[UPDATED] Warwick's Rework: Full Kit Preview

UPDATE Warwick's Rework Teaser: Full Kit Preview

Read the disclaimers PLEASE

Well, here's more information.
(DISCLAIMER as always, this kit will almost definitely change before we ship. It's not been in actual production yet--that is to say we've not tested it with custom animations, models, particle effects, sounds and so on. We've been testing a prototype kit with art stolen from the rest of the game. So a lot may change. But this is what we have right now.)
(ALSO SUPER EXTRA DISCLAIMER: We are not in production yet. It'll be many, many months before we will be. I HOPE we'll be able to release this rework in 2014, but no guarantees.)
PASSIVE: Eternal Thirst. AAs deal 2% of their target's max HP as magic damage and heal Warwick for 5 flat + (0.9-1.8% bonus hp) (scales with champ level) Every time this passive is procced, WW gains a stack of Eternal Thirst (max 10). Each stack of ET increases the self-heal effect by 11%. Stacks fall off after 1.8s (just enough time to keep the buff alive at lowest AS + a fleeing enemy) (if you're faster than them), they fall off one at a time at 4 stacks/second (sort of hyper-quick Jinx Q style).
Thoughts: This is where we lock the drain tanking away behind meaningful gating. You gotta be battling dudes to get full access to your drain tanking potential, and unless you open with your ult it'll take a while to build. The numbers sound really low, but between AAs and your much more spammable Q you'll get some meaningful heal out of this, especially in super tanky builds where heal is worth more (MR/Ar are multiplicative with healing, obviously.)
Q: Hungering Strikes. Double-attack a nearby enemy target. Deals a total of 80-200 + 0.6 AP magic damage, but does proc on-hits (and your passive) twice. Note: it's super weird that we have a skill that procs your AAs but ignores your AD. I know. This is a tradeoff the kit needed. Additionally, passive healing from this spell is further increased by 60-100% (so at 10 stacks you'd get 220% base heal from each proc for a total of 440% of the stated value; at level 18 that would be 5 + 1.8% bonus hp--a good value to hit here is about 35 by end game. This works out to about 180 hp healed, before spirit visage.) This Q is also super spammable (CD 9-5, mana cost 40-60 on a kit with better base mana and better mana regen) (these numbers will definitely change as we move into tuning later in the year)
Thoughts: Your bread and butter "click a unit and heal some" ability. Separating the offensive (AP) and defensive (max health/armor/mr) builds leads to a much more balanceable skill. If you want the damages, you'll be frail. If you want to be immortal dog, you'll take forever to kill a target.
W: Howl (all names placeholder, obviously). PBAOE terrify away from the center of the effect (NOT from WW; subtle distinction, but important for the E). 0.75s duration on the terrify and then a follow up slow, the duration of which scales with skill rank. This is how you gank pre-6 and why the enemy cannot ignore you in team fights. CD 12-8, mana cost 50 flat. Damage 70-190 + 0.6 AP.
Thoughts: 90% of the time you'll combo this with E. That's cool. There are cool uses of this as a standalone, and it helps your jungle clear.
E: Blood Scent / Hamstring. Passively this is still Blood Scent, with some tweaks (more range early on, shows an Orianna ball indicator under your feet toward the nearest revealed target, only gives MS when you move toward a revealed champ, also reveals big monsters at <50% hp (for the counter janglings), MS doesn't all kick in at once but becomes stronger as revealed target gets lower.) Active: Hamstring. This is the "boomerang move". You're standing at point A, click B, Warwick dashes A->B->A with no pause in between. He hurts all targets touched en route and puts a strong micro-slow on them (falls off almost immediately). You CAN use W and smite during this ability, but not Q (optimal use case became too micro intensive). The micro-slow BARELY allows you to catch a fleeing enemy, but if you E and they dodge, you'll lose distance. Mana cost 50 flat, CD 16 flat, damage 140-220 + 0.6 AP total. Does not proc passive, but keeps stacks alive. Slow 95% for 0.25s.
Thoughts: I hope this will be the cool skill that people really enjoy using. It sounds so dry on paper, but man it's fun in game. The E->W combo when pulled off right drives the enemy right into your arms. Dispersing an enemy team with a well timed E->W only to then get a clear shot onto their ADC for your R feels glorious. Use it to jump in front of a Jinx rocket, out of a Lucian ult for just long enough to live, out of tower range to swap aggro during a dive, or simply go over dragon wall, smite-steal dragon, and come back to safety for free.
R: Finite Duress (clearly a joke name ;P). Think Sejuani Q, but stun first enemy target hit for 2.5s while attacking them 6 times. Spell has its own base damage and AP ratio (180/240/300 + 0.9 AP), but also procs your passive 6 times, so it also does 18% of target max hp as magical damage.
Thoughts: I really dislike that this can now be used as an escape, but I'll just tune CDs such that it really hurts when you do that (think Malphite ult). Otherwise this is a straightforward improvement on live WW ult. The enemy gets counterplay (stand in the way), it is much clearer what happens, and when WW does hit, he hits hard. Even a tank will get seriously hurt. Plus 2.5s stun! (Oh yes, suppression is BS. That's a topic for a different thread tho ;P) I'll potentially do a thing where the CD is halved when you actually hit this to really reward in-combat usage. WW also gets a 20% damage reduction shield while he is in this ult. Plus did I mention that if you Q right after this, you get to start a fight at 8 stacks of your passive? Yeah. That's pretty sweet.

