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Important: Wriggle's Lantern + Feral Flare = A Step in the Right Direction

Quinn's QoL Changes Coming With 4.4

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What happened to Quinn's Harrier Changes?
I remember ricklessabandon making a post that he/she is testing a QoL change for Quinn's passive. It was originally tested for 4.2, but was decided to be held back until 4.3. Well, here's 4.3 and there has been no update, not even something on the PBE. I really appreciate the work you do at Riot, but if something not going according to plan could you stop by sometime and give us a quick post about it? If the idea was scrapped, it would be nice to know so that we aren't waiting for something that isn't coming.
oh hey. it's in 4.4 (should be in the patch notes whenever those go up). i've been pretty busy these past few weeks, so i haven't had as much time for side projects like quinn and miss fortune as i'd like. i wanted to hold off on quinn until i could look into other things for her, but after not being able to make time within two patches i decided that shipping this alone is better than holding it forever.

No Jax VU Planned So Far

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IronStylus responded to the Jax VU question yesterday over on the Community Beta:
In response to if a Jax VU is planned for this year:

Most likely not, just a hunch. We've slotted I'd say.. until about August, but he's not on that roster at the moment. It's conceivable that he could be after our furthest-out scheduled VU/relaunch, but I see other characters being worse offenders.
That said, there's a couple of passionate Jax players internally who are messing around with concepts. If there's momentum he might get tacked on. He currently resides in the VU-only category, champions who aren't slated for gameplay changes, making them easier to execute on. Also, he exists sort of mid-way up a list that takes into consideration where we would get the most value from executing on a champion artistically. The top of that list having the most projected value of artistic changes, the bottom being the least value.

I'm afraid I don't know if Angler Jax will be fished out of the vault.

Team Builder Discussions

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Thanks for the feedback, I've tried to break the responses into segments.
If the goal of team builder is to make a good team composition, why can't players switch champions or roles once they get matched with the team? For example, say you lock in as Vi in the jungle. You're really interested in jungling this game. You get placed in a team that is going for a double-jungle strat. You think "not what I was envisioning, but this could be neat" except the other jungler is wukong. Neither of you are particularly great at counterjungling, and you're all on the same page. The strategy would work much better if someone played Nunu.
We did a lot of design testing with early prototypes that allowed players to change champions in the Team Builder lobby; for example, allowing players to freely change, allowing Captains to "approve" a change, or allowing all players to vote on a change. In many of these cases, these designs altered the decision-making patterns in a negative way.

For example, let's say you want to play an unorthodox champion in a creative role such as LeBlanc Support. This is currently quite popular in Team Builder, and we're also seeing things like Soraka-Top, Talon-Jungle, Gangplank-Support and more. If you allow champion changes in Team Builder lobbies, what you find is that a lot of Captains will accept these unorthodox champions, and then ask them to change their champion. This is not an awesome experience for the players who want to play these champions in new roles, and overall not a great thing for League because it hurts champion diversity over time. Allowing voting or approvals in Team Builder lobby also increases queue times overall because every time a team accepts a player and is making decisions to change a champion, the team is basically 'locked out' from accepting another possible player in that slot. Regarding changing roles/positions, we aren't worried about that because if players come to an agreement in the lobby, they can just execute it in-game themselves without changing the options explicitly in the lobby.
The overall inflexibility of the queue makes it hard to make changes without starting all over.
I suspect that during the Team Builder creation, the subset issue of "players who really want to practice a certain champion" crept too far into the forefront of the overall Team Builder design purpose. I also think that a team builder which doesn't focus on that aspect at all would serve them better than what we have now.
The issue wasn't how many players wanted to practice a certain champion, it was the subtle set of decisions and behaviors that manifest when you introduce the possibility of changing champions in a Team Builder lobby.

