Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 4/22/2014 - Dragonslayer Pantheon, Blade Queen Lissandra, Braum, Night Hunter Rengar Splash

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 4/22/2014

Update: The post now includes videos of all new skins (and champions ;) ), poros and new Sunfire Cape VFX!

Braum Skills and Animations

Note: For a full look at his W's potential, make sure you watch the second video as well where an ally (to Braum) is in the game as well.

Fun With Poros

One more look at Braum in action (no poros in those images)


Braum VO and Sounds

In the video you can hear (not in this exact order for now) special interactions with: [click on the spoiler button to read]


  • "Eat, eat and grow strong!"
  • "Train hard little poro and one day you will be strong like.. baby."


  • "You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home!"
  • "Alistar, I have cow you should meet."


  • "Mother gave me bear as child too, Annie."


  • "After this we share a drink. You like goats milk?"


  • "What's your poison, Gragas? Mine's milk."


  • "Tryndamere! This is fun, right?"
  • "Are you having fun, my friend?"


  • "Your hair... we do not see things like this in the Freljord."


  • "Fire does the body good." (Sunfire Cape)
  • "I've always wanted an on-fire cloak." (Sunfire Cape)
  • "Ooh, now I need marshmallow." (Sunfire Cape)
  • "These shoes... they are too tight!" (Boots of Speed)
  • "No sneaking up on Braum this time." (Sightstone)
  • "Sight is the key to victory... also stone." (Sightstone)
  • "This has the smell of a faraway land. Perhaps I shall see it one day." (Ancient Coin)
  • "To friends I am snowfall, to enemies I am avalanche!" (Frozen Heart)
  • "Ha-ha! Perfect!" (Boots of Mobility)
  • "My shield will protect this shield." (Randuin's Omen)
  • "A shield for my shield? I like it!" (Randuin's Omen) 

Braum Model

Dragonslayer Braum Model

Braum's Lore

I've put it in a spoiler box, because it's too long to stay "in the open".

'Tell me a bedtime story, grandma.'
A bitter wind howls outside, whipping falling snow into devil whirls. 

What kind? A tale of the Ice Witch, perhaps?

The girl crawls into her arms. 'Too scary. Tell me a story about Braum!'

'Ah, Braum!' The old woman smiles. 'There are so many. My grandmother used to tell me of the time Braum protected our village from the great dragon! Or once - this was long ago - he raced down a river of lava! Or -' She pauses; puts a finger to her lips. 'Have I told you how Braum got his shield?'

The girl grins and hops under the covers. The hearth fire snaps, holding off the wind.

Well. In the mountains above our village lived a man named Braum -

'I know that!'

'He mostly kept to his farm, tending his sheep and goats, but he was the kindest man anyone had ever met, and he always had a smile on his face and a laugh on his lips.

'Now, one day something terrible happened: a young troll boy  around your age - was climbing the mountain and happened on a vault, set into the mountainside, the entrance guarded by a huge stone door with a shard of True Ice at its center. When he opened the door, he couldn't believe his eyes: the vault was filled with gold, jewels - every kind of treasure you could imagine!

'What he didn't know was that the vault was a trap. The Ice Witch had cursed it - and as the troll boy entered, the magical door CLANGED shut behind him and locked him inside! Try as he might, he couldn't get out.

'A passing shepherd heard his cries. Everyone rushed to help, but even the strongest warriors couldn't open the door. The boy's parents were beside themselves; his mother's wails of grief echoed around the mountain. It seemed hopeless.

'And then, to everyone's surprise, they heard a distant laugh.'

'I bet it was Braum!'

'Aren't you clever! Braum had heard their cries and came striding down the mountainside. The villagers told him of the troll boy and the curse. Braum smiled, nodded, turned to the vault, and faced the door. He pushed it. Pulled it. Punched it; kicked it; tried to rip it from its hinges. But the door wouldn't budge.'

'But he's the strongest man ever!'

'It was perplexing,' her grandmother agrees. 'For four days and nights, Braum sat on a boulder, trying to think of a solution. After all, a child's life was at stake.

'Then, as the sun rose on the fifth day, his eyes widened and a broad grin lit up his face. 'If I can't go through the door,' he said, 'then I'll just have to go through -'

The girl thinks; her own eyes widen. '- the mountain!'