Warwick's Rework Teaser: Boomerang Move Block [ E ]

ZenonTheStoic made quite an appearance on the latest Chasing the Cup episode, planting a teaser about Warwick's new E starting at 11:05 of the video:

'Your E is what I call a Boomerang Move Block, so it's not an actual move. It's a move block that gets you from A to B immediately back to A. So you don't have any say in it. You just go... *whsst-whsst*... like that. But the idea is you can use another E at the end of... at the peak of that moment. You can do a lot of cool things. You can Smite at that moment, you know - the Dragon - you Smite and come back, you can dodge skillshots, you can dodge skillshots by jumping in front of an ally. I hope it has some cool uses. You know some people are like 'I don't wanna go back now, I just want to Blink, to stay here', but I cannot give that to Warwick, that would just make him too strong.'




  • #54 YellowPae

    This'll be great. Warwick is so boring to play as he his and he'd be much funner with these changes. That E especially sounds awesome. I'm excited, as a jungle main.

  • #50 byrdery


  • #45 Eggtastic

    THIS is total BS... I dont want a reworked WW, he is strong now but not OP it takes skill to use him turning off the E to surprise enemies... using Q to mini-burst tanks using R to peel... and the howl as a great team steroid. best hing they can do for the dog is buff him a bit not a total rework! JUNGLER WW FOR LIFE!

    Last edited by Eggtastic: 4/23/2014 11:35:48 AM
  • #47 R0T0N

    Yes it takes skill to walk into a lane, press r on someone and wait for either a kill or an assist then walk away. Such skill. 

    When was the last time that warwick ganked you at level 6 and you actually didn't die?


    Oh right. Never.

  • #48 R0T0N

    "Suppression is BS" Even the designer admits that warwick's ultimate is pure bull.

  • #51 jhawkjayhawk

    at this point everrything is bs in the designers eyes.. half of the shit that dota champs can do is bs and id honestly wish league had champ abilites that are on par with dota's sometimes -__-

    Last edited by jhawkjayhawk: 6/15/2014 11:33:58 AM
  • #55 klocugh12


    Zed isn't BS, you can dodge his dmg and cleanse his ult. Ahri isn't BS, you can dodge charm and she's pretty much irrelevant. LB isn't BS, you can dodge chains and W and you will probably be fine.

  • #56 Eggtastic



    Quote from R0T0N »

    Yes it takes skill to walk into a lane, press r on someone and wait for either a kill or an assist then walk away. Such skill. 

    When was the last time that warwick ganked you at level 6 and you actually didn't die?


    Oh right. Never.

    What rank are you? Have you ever thought of these little things called wards?

    His R has a range and if the laner can't set it up its pretty much useless... The higher the skill of players, the harder it is to gank, the trade off with his "OP" SS is that its pretty much useless in a clash if you don't time it correctly or target the right person because its easily shrugged off.This allows a shit load of counter play.

    That is why I think he doesn't need to be reworked plus he is a great transition champ and one of the reasons i was easily able to switch from playing DOTA to LOL, because he is an amalgamation of 2 heroes i loved (Lycan & bloodseeker).

  • #57 Yaamahri

    He's closer to Lycan + Ursa

  • #27 milkstarz

    if ww's ult is a stun, that mean cleanse now works on it. gg life

  • #30 AstroNyx

    Yes because everyone nowadays is running cleanse. GG life

  • #32 klocugh12

    It will also probably mean it's not channeled anymore.

  • #26 Saphlan

    Wait, so this Warwick E boomerang move sort of like Phoenix's(Dota2) thing where it flies around? I don't really understand what Warwick E is but it sounds like it.

  • #29 KingCromb

    it's likes leblanc's W but you can't control when you blink back like you can with leblanc from what it sounds like..  

  • #33 klocugh12

    I see it kinda like Quinn's Vault but area based.

  • #34 Fifinho

    Yeah it sounds like it, except you can't cancel it.

  • #38 Vonriel

    Yeah, it sounds very similar to Phoenix's loop. I don't think it will loop like his does, and I doubt it'll move as slowly, though. It also sounds like the range isn't going to be fixed, so you can target between where you are and its max range.

    Last edited by Vonriel: 4/16/2014 12:59:01 PM
  • #25 Rekkles

    Looks like well need it on our team, seams good!


  • #22 HonestRaven

    This new WW kit looks like SO much fun... Especially for me who loves to jack around with him and build full AP WW! I mean seriously, it worked before with ONE AP ratio... Now he has 4...

    What I'm getting:

    Q - .9 AP ratio with Nashor's Tooth, 1.4 with NT and Lichbane. Overall buff.

    W - .6 AP ratio, no more attack speed buff, CC, and lower CD. Buff.

    E - .6 AP, a damage move and buffed Blood Scent. Really? Buff!

    R - .9 AP, 1.8 with Nashor's Tooth, 2.3 with NT and LB. This wrecked with only a 1.6 artificial AP ratio... Now? Hehe...

    Yes indeed... AP WW shall be glorious if this goes live.

  • #23 Nevran

    Wait until they tune the number, it is really too strong right now XD

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