Brazil's Carnival Coming to LoL On Feb 28

Brazil's Carnival Coming to LoL On Feb 28

Looks like in the spirit of Brazil's annual carnival a masquerade event is heading to League of Legends! So far the information is available in Spanish only, but Google is doing well enough with the translation in case you want to at least get a fair view of what's coming. Now we can bet what the new summoner icons on the PBE are for:


A small recap of the idea was provided by our precious user MGBarotto:

We'll get to vote between 4 skins every day and the winners (king and queen I guess) get on sale for the next day = Vote 2 between 4 skins, and those will be on sale.
Mask-making contest
Mystery skins are back.

Here is part of what can be seen in the official announcement, hopefully soon we'll see one in the other regions as well! Looks like the event will provide the chance to get your hands on some pretty nice legacy and other types of skins as well as (hopefully) the icons above.



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