[EUNE/EUW] Free Dreadknight Garen Skin For Following A Twitter Acc, Rengar's Rework, Sale, Fun Bonus: Baron Champion Spotlight

[EUNE/EUW] Dreadknight Garen Skin For Following A Twitter Acc

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As part of our ongoing effort to more efficiently deliver localized League of Legends news to the European community, we are rewarding our Twitter followers with the Dreadknight Garen skin.

To redeem your skin, just log into Twitter, then use this application to Follow the @LoLEU account.

(The codes for following @LoLEU will only work for EUNE/EUW servers.)

Additionally, we’ll continue to gather feedback on how to best use Twitter to suit your needs. If you have content suggestions, let us know!

Edit: Spread the word

Edit 2: 
There was some community concern with woobox permissions: This app will not post or follow on your behalf (after the initial @loleu follow). 
The app just needs those permissions to function.

Edit 3! WOO!:
Yes. You get Garen, too.

Edit 4:
There are some technical complications with the Woobox. Currently troubleshooting the promotion. We'll let you know when it's live again. Thank you for your patience!

Edit 5:
Promotion back online. Grab your Garens. Spin to win

Edit 6:
If you purchased Garen or the Dreadknight skin in the past 2 weeks, you are eligible for a refund. Submit your request.

Edit 7:
19:27 GMT+0
We took the promotion down to pump more juice in the system.
It's back up. 
Grab your Garens and spin to win.

Update on Rengar's Rework

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Some updates:

-We're trying a version of Rengar with his max ferocity stacks back to 5, and they no longer decay out of combat.
-By adding the required build up to his Ferocity-empowered moves, we could add a little power back to his Ferocity Q and gave it some solid steroids (bonus attack speed and AD for a duration) so his sustained damage is stronger.
-Scruffy has done some work to ensure you'll be seeing Rengar on PBE quite soon. Tonight we hunt?
All of his Empowered abilities should be EQUAL power. Or better yet they should all have unique strengths based on the situation. Their power should fluctuate as the fight develops. This is why his Empowered mechanic is so fun, it forces you to actually work out in the spur of the moment which ability is the best for that specific time. They should all have an equal power budget however, and telling me you can now afford to buff one of them and not the others means you're not considering them as equal entities.
The goal is that for all Empowered abilities, there are unique situations where it is clearly the optimal choice over the other two. We added power to the Empowered Q because it was underwhelming in comparison to the other Ferocity options and failing this goal; we are not buffing it because we want to make it excessively strong.

Champion and Skin Sale: 03.14 - 03.17

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Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins:


Shamrock Malphite

520 260 RP


Leprechaun Veigar

520 260 RP


Emerald Taric

520 260 RP

Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster:

975 487 RP



880 440 RP



790 395 RP

Late Night Fun Bonus: Baron Champion Spotlight

What you see below is fan-made, meaning it's TOTALLY unofficial, more unofficial than an April Fools report by The Onion! But it's tons of fun!



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