We agree that overall, it's not easy to make some changes in Team Builder without starting a lobby from scratch; but, we're going to continue streamlining the feature through patches and felt that the current version had enough features to justify a Live Beta.
On a side note, I'm pretty certain that, right now at least, Team Builder queue is suffering from too many captains, not enough crew. I feel like it would be beneficial if the queue allowed a captain to relinquish their spot as captain if matchmaking finds another person with compatible choices. For example, if I'm queued as Renekton Top and looking for standard "meta" team, if there's a Vel'koz captain going mid looking for the same, give me the option to join his team as a player. This would probably reduce queue times quite a bit.
This is true, almost every time we start the Team Builder Live Beta, we have an overwhelming number of Captains. A lot of players are queuing up as a Captain to explore the feature and click around--they'll accept a few players, decline a few players, then just abandon the lobby. These players aren't trying to build teams or play games yet and are just exploring the feature.

We expect this to die down soon, and will see soon better Captain-to-Solo ratios. If we don't, we have some built-in designs to balance the Captain-to-Solo ratios and have tested one on the PBE that requires players to invite at least 1 friend to be a Captain.

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protip: pick your mage, select jungler/support/marksman, then go mid anyway or just play bot and build like normal.
My pro tip would be to not do that! Players will expect you to go where you've queued up, and we're gathering data during the beta to help inform what thresholds the anti-abuse systems need. Once we have that calibrated, players who keep doing this will lose access to Team Builder entirely (and have to earn it back by playing other modes). The usual report systems will be the way to report stuff like this.

Queue times will be a little volatile this first day, but it should settle rather quickly.

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Let me just stop your misconception of Team Builder right now. We have no intention of copy-pasting Team Builder in it's current state over the other queue types. We are not going to remove the ability to counter pick champions. We aren't going to just turn off ranked and replace it with Team Builder as-is. Team Builder is in beta right now. It currently only works as a blind pick mode.

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Quick update:

Team Builder just went live in NA. Because the queues just turned on and the server just came back online, there still aren't many players logged into NA or on Team Builder yet. Queue times will definitely be longer than usual for the first few hours as players log in to play.

We're also seeing that a large number of players are queuing up as Captains, but not trying to build teams yet--they are just clicking around and exploring the feature, accepting a few players/declining a few players and then quitting the lobby. We've seen this at the start of every beta, so this will likely die down in a few hours.

Team members will be available from 3:00 - 5:00 PM PST today (Monday, 3/10/2014) to answer any questions you have about Team Builder, so ask away!
I think you need to be able to specify roles a little better. heres an example: I want a team where my support is my tank. people queueing as leona are likely doing so as support, which is fine and all, but so is janna.
This is something we're keeping an eye on. Players may learn to use "Support Role" for champions like Leona when they want to play her as a Support, even if they want to build Tanky. However, if this issue persists, we have a few ideas for how we might solve it through changing Team Builder's design.
@ Riot's team for this mode...
Really well done! Love the look and feel of the whole system, just nailed the aesthetics.
Grand slam in my book.
Thanks for the support!
Question for the team: I keep getting my League icon on my taskbar popping up and flashing yellow like I've got a message while I'm in a Team Builder queue, but there's no message or invite or anything. Is this a bug?
The taskbar should flash when certain things happen in Team Builder (like when a candidate is proposed, or when a group accepts you). If it isn't something like that, then it may be a bug. We're looking into it.
There's an issue with the logic in the design of Team Builder. Right now, it's either you solo queue and wait for a team looking for your role, or start your own team and set the roles you'd like.
Problem is... everyone seems to be creating their own teams to make sure they have the most desirable team set-up. Thus, leaving a small amount of players in solo queue. Because of this, it's taking forever for teams to be completed and matched into a game.
For the Live Betas that we've run elsewhere for this feature so far, we've noticed that this does happen, but for different reasons. Early on, a lot of captains are just trying out the feature, figuring out how it works, having people join, and then leaving before starting games. However, we've also seen that this behavior goes away after the first day and queue times then hit our target averages.