'The mountain. Braum headed to the summit and began punching his way straight down, pummeling into the stone, fist after fist, rocks flying in his wake, until he had vanished deep into the mountain.

'As the villagers held their breath, the rock around the door crumbled - and when the dust cleared, they saw Braum standing amidst the treasure, the weak but happy troll boy in his arms.

'I knew he could do it!'

'But before they could celebrate, everything began to rumble and shake: Braum's tunnel had weakened the mountaintop, and now it was caving in! Thinking quickly, Braum grabbed the enchanted door and held it above him like a shield, protecting them as the mountaintop collapsed. When it was over, Braum was amazed: there wasn't a single scratch on the door! Braum knew it was something very special.

'And from that moment on, that magical shield never left Braum's side.'

The girl is sitting upright, beaming with excitement. 'Grandma, tell me another.'

'Tomorrow.' Her grandmother smiles; kisses her forehead; blows out the candle. 'For you need to sleep, and there are many more stories to tell.'

Braum's Stats and Abilities

56.2(+3.2 per level)
Health: 517(+87 per level)
Mana: 280(+45 per level)
Movement Speed: 335
Armor: 24(+4 per level)
Magic Resist: 31.25(+1.25 per level)
Health Per 5 Sec: 6.5
Mana Per 5 Sec: 5.5
Range: 125

For the official preview of the skills check here.

Concussive Blows

Braum and his allies work together to stun a target.

Braum's basic attacks apply Concussive Blows. Once the first stack is applied, ally basic attacks also stack Concussive Blows.

Upon reaching 4 stacks, the target is stunned for 1.25/1.5/1.75 second(s) and takes 70 - 240 magic damage. For the next 8 seconds, they cannot receive stacks but take 14 - 48 bonus magic damage from Braum's attacks.

Winter's Bite [Q]

Braum propels freezing ice from his shield dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.025) [2.5% of Braum's Max Health] magic damage to the first target hit and slowing them by 70%, decaying over the next 2 seconds.

Applies a stack of Concussive Blows.

50/55/60/65/70 Mana
10/9/8/7/6 Seconds

Stand Behind Me [W]

Braum leaps to a target allied champion or minion.

On arrival, Braum and the ally gain Armor and Magic Resist (20/22.5/25/27.5/30 plus 14/15.5/17/18.5/20% of Braum's bonus Armor/Magic Resist) for 3 seconds.

30/40/50/60/70 Mana
14/13/12/11/10 Seconds

Unbreakable [E]

Braum reduces incoming damage and blocks for allies behind him.
Braum raises his shield in a direction for 3/3.3/3.5/3.8/4 seconds negating the damage of the next attack from this direction. Subsequent attacks deal 30/32.5/35/37.5/40% reduced damage.

Braum intercepts projectiles, causing them to hit him and be destroyed.

Braum gains 10% Movement Speed for the duration.

30/35/40/45/50 Mana
18/16/14/12/10 Seconds

Glacial Fissure [R]

Braum slams the ground, knocking up enemies nearby and in a line in front of him. A fissure is left along the line that slows enemies.

Enemies hit take 150/250/350 (+0.6*AP) magic damage. The first champion hit is knocked up for 1.5 seconds, subsequent enemies are knocked up briefly.

For the next 4 seconds enemies that enter the area are slowed by 60% for 1.5 seconds.

100 Mana
140/120/100 Seconds

Dragonslayer Pantheon

Some of the sounds don't seem to quite work yet, but the skin is way prettier than the model viewer suggested.

You can see the Load Screen Here.

Blade Queen Lissandra Skills and Animations

NightHunter Rengar Splash

You can see the Load Screen Here.

New Sunfire Cape VFX

Champion Changes 

Miss Fortune

  • Double Up [ Q ] - LOOKS LIKE damage now scales with 0.35, but this has to be checked in-game!!!


  • Brutal Strikes [ W ] - Now costs 25 Mana at all ranks (down from 50/55/60/65/70 Mana)

Jarvan IV

  • Golden Aegis [ W ] - Now costs 30 Mana at all ranks (down from 45/50/55/60/65 Mana)


  • Drunken Rage [ W ] - Cooldown is now 6 at all ranks (down from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6)
  • Explosive Cask [ R ] - Range is now 1150 (up from 1050) - could be just a tooltip change to match the actual radius, we'll have to wait for the servers to come up

Soul Anchor Icon

All-Star Profile Icon



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