Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 4/12/2014 - SKT T1 Skins Splash And Load Screens, Atlantean Syndra And New Twitch Splashes

SKT T1 Skins Splash And Load Screens

The Splash is one for them all:

Lee Sin Vayne Zed
Zyra Jax

Atlantean Syndra Splash and Load Screen

New Twitch Splash, Load Screen and Portrait



  • #37 Milkman125

    If, "you kids" don't like it, don't buy it. 

  • #30 Arendele

    whats with the guy on the screen in the top left corner of the skt t1 artwork

  • #29 FataIWound

    The SK1 skins look uninspired and pointless. Knowing that faker doesn't even use skins only adds to this. Ofcourse fanboys will be buyin this stuff en masse nonetheless and Riot will happily be looking at their bank account.

    Last edited by FataIWound: 4/13/2014 12:13:18 PM
  • #31 daft_inquisitor

    Uninspired and pointless? Do you... do you even realize the reason they were made to begin with? God, you're an idiot...

  • #33 FataIWound

    It's easy to  resort directly to name-calling if you disagree with someone, isn't it? Kid.

    But yes, I know that 'the reason' for them is that SKT1 won a tournament. Though that has nothing to do with the pionts I made in my comment. 

    Last edited by FataIWound: 4/14/2014 11:44:52 AM
  • #34 Drknesderive

    L0l kid is name calling by the way, this is a complete fan service by Riot. 

  • #35 daft_inquisitor

    There's only so much you have to work with when all you have is a team logo and colors to go off of. Of course it's simple, it's a fan-wank skin. They don't have some deep fantasy they can go into like with a lot of skins. It's very limited to what they can do with it and STILL make it a "Team Skin", which is the entire point. They've done what they could with the material they had, and I think the skins show that off perfectly well.

  • #36 user_510168

    "The SK1 skins look uninspired and pointless. Knowing that faker doesn't even use skins only adds to this"
    still looking for the points you made

  • #28 Infiniteey

    That SKT splash is a bit meh!

    Their logo and the trophy is not prominent enough. If you look at the TPA one, their logo and mascot is plastered all over each champion with Nunu riding their mascot and Mundo holding the trophy right at the front.

    SKT you can barely see their logo and Jax is holding the trophy in the shadows. You can hardly tell that these are skins made for SKT.

  • #27 stsch67

    twitch kind of looks like the retarded hyena in disney's lion king :D

  • #24 Xitli

    The SKT skins are neat and all, but honestly I think they shouldn't do team skins for next Worlds. I'd much rather have 5 unique, themed skins than 5 LoL characters wearing clothes with logos. It's a lot of dev resources used for something only mildly interesting.

  • #32 daft_inquisitor

    It's a recognition reward for the team that won Worlds. It's not as much for the general players, it's more for the winning team. And I'm OK with that.

  • #22 Neohazar

    I wonder how Fnatic feels about not getting skins for their S1 win.

  • #19 dnagemo

    Damn the splash arts look amazing , but the skins ...

  • #18 XiXiS

    Like always, impressive splash arts. Twitch actually looks more scary than crazy.

  • #14 matrixlock

    i wish they would update all of the splash arts for twitch seeing that he's getting the vu.. i doubt it will happen though seeing that they didn't update any of heimerdinger's other than the classic. seems like they aren't finishing the job by not doing so

  • #17 XiXiS

    I want that too :( Others look so outdated now comparing to original one...

  • #13 smagann

    Dang dude Twitch looks insane, lol. I like it! :D

  • #12 Refdow

    I hope syndra's model doesn't look pregnant anymore

  • #26 Energetic_Fuzion


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