Growing pains!
I have been waiting forever for something like this to come. I have always wanted to try and spam one champion to try and learn it but that is an unreasonable expectation in normal blind pick. So far I love team-builders environment of everyone is getting what they want to play so they are less irritated over getting a role they don't like. I can't wait for this to be a permanent choice for queuing up!
In the future, we'll also be testing MMR adjustments for roles and champions, to make it easier to try out new things. For example, I don't play Marksman champs a lot, so I'd get an adjusted rating to make up for how bad I am at it It's not live yet, but we hope to get to test it after the Live Beta (Live Beta is helping us get data for this).
Guh.. been trying to get into ONE game as a mid mage, And I'm over 18 mins in queue time.
Anyone else experiencing obnoxiously long queue times like this?
Ouch, sorry. There's some longer queue times happening right now for some MMR/role combinations. In the other regions where we've tested so far, those queue times decrease to our target rates after the first day. But the initial days' ones are a bit more volatile. Hang in there!
All you need to do for soloQ is let the team pre-designate their positions they desire so everyone gets what they want.
In soloQ you rarely break meta and if you do its usually either with the teams consent or completely against their will, so nothing will change.
That would definitely be the way to go if the goal of the system were just to allow for rigid standard meta. While many players do play standard meta, "Normal" Team Builder was designed with the philosophy that it should be able to change as players change the meta (without a "ruleset" having to be changed). However, for Ranked play, it may be entirely true that player intention is to just practice a standard meta. As we explore future queue types, the design of the system will need to adapt to the needs of that queue.
I really like the feature, and look forward to its final release and polish. Only thing, is when it says que times are estimated to be short or very short its taken quite awhile for it to actually find a team =(
The estimated queue times are currently inaccurate and will fluctuate highly over the course of Live Beta. As the system collects data, it'll get more accurate over time and shouldn't be a problem when we launch a permanent version of the feature.
Is team builder matchmaking following MMR or just whatever it takes to make a team?
Second time I get put against diamond players with my team being bronze like myself. :/ Not fun at all when you get pounded the whole game.
Team Builder matchmaking does seed from Normal MMR, but your problem isn't necessarily with Team Builder.

Team Builder does not take into account Ranked statistics, so if you're facing Diamond players, it could be because that team doesn't play Normals often and are trying Team Builder out for the first time. As players play more Team Builder games, issues like these will smooth out over time.
Please please please do not ever implement this system in ranked queues. First of all, I think the system is a GREAT idea, specifically for people wanting to practice a specific champion/role. That being said,climbing the ranked ladder in league is about being able to play ever single role adequately, and therefore expanding your overall knowledge of the game. For my first 100 or so games of League, I literally strictly played AP mid, and if this system were in place at the time, I probably would only play that role. It is a system that DISCOURAGES the learning and application of all roles, and expansive knowledge of the game. I still suck, but I am beginning to embrace the struggle that is the ranked ladder, and the essence of this struggle is being able to do whatever is necessary (including playing different roles) for the good of the team. This system is great and has its uses but should never be implemented in a ranked queue, just my two cents.
Team Builder was specifically designed as a new take on the core Champion Select experience. The system does not account for drafting and counterpicking, which we agree is integral to the competitive League of Legends experience.

If we were to build a Team Builder queue for Ranked Modes, it'd probably look completely different and we'd just incorporate the lessons that worked from Normal Team Builder. We'd also design the system from the ground up with drafting and counterpicking in mind.
In the picture, the Diamond player is shown as having ~1750 normal wins. He definitely plays normals fairly often.
Look at his teammates. There's too many factors about matchmaking that could have contributed to that game, including maybe the Diamond player duo-queued with someone much lower in skill; or, the players were sitting in queue for awhile so the matchmaking decided to find the closest match given what it had to work with.
it would help this system greatly, if you guys added in something that showed que'd up numbers, like
x amount of mid
x amount of top laners
x amount of junglers
and so on
then people may choose a different role to get in game quicker depending on what's needed
or maybe some incentive reason to play a role they don't want to, like a small ip boost, or something, small discount on their next champion purchase or something
We've made a few predictive models to simulate how often players will play each role, but we're collecting Live Beta specifically to help inform decisions about role balance. In prior testing, role balance was pretty good but there was a high demand for Junglers, and then Supports. If this issue persists, we have a few ideas in mind that could smooth out role balance.

2014 All-Star Event: Esports Team AMA

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[RiotHitstreak] That's all folks! Thanks for all of your questions. We'll have more details to share on the 2014 All-Star Event soon!

