Karthus VU Sneak Peek [PAX East LoL Relaunch Panel], Nasus and Renekton Origin Details On The Way

Important: Exterminator Twitch Final Look [PAX East Live Art Demo, Day 2]

Karthus VU Sneak Peek [PAX East LoL Relaunch Panel]

A sneak peek at Karthus' VU was shown at LoL's Champion Relaunch Panel at PAX East. The VU was put at the end of the presentation although the Rioters noted it's still a work in progress.
ThisIsMyRedditNameOK got a fairly good shot of the screen:


The rest of the presentation depicted the relaunches Riot has done so far, giving the highlight to the most recent one - Twitch's.
The team that conducted the panel consisted of Riot Entropy (Writer), C3Sound (Sound design), Grumpy Monkey (3D Art), Reach4TheSkylar (Animation), HUGEnFAST (Illustration), and Morello (Game Design).

Nasus and Renekton Origin Details On The Way

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

@tomabernathy Silly question but does an "outerspace" exist in the LoL universe, aside from the 'Void'? Are there nearby planets?
@Lady_Cardboard Nothing is etched in stone, but we've discussed such things &, I think it's safe to say, reached consensus on those basics.
What if there were multiple moons that revolved around Runeterra and the Solari were the minority at one point? Lol
:-) Not impossible. I'm a big sci-fi guy too, & I do love me some Mt Targon, esp the Leona/Diana dynamic. We're open-minded.
mhm! Why shut out intresting possibilities if they don't create more problems? :D
That's the point: +
@Lady_Cardboard @tomabernathy Isn't that Renekton and Nasus?
Less so Renekton, more Nasus.
@Zerglinator Nothing is etched in stone.
But seriously that's how they are currently. I have no concrete evidence to the contrary right now.
I can theorize how their origin stories might changed, but nothing is etched in stone, so I don't know.
I know. That's going to change. Pretty soon. Keep an eye out.


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