around midnight PST (3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, 9 AM CET)
  • Tester accounts are credited with 40k RP and 100k IP once on their first login after account creation.
    • These numbers won't update until testers either relog or initiate a purchase in the store.
  • Testers will no longer receive weekly stipends. INSTEAD:
  • New content will generally be available on the PBE for 1 IP. Skin RP costs will be set to their intended live prices so testers know which tier new skins fall into and what new features they can expect.
  • Two PBE-only starter kits have been added to the store:
    • Champions contains the majority of our champions so testers have a solid roster to queue with
    • Runes contains nine copies of the most common runes in use on live. Due to technical limitations we aren't able to automatically unlock all runes through a single bundle.

We'll let you know if these systems change again in the future. Thanks guys,

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