Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 3/6/2014 - Night Hunter Rengar Strings In The Files, Arctic Ops Varus and Heimer Splashes & Icons

Update [6:35 PM PST]: Video with updated Summoner Spell VFX has been added almost at the bottom (after their news Sounds)

Night Hunter Rengar Skin

No visuals, but a key string was added in the files:

Night Hunter Rengar

Arctic Ops Varus Splash

New Heimer Splash And Icons


Portrait Q W E R Passive Passive_ Hidden
With R Active        

Heimerdinger's Hidden Passive

"game_buff_tooltip_HeimerdingerPentakill" = "Eureka! Heimerdinger has solved the problem of having enemies who are still alive. Using careful experimentation, he has adjusted their 'alive' status. FOR SCIENCE!

Champion Changes


  • Hiten Style [ W ] - Now costs 40 Mana (up from 0 compared to last PBE patch) (Back to Live values)


  • Null Sphere [ Q ] - Damage now scales with 0.6*AP (up from 0.5*AP compared to last PBE patch)
  • Nether Blade [ W ] - Active's damage now scales with 0.6*AP (up from 0.5*AP compared to last PBE patch)
  • Nether Blade [ W ] - Active now restores 4/5/6/7/8% of Kassadin's missing mana (down from 6/8/10/12/14%)
  • Nether Blade [ W ] - Active's mana restore now "increases to 20/25/30/35/40 % against champions" (changed from "Mana restore triples against champions")
  • Force Pulse [ E ] - Damage upon reaching 6 charges now scales with 0.6*AP (up from 0.5*AP compared to last PBE patch)


  • Caustic Spittle [ Q ] - Now costs 60 Mana (up from 50 mana compared to last PBE patch) (Back to Live values)


  • Arcane Smash [ Q ] - Now costs 55 Mana (up from 45 Mana compared to last PBE patch)
  • Vengeful Maelstrom [ R ] - Now costs 75 Mana, 30 Mana Per Second (up from 75 Mana, 20 Mana Per Second)

Item Changes

[Trinkets] Farsight Orb, Greater Stealth Totem

  • Now can't be used for the first 120 seconds (up from 90 seconds)
  • Selling a trinket now disables trinket use for 120 seconds (down from 180)

New Summoner Spell Sounds and VFX

Dragon Base Damage Reverted

... again. It is now back to Live values - 145 damage - up from 110.

Loading Screen Font Switched Back

The font of the loading screen that bothered most of the community seems to have been switched back with the old one.



  • #36 jhawkjayhawk

    heimer has fur now well  his appearance is now in line with the general yordle design (males have fur and animal like appearances, female are more humanoid but have inhuman skin colors) does that mean corki visual update will give him fur as well???

  • #35 dnagemo

    I hope that irelia buff isn't too much

  • #34 Licorice

    I think the Irelia changes was a step in the right direction, they just took a few to many.

    Currently, Irelia suffer from being able to fight back efficiently against bullies with her W down, which is great, it gives her a very clear indication of her weakpoint, but right now, she can not fight back even with her W because of the mana cost holding her from doing so. The meta on toplane right now is really tanky, champions with low or no mana costs(Low: Trundle, None: Rene, Shyv, Mundo), who all but Shyvana have sustain, quite strong sustain actually, while Irelia have sustain as well, which by the way, while working, is incredibly strong(26 each hit while W on, half that when down), I think, if they would reduce the inactive healing slightly, and just lower the mana cost on it, she'd be in a better state. Just plainly removing it seems incredibly bold of them, and I'm glad they choosed to not do so, but she does need some love for the meta.

    The reason I am putting so much focus on Irelia compared to other weaker champions(Compared to the meta champions) is because of the sudden focus from Riot, as well as her consistent reappearence in LCS from Wickd.

  • #29 Benegesserit

    why did they give heimer so much white looks so weird around his eyes

    and his he a dog now?

    Last edited by Benegesserit: 3/6/2014 10:18:10 PM
  • #30 jacktheplum

    All the male Yordles have noses like that, I think

  • #33 Solatoral

    If I remember, they wanted to kinda.....'unify' a yordle as a species. They'll probably keep females and males distinct, but they want to get a similar/general feel around them. Currently all of them just look/feel different.

    This is my guess so don't take it seriously at all, but I think it's going for a kind of cat theme.

  • #37 jhawkjayhawk

    generally males have animal like apearance(corki now being the only one not) and females are humanoid with odd skin colors

  • #28 VENlVIDlVICl

    Hm, I like the new animations, though I think it's very difficult to see how far the channeling of teleport is right now.

  • #26 NABackPacK

    WOW that was close almost had to Nerf Irelia after that possible Buff

  • #19 Selutu

    I love that Heimer Passive!

  • #18 yoshiwaan

    Varus splash has no bow string...

  • #21 IONDragonX

    The arrow is spectral. You can see his finger through its shaft.

  • #27 Zekel

    Why not spectral string though?

  • #22 Bad_Player

    Varus' bow doesn't have a bowstring. Check his model/other splashes :P

  • #17 Bad_Player

    Varus splash looks cool... but still not as hot as Arclight *shot*

    I gotta wonder if his fingers get cold in that weather, though...

  • #16 Canvasofgrey

    Hiemdinger has a Hidden passive!!!

  • #14 matrixlock

    Wow, everything they're doing with heimer just blows me away, it's amazing

  • #13 XiXiS

    Riot makes better splash arts as the time passes... Seems logical but I can't still wake up from "surprise status".

  • #15 Graviteh

    They outsource it to companies who do shit jobs, and Riot simply touches them up.

  • #12 Ebp90


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