Curse Voice: In-Game Dragon Timers, Baron Timers, Party Member Ult Timers, Voice Chat and Voice Overlays

Curse Voice: In-Game Dragon Timers, Baron Timers, Party Member Ult Timers, Voice Chat and Voice Overlays

Curse is giving away beta keys for its newest and VERY useful app Curse Voice through a League of Legends Update video.

You can check out the video itself below and enter the giveaway by letting its new host Andrew know how Curse Voice can improve your game. You simply need to leave your thoughts on this in YouTube's comment section under the video.

We're going to give you a little help with figuring out some of the many benefits of Curse Voice:


  • Never have to pay fees or purchase credits.
  • No server subscriptions or maintenance.
  • We have servers worldwide to ensure you get the lowest latency possible.



  • Launch sessions easily from Curse Voice or the LoL client.
  • Session links are immediately copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.


  • Easily create and share voice sessions while in queue or during champion select.
  • See voice notifications next to champion portraits while you play.


  • Keep track of champion ultimate cooldowns and know when they're ready.
  • Automatically track the respawn of Baron and Dragon when you have vision.

Curse's newest host Andrew presents even more information on the app:



  • #175 saiberblode

    Not only that is will help with times, ass i suck with them, but i actually like the in-game voice function because this way we can limit the stress level by talking to our comrades to calm them down or plan strategies. Therefore we won't have to complicate with teamspeak as we do sometimes in champion select.... There is just not enough time to enter the room . The voice chat should have been in the game from the start! How helpful the voice chat is, i could only say if i had tried it. Hope i entered the beta key giveaway competition. Peace!

  • #173 Mooks182

    My beta won't show the jungle timers D:

  • #174 KnowUrQs

    it was remove

  • #172 nitrophoenix

    How do i get a beta key?

  • #171 drizzy

    This would help me and my party members so we can keep track of dragon n baron and also the communication where we can plan strategies out if I could keep track of their ult's cd's. if I could get a beta key that would be awesome!


  • #169 Siorabi

    How you get the baron and dragon timers?



  • #170 snovak96

    wondering the same...

  • #168 master_leewu

    Please send me a beta key at        [email protected]

  • #167 poltavets

    give me 1 key please =)

  • #166 ValorOfArms

    Add Blue/red buff timer

  • #165 ssaz

    i have 4 extra beta keys. if you have a skin code for eune then email me and we can trade :D

    [email protected]

    Last edited by ssaz: 4/27/2014 2:10:00 PM
  • #163 Missoun

    Guys,who can give me a key? :C

  • #161 Aniujual

    Is there anyway to change the ingame places of thing that overlays? cause i like to keep my HUD small to see more, and it looks odd with all the ult, coms and other shifted away. this is what i mean

    Last edited by Aniujual: 4/25/2014 2:32:25 AM
  • #162 robin5238

    It looks like you do not use your max resolution so they don't line up on the green circle thingy ;)  look above how it should be I think it's your resolution.

  • #160 Yausua

    I have it but it isnt appearing in game or on my league client anymore, can anyone help?


  • #159 KomAr43

    Basically, this game has reached some extreme level of rage. Now you can hear the unfinished, incomplete "manly" voices of 12 year olds raging at your and his/her mistake!

    But seriously though, this is some amazing thing, can't wait to try it out!

  • #158 Skas

    Would LOVE one :)

    Really nice feature ,can't wait to try it !

  • #157 Frosenbat

    I want one

  • #156 TechPekato

    Can I have a cute beta key for my key chain? 

  • #155 Harcks

    WOW! NewGen in-game app! Can i have a beta key, please? :)

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