We are excited to announce that the 2014 All-Star Event will be held Thursday, May 8 to Monday, May 11 at Le Zenith Areana in Paris, France. We're launching a new format for this year's event that will feature the All-Star Invitational and a player voted All-Star Challenge. We're here to answer your questions and look forward to talking about the upcoming event.

Official news post

We have the following members of the esports team here to field your questions for the next two hours:

Whalen Rozelle, Director of Esports (@RiotMagus)

Nick Allen, League Operations Manager (@RiotNickAllen)

Shanti Blees, Associate Esports Manager (@RiotShantzilla)

Now that we've got all of that out of the way, ask us anything!

[Baddyy] How expensive will the tickets be and when are they going on sale?
[RiotShantzilla] We're currently locking down both the pricing of the tickets and what website they'll be available through. We wanted to ensure a better ticket experience than Worlds last year, so we're taking a little extra time to level that up for All-Stars. As soon as they're locked down, we'll give 24 hours advance notice so everyone can get their shot. :)
[Faint666] How is the format for the All-Star Challenge going to work?
[RiotMagus] Fans will elect two pro players from each pro league to send to the All-Star Challenge, for a total of 10 pros participating in the event. They will be split into two teams with both teams having a pro from each league. Those teams compete each day in a unique game mode that should be fun to watch. What gets me excited about the Challenge is that we're cranking up the level that fans will get to participate. In the weeks leading up to All-Stars, fans'll get to influence the various game modes that the two Challenge teams will participate in.
[Akyltour] I love you for making this in France! Is there any chance to see some French Casters? It would be very fun to have a game commented in English by Chips & Noi :D
[RiotMagus] We're happy to be in France! French fans have demonstrated that they're incredibly passionate and that comes through on stream. There will be French Casters at the event casting to the live audience (and to viewers who are watching the French stream). That's not a bad suggestion about getting some of the more famous French personalities on the English stream - we'll look into that idea :)
[nightshadow1] I feel as though having the all star event in this format is taking most of the fun away from the viewers. The reason all stars was so enjoyable last year was due to the fan involvement and the players being more open to the community in order to get votes, what are you doing to make this event as enjoyable as it was last year for the viewers this year.
[RiotMagus] Hey Nightshadow. I totally agree that the reason All-Stars was enjoyable last year was due to the fan involvement. Our goal with Challenge was to push the envelope with fan involvement to go beyond selecting who will be at the event but actually having a say in how the Challenge plays out. You guys will be able to influence things from which champs will be played to who will face off against each other.
[AbcPower321] Why do you take a place with only 6k seats and not a bigger area?
[RiotHitstreak] We wanted to have a more intimate event where esports fans can be closer to the action. Le Zenith is a great venue for this.
[specialk3] Will you be requiring Sjokz to cosplay as French Maid Nidalee this year?
[RiotShantzilla] Actually, Deman is the one contractually obligated to fulfill that particular task. Get ready for some disturbingly aesthetic high-heels, folks!
[LZee] Will there be an analyst desk again? To be specific; one with pro players and other non-riot analysts?
[RiotMagus] There will be an analyst desk again at the event. We're finalizing who'll be on the desk but the aim will be to make it entertaining and informative.
[chickenpot] Why is the format different from last season's All Stars? I really liked voting for an All-Star team and having players represent our region. Thanks a lot!

[RiotShantzilla] A wide-spread request we've heard is "we want more international competition." This is a tricky thing, because global events are not only logistically difficult, but it's really demanding on the teams that participate. All-Stars gave us the opportunity to explore expanding international competition between the pro leagues in a way that stays true to what All-Stars is about - celebrating the best in League of Legends (fans, pro players and teams). These are teams that have played together, speak the same language, and can really show off their best play each and every day.

That being said, we wanted to expand how players can influence the All-Star experience. That's where the Challenge comes in, which is a bit more lighthearted and takes advantage of the voting structure we built to let players influence the competition. Want to see one of the best mid's in the world play Heimer on the world stage? Want to see your dream international 1v1 happen? This is the sort of thing you'll probably never be able to see normally (and maybe never see again), and that's pretty awesome.

