Night Hunter Rengar Pulled From The PBE, Riot "Will Keep Balancing Skarner", Kassadin Rework Concerns, Champion And Skin Sale

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 3/25/2014 - Pantheon's Ult Range Buffed

Night Hunter Rengar Pulled From The PBE

...for additional prettyfying!

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Hey folks,

We’ve gotten some really great feedback about the Night Hunter Rengar skin! One of the things that seems to keep coming up is the suggestion that either his hood comes down during his ultimate, or else maybe a toggle ala Neon Strike Vi’s sunglasses to control the hood being up or down.

We hear you guys, and we think doing something with his hood is a really cool idea, too! So we are going to explore what we can do with it and what works best for the skin.

Since we have a new (technically complex) idea to explore and work on, we are unfortunately going to pull Night Hunter Rengar from the PBE until we have another version suitable for testing. We’re sorry about that, but we want to make sure he’s as awesome as possible!

What does that mean for you guys? For those of you who purchased the skin on the PBE, we will remove him from your accounts and give you a refund soon. Otherwise, if somebody tries to load into a game with him, it can crash, and that’s no bueno.

As soon as he’s ready for a new round of testing, Night Hunter Rengar will definitely reappear on the PBE! You’ll be able to repurchase him then and check out his new and improved state. Thanks for being understanding about this, and we hope you will like what we wind up doing with him!


Since you guys will have to wait a little longer for this bad boy, here’s a poem:

Knife kitty,

night kitty,

put you on a slab.

Stealthy kitty,

hunter kitty,

stab stab stab.

Riot "Will Keep Balancing Skarner"

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Wait, is Morello trying to say that perhaps Riot made a mistake or two on the Skarner rework and that they are using it as a learning experience so as not to make those same mistakes again? Hmmmm, perhaps progress is being made in this thread :-)If so I say well played Morello.
To speak to what we have learned from the work so far on Skarner, we targeted making changes that would positively affect the gameplay and interactions on the character but didn't go far enough on improving him in ways that make him an exciting and unique character. We tried to keep the scope of the changes smaller to preserve as much of Skarner's current gameplay as we could but we think that in the end he will need some more upgrades to be a character that we can all be excited about. 

In the present and immediate future, we will keep balancing Skarner and make sure he's a viable pick. You should definitely expect to be able to play Skarner and be successful. In the long term Skarner could go for some changes that bring some more excitement and uniqueness to his kit.

Kassadin Rework Concerns

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As you mentioned I can't really comment on the design ideas that wen't into the rework since I genuinely have no idea. I do know some of those guys though. I will mention this thread to them the next time I see them. I know JXE has been kicking our butts with Kass internally. I will ask him to look into this too.
Thanks man. It'd be really good if you could quiz JXE on how the hell they manage to do it. My forays with my main have left me with a weaker lane phase than before, a lower power potential, and complete inability to trade at all.

I have little to no contribution in a teamfight, no incentive to commit to fights, and obscene mana costs which deter using what little fun there is left in this kit.
I've basically been using kass as an extremely mobile champ, jump in deal damage, jump out and wait for cooldowns to come back up. For instance we had a fight around dragon, I came in from midlane, jumped in, threw all my damage onto their adc, then flashed over the wall to safety while waiting for my cooldowns. My team dealt some more damage and once I could I went back in and finished their team off. You have to kite a lot and use walls to your advantage, rift-walk has a higher range now so it's easier to make it over walls.

You're not really the super sticky burst damage assassin anymore and you have to stay mobile with him. This new kassadinfits my playstyle really well, because I'm good at that, but I can see how it might be frustrating to someone who was used to the bursty assassin he used to be. I'll see if I can find out who the designer on the rework was and see if he can jump in on this thread and give some context to the changes.
Well since JXE is here what is your build? What do you max? I have no clue what he is supposed to be doing now and would like some insight
I've been experimenting with different things, but lately I've been doing Tear > RoA > Deathcap/Zhonyas /Seraphs depending on what I need > Lich/Void depending on how much MR they have and Magic boots somewhere in between. Usually you can use your Flash/zhonyas/Seraphs to live long enough to rift walk out of fights again. You can play a lot of mind games with kass, I think that's why I like the short cooldown on rift-walk so much.