[SinisterBladeEU] Will the winning team earn an extra spot for worlds like last year?
[RiotMagus] Short answer - no, there will not be an extra Worlds spot granted to the region who wins. Long answer - we've stated earlier this year that we're going to tweak the Worlds' format. One change is that we're going to set the number of invites per region rather than have one spot be open for grabs. This allows us to set the number of invites and ensure that it's a balanced number that makes sense.
[TheRileyss] Why Paris?
[RiotShantzilla] Pâtisseries, 100%. Magus and I are going to eat our body weight in under 24 hours. But seriously, French fans are awesome! They really showed their incredible passion and energy during our trip to Lille last year, and we wanted to keep our drive to host live events outside of the LA area. With Worlds in Korea this year, we thought Europe made sense to get a little love.
[pedru_rc] Who will be the official Casters for the event?
[RiotMagus] We haven't finalized the caster list yet, but you'll have a selection of casters from various languages similar to other major international events we've done in the past.
[lolcollegeofcasting] Who grows a better beard Nick Allen or Dustin Beck?
[RiotMagus] Redbeard because the beard has taken on a persona of its own. Nick Allen's beard, however, smells of rich mahogany and many leather-bound books... ....no, no really it does. He got some epic beard oil as a present from Riot Ravenbeauty.

[RiotHitstreak] Any discussions about beards that don't include Rivington are invalid.
[RiotMagus] I think Lemonnation takes the crown at this point.

[Tamazarashi] All-star donger dash pls make this happen
[RiotMagus] I have no idea what a donger dash is but my body is ready.
[imaginethat] Can the top team from each region also have players on the all-star team? Would this affect practice if so?
[RiotNickAllen] We'll be limiting the top team participation to strictly the All-Star Invitational. Like you hit on above, we want to keep that tournament as competitive as possible by having invited teams focus completely on practicing for their Invitational matches.
[Medmed27] Hi!! i wanted to know what will be the schedule of the all-star event, mainly beginning hours, if it's mainly in the afternoon or the evening? :)
[RiotNickAllen] Thursday is set to start at 3pm, and Fri/Sat/Sun at 1pm. We want to try to hit a good start time for each region, but unfortunately due to global time zones, its hard to hit a good time for everyone.
[Tamazarashi] All-star donger dash pls make this happen Edit: For those who dont know
[RiotShantzilla] Explain yourself this instant. O.O
[xDigster] In the All-star Challenge you say that some aspect of the modes may be altered by the community. Can you give an example of some things that might be subject to alteration?
[RiotShantzilla] After the Player Vote is completed, we're going to be revealing each game mode (and opening the vote) every Sunday leading up to the event. Personally, I loved the 1v1s last year, so it'd be cool to see that with a fan-voted twist.
[dresdenologist] As a followup question, which game modes are eligible to be on the table here? Figuring it's the usual, current stuff unless you're talking about "game mode" in a different method than what I'm thinking (SR, ARAM, TT, Dominion). Personally, even though it would probably not happen, I think One for All would be amazing.
[RiotMagus] You'll find out leading up to All-Star ;)
[quelstaman] What language will the casting at the venue be? me and my friends really want to come up from holland to visit but would hate it if we could only listen to the french cast.
[RiotMagus] The current plan is to have the venue be French but we're exploring how we can accommodate fans who attend live but don't understand the language.
[danocox] what's the reward besides money? no extra spot this time ?

[RiotMagus] Correct, no extra spot this time.

Winning is its own reward :)

[stennisl] How will lanes be worked out for the All-Star Challenge? If 4 adc's get voted in for allstars, are they going to choose amongst themselves who plays what? I feel that supports will be left out of the overall all-star picture because they lack the "big plays" even though they are playmakers in their own way. I love Nick Allen's beard.
[RiotMagus] I also love Nick Allen's beard, and can't take him seriously when he shaves it off. Don't tell that to Madlife and all the other supports making gigantic plays this year. If you don't want to leave out supports, vote for them!
[RiotShantzilla] The players in the Challenge will be able to determine their own positions for each day's event. We didn't want to limit player's votes based on positions for the Challenge, and given how multi-talented the world's top players are, I don't see it being a downside. Personally I'm pumped to see bot lanes with pros playing characters we've never seen them on before! Given that the Invitational will be showcasing the meta at it's top tier, the Challenge is an opportunity for something totally unique! And I, too, cherish Nick Allen's alabaster-etched jaw line hair forest.

[Kinowa17] Being a Turkish player myself, why isin't there an allstar team for the Wild Cards?
[RiotNickAllen] Great question! While we love the International Wildcard regions (you'll be seeing a spot for them again at Worlds), we wanted this year's All-Stars to celebrate the pro leagues from around the world and the players that play in them.
[Dexmicksinc] Excuse me if this sounds stupid but the hours you just gave are in CET right?
[RiotNickAllen] That is correct!
[Johnstantinople] As a person who is keen to get into Esports as a career, what is the process you guys go through leading into a big event like the All-Star Event? Also I'll hopefully be in attendance, will there be any opportunities to meet any of the Esports team?
[RiotShantzilla] The process is a pretty complex machine of different teams all working in tandem to try and make as much awesome as possible. Yes, the esports team will definitely be there. If you see me (I'll be walking around with a RiotShantzilla shirt on), flag me down and I'll answer your career questions. :)
[Zrad522] Why is SkippySquared so freakin hawt?
[RiotShantzilla] He's not.
[xLimeLight] If you aren't taking the Allstars from each region to form an Allstar team, why call it Allstars? Montecristo asked the same.
[RiotMagus] All-Stars is an event that brings together the best players and teams from the pro leagues around the world. I think the event's name more than stands - even if it's not the format from traditional sports.
[r_xy] That doesnt answer the question: What happens if there are more then 2 of a position voted?
[RiotMagus] They'll decide who plays what & where... Shantzilla goes into it more in-depth.
[vivos_animos] does it mean that a team could have 5 ad carries?
[RiotMagus] Would that be team "Pentalift" at that point?
[RatodaSelva] Joe Miller and Deman are a "must". Doa and Montecristo despite beeing an illusion it would be awesome ^
[RiotMagus] I can't imagine a world where Joe and Deman wouldn't be there.
[mikehah] Whalen, your Kaepernick runs like a gazelle and gave our Seahawks a hell of a fight during the NFC championship game. Has nothing to do with esports or LoL but GL to your team next year!
[RiotMagus] Thanks Mike. I managed to go see that game in person and it was heart-breaking, but I'm convinced that the 49er-Seahawk rivalry is one of the best in the NFL at this point. Looking forward to another awesome season!
[v1ncy] This question is to /u/RiotMagus. I would like to know, what is the criteria to select the place and choose the casters for the event? How many viewers do you expect for this year? Thanks! Edit: Spelling

[RiotMagus] The criteria to select the place was a combination of...
* How long ago did the region host a major international event? In this case, it's been awhile for Europe.
* Are the fans awesome? Check and check for Paris - demonstrated through Lille, Tales of the Lane, etc.
* Is the city accessible and iconic? Paris is pretty easy to get to via plane, train or automobile and has iconic imagery to add to the event.
* Does the city have venues that meet our live & technical requirements? We operate a very complex broadcast that requires stuff like dark fiber, etc. plus we want to ensure that there's a solid venue that can host live attendees comfortably.

For casters, it's mostly about their international experience, ability to work with our team, ability to appeal to a broad audience and our gauge on their abilities.

Regarding viewership expectations, I hope a lot of people tune in the watch but in general I don't go into an event with specific expectations in mind.