Champion And Skin Sale: 03.25 - 03.28

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  • #18 nkay08

    I don't know, but from what I have seen from Kassadin he isn't much weaker.

    He lost the silence and 20 dmg at rank 5 from Q, but 60 dmg rank 5 from E, and his Ult now scales with Mana with reduced cooldown. His W however got a decent damage buff that contributes to his burst.

    His Silence was a preemptive protection, his shield offers real protection (though it doesnt block that much dmg). Since you're already almost sitting on top of them when you ult, his W more than makes up for the damage loss of his other skills.

    I haven't played as or against Kassadin yet, but my friend could pick him a few times and he always won the lane (and the game). So just from my personal view he hasn't got nerfed the least.


  • #14 dnagemo

    Damn didn't get to test out the skin in time too many instalockers gg

  • #15 MarcoFoxRoberto

  • #11 Arendele

    I think it should be called Night Stalker Rengar or something like that, because he already has a hunter skin. maybe even Renegade Rengar

    Last edited by Arendele: 3/25/2014 3:38:22 AM
  • #10 justJoekingg

    Glad I get the 1 IP back for the skin

  • #8 xdxAngeloxbx

    that poem :D :D :D

    Knife kitty,

    night kitty,

    put you on a slab.

    Stealthy kitty,

    hunter kitty,

    stab stab stab.

  • #20 Tsenjic

    Everyone loves Shelly <3

  • #7 Altide

    The hood just dont make Rengar very beastly, but more humanlike. I don't think many appreciate that.


    But hey, if Rito says there should be a hood, there will be a hood.

  • #12 OuterRaven
    Quote from Altide »

    The hood just dont make Rengar very beastly, but more humanlike. I don't think many appreciate that.


    But hey, if Rito says there should be a hood, there will be a hood.

    If people don't appreciate it, then they won't buy it. Skins are meant to fulfill a certain fantasy for the champion, it would be impossible to make a skin that everyone likes.

  • #13 Hishek

    yep but rengar has only one skin, people hopes that if the currently one dont fit his style  the next one does, furthermore feedback is always ok

  • #21 Tsenjic

    i like the skin, it just looks weird when he puts the hood on, other wise it looks great.

  • #22 OuterRaven
    Quote from Tsenjic »

    i like the skin, it just looks weird when he puts the hood on, other wise it looks great.

    Hopefully there will be a toggle to put the hood on or off like Vi's glasses in her Neon Strike skin.

  • #6 Hishek

    It a long run between be 99% banned and be dead if it is not overpawered as before

  • #5 NightOfWallachia

    Kassadin is pretty much dead without his silence now. 

  • #17 Machacasaurio

    even worse,hes poppy-like, hes equal or better late game than pre-rework,but good luck with the 4 vs 5 first 20 mins.

  • #19 klocugh12

    Some people can adjust to introduction of counterplay, some cannot.Which one would that be?

  • #23 Machacasaurio

    kass needed to be weaker,but the king of mid game roaming space-ninja fits more kassadin style with built in flash, actually hes now more like the vayne of the assasins.

     kass mid game should be the strongest point,the problem was allways the epic late game scaling, i believed that was the point needing work.

    Last edited by Machacasaurio: 3/25/2014 4:10:26 PM
  • #24 klocugh12

    The problem was always targetted silence that annihilated counterplay possibilities. Wanna fight back? Trololol, can't cast anything.

    That's exactly why it was removed, and this needed to happen. Point of contention is whether changes adequately compensate for it.

  • #4 XiXiS

    That poem tho...Well, we can wait I guess. Better take some time but make skin better.

  • #3 Hishek

    Rengar (with kha) are my favourite champs, thematically at least i was waiting for a new skin for him to buy it fisrt day, very dissapointed with this one. waiting for another it seems


    People complaining with a non permabanned and more healthier kassadin???, main kassadin????, non ranked player??, i ve seen kassadin before his rework, it was broken, i know that and you know that, i realize its dissapointing to no be overpowered and give  chances to trade to the enemy now that has no silence.....

    Anyway good rymhes  btw

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