[MrPublic] Would you ever consider the fans voting for people to do the analyst desk?
[RiotMagus] Part of creating a good analyst desk is making sure there's chemistry and balance between the different folks on the desk. For example, if you only have controversial guys on the desk the conversation probably won't flow well. However, if you don't have anyone with an opinion, the content might not be interesting. It's something I don't want to rule out, but there are a lot of things that go into picking someone to the desk beyond popularity :)
[PROxRelic] Will the SKT T1 skins be released during the All-Star Weekend?
[RiotShantzilla] Well, this wasn't the top comment when the AMA was actually going on, but I circled back with the skins team to see how progress was going. They can't commit to a hard-release date, but progress is going well and they'll come out sooner rather than later. :)

Champion And Skin Sale: 03.11 - 03.14

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Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins:


Vandal Gragas

975 487 RP


Panda Annie

975 487 RP


Boom Boom Blitzcrank

520 260 RP

Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster:


975 487 RP



880 440 RP



790 395 RP

Late Night Fun Bonus: IronStylus' Debt

IMPORTANT: Proceed reading with zero expectations for useful game information!!!

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[Zileas] Hahah, the ignorant fool!!!!! He just activated... My Trap Card.

We were at the coffee store, and he forgot his wallet. Asked if someone could loan him money. So... I loaned him $20. He handed me $10 in change. That means he owes me $10.

But the important part is not $10 or $20 or $1,000,000... it's that IRON STYLUS IS IN MY DEBT.

I will use this leverage to enact positive change in LoL. A world where Diana is favored over Leona. A world where armored bears are banned forever. And so forth.

My first thought is that you are trying way too hard.
My second is that you need to use him and his friendship with Xelnath in order to prevent Xelnath collecting any more demonstones and adding more armored bears.
[Zileas] I already tossed one of the demonstones into the core of the sun, and tossed another at the bottom of the ocean. What could possibly go wrong? We totally got this, bro.
You guys are doing it wrong.
This thread is now about dogs.
[Zileas] I'm wearing this shirt today:

It's awesome.

[IronStylus] It was a glorious day at the coffee shop. I had just discovered the last remaining bottle of pineapple-strawberry-orange juice smoothy they had and was ecstatic. I rejoiced, the sun shone bright, today was a good day.

But then.. I reached into my pocket and found nothing but lint and my punch card from "Lady Armor Emporium". My mood sank, a single tear began to well up in my eye.

THEN. The sky darkened, the sun's radiance dipped to a murky orange haze, and out of the sickly shadows came the Dark Lord Zileas. With a deal.

"Take this.. my feathered friend.. I will buy you your juice so that your plumage may remain lush. No strings attached, I promise. All I ask is that you repay me within 5 days hence."

I eyed him suspiciously. Looked at the dewy bottle placed on the counter, the barista enthralled with the sight before him, captivated with fear. The Dark Lord may very well take him to the shadows if I could not defuse the situation. Concerned for the young man's very heart I took the money, it's inscriptions, different than any currency I had ever seen, glowed with unholy runes. I questioned it's validity, but handed it over to the clerk nonetheless. To my surprise, it was accepted.

Then all madness broke loose! Zileas laughed a cackle not of this earth. Immediately chains of fiery metal wrapped my ankles and wrists, weighting me down, sapping my strength.

"Enjoy your drink, Parrot Face! You will need it to quench your thirst as these anti-fun chains will hinder your movement in your quest to reach the cash machine across the plaza! Good luck getting me that $10 back by Friday! Muahahahaha!"

He then vanished. The light slowly seeped back in, showing the chains having cooled around my limbs. I trudged forward, but it is indeed true. These chains, these unearthly bonds make me slow. I write this from the courtyard, having stopped to rest at one of the benches.

Day one of my trek to the ATM is nearly over, I must find shelter from the dark encroaching. though pleasant, Southern California night, before I set out at dawn to walk the few feet I can manage, slowed to a snail's pace.

Wish me luck!


  • #4 alex1264

    the funny thing being he can get on the internet but cant get to the atm or just use online banking

  • #3 Vgplo

    "We just finished nerfing the hell out of Kha, so he's going to go on sale. Have fun having no fun once you buy him and realize how good he use to be." - Riot. 

  • #2 ordosan

    So...armored fish hinted at >.> Armored flame atronach? Deamon stones guys. dont you realized what zileas just did by carelessly throwing them away improperly.

  • #1 VERDAXY

    Late Night Fun Bonus: IronStylus' Debt

    Made my night

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