Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 4/28/2014 - Vladimir Change, Feral Flare, Madred's Razors and Wriggle's Lantern Changes

Champion Changes


  • Sanguine Pool [ W ] - Vladimir now heals himself for 15% of the damage he deals while W is active (up from 12.5%)

Item Changes

Feral Flare

  • Now grants 10 Attack Damage (down from 15)
  • Now grants 25% Attack Speed (down from 35%)
  • UNIQUE Passive - Maim: Tooltip now says: "Basic attacks deal (25 + Feral stacks) bonus magic damage (300% against minions and monsters) and heal 10 Health on hit. Kills, assists and large monster kills grant a Feral stack."
    • Changed from: "Basic attacks deal 100 bonus magic damage (33% against champions) and heal 10 Health on hit. This damage and heal increases with kills, assists and large monster kills."

Wriggle's Lantern

  • Now grants 10 Attack Damage (down from 12)
  • Now grants 25% Attack Speed (down from 30%)
  • UNIQUE Passive - Maim: Basic attacks against monsters now deal 75 bonus magic damage (down from 100)
  • Now transforms into Feral Flare at 30 Feral stacks (changed from 30 large monster kills)
  • Feral Stacks are granted by kills,assists and large monster kills
  • Clarification tooltip now says: "Champions and monsters killed with Hunter's Machete and Madred's Razors grant Feral stacks"

Madred's Razors

  • Now grants 12% Attack Speed (down from 15%)
  • UNIQUE Passive - Maim: Basic attacks against monsters deal 50 bonus magic damage (down from 60)

Whistler Village Twitch LE Load Screen

It received the appropriate Limited Edition Border:

2014 Season Rewards Notification

Deepest of thanks to Kyle Schnell for the lovely screenshots! :)

Minor Dragonslayer Pantheon Visual Changes

Dragonslayer Pantheon got small color changes - his armor is a bit darker or more like purple-ish now.

Also, his shield got little sharper details:




  • #102 rabidwolf5


  • #101 firstblader

    Okay someone please explain to me why the drop hack works on PBE?

  • #100 pzhao95

    Overnerfed feral flare it's fine where it is now...

  • #99 firstblader

    Man I hope none of this makes the zoom mod tool obselete.

  • #96 Clkflynn


    That's a huge NERF, like holy fuck....

    If they do go through with this nerf atleast revert the transformation from 30 to 25! Fuck. Good lord I hope this isn't final, because those changes are brutal! I know in it's current state it isn't balanced but man just turning it into a shit tier item= like old wriggles lantern. No scaling heal. So many nerfs to base values. Bah, why nerf the magic damage for monsters? I never found it to be that strong, or fast......

  • #92 Sliver_the_Sith

    The previous nerf was a tune, and I accept it- it made farmer junglers more viable, without being overwhelming (see also: LCS).

    This is a massive overkill nerf. They lowered the drag/baron damage, which is fine, but nerfing the madred's line is bogus, and the nerf to feral flare itself is too much. RIP wriggles.

    Laners/Junglers are just too lazy today- follow the meta, play current OP. S1, we saw the jungle rock paper scissors- ganker beats farmer beats controller beats ganker. With Jungle changes and FF, it's now the opposite- farmer beats ganker beats controller beats farmer. Ofc, all options should do all things when given the chance, but.  Nobody willing to relearn this

  • #88 Joe1512

    I really like that stacks are built off of assists/kills.  This provides more incentive to gank and less to afk farm.  That said, you don't get THAT many kills/assist when ganking... +5 extra stacks would be about as high as I'd expect, before killing enough jungle to get FF.

    I don't understand why nerf Wrigges...AGAIN.   Wriggles wasn't the problem.  They already nerfed it once for no reason.  Its the FLARE stupid riot.  Wriggles already adds a significant stats hole, relative to Spirit of Lizard early game.   Plus it is usually taken on more autoattacker champs who tend to be weaker early.    They didnt need to gimp early game even more.

    And nerfing MADRID?!? WT actual F?   Stupid riot cant balance for crap.

    FF nerf is reasonable.  no more crazy healing. That is fair.   AD/AS remaining at wriggles levels is fine too.  this provides nice scaling damage item, without being hyperscaling and becoming invincible due to lifegain.

    But hell, the wriggle/madrid nerf is just retarded.

  • #89 Shinkada

    Honestly nerfing Wriggle's and Madred's is a great change. At present, there's not really anything you can do against farm junglers because they inexplicably have more combat stats than Spirit Stone which is MEANT to have more early game influence. It's true that Flare was op but that was only half the problem, the other half is the lack of any counter-play to a farm jungler. It SHOULD be possible for a non-Flare jungler to walk into the enemy jungle and just bully the hell out of them, punish them for their build choice. The Flare jungler has to use his wards and team to help him, maybe slowing his route somewhat to make sure he doesn't get jumped (eg not taking golems if the lane next to them is losing badly). As it stands, yes Wriggle's doesn't give many combat stats, but it was still enough to make an even-leveled Yi with Wriggles come out ahead against a lot of the duelists. A lot of the farm junglers are actually very competent duelists who scale very well with attack speed.

    Basically, elder lizard can't be gotten early enough to punish farm junglers, so Riot should make sure that a Pantheon with a spirit stone and a longsword is able to beat a Yi/WW/Xin with Madred's. Frankly if it was me, my absolute first change to the Flare line would've been to remove all combat stats from Madred's to match Spirit Stone and almost do the same to Wriggle's.

    That being said nerfing Flare this much AND Madred's/Wriggles might be a bit much. I think lower combat stats on Madred's/Wriggles, no scaling heal, and 25 stacks to get Flare would probably be the sweet spot.

  • #90 UNOvven

    Wrong. There are a lot of things you can do. Invading and counterjungling. Both of which are more than enough. And no, it is easy to bully them out. Yi loses to any current powerful jungle duelist (lee mops the floor with him, elise murders him, kha horribly disfigures him and so on). And really 30% attack speed is not that much. In fact, in terms of raw power, wriggles is less effective than Sotel is. And a pantheon easily is able to beat yi. He however is by no means supposed to beat ww or xin. Both of those have the downside of already farming slowly, and both are meant to be excellent duelists. Pantheon being able to beat them is stupid.

  • #82 guymach

    i think a lot of people are missing the point of the FF nerf, sure, it does less damage, but you can get to it so much faster now solely because kills and assists are going towards the count as well before the transformation, i do see the stat nerf as a bit too much, the passive nerf is enough to hit the item combined with the fact that you need 30 camps+kills+assists.

    all in all, if the stat nerfs are are reversed or at least toned down a bit, the item will be at a great spot, because it will make ganking viable again for most FF junglers and it means that lanes wont be so crushed when a ganker is pitted against FF user.


    also, that pantheon skin is so cool, do want

  • #79 koffi74

    Basic attacks deal (25 + Feral stacks) bonus magic damage.

    Champions and monsters killed with Hunter's Machete and Madred's Razors grant Feral stacks.

    This means that you do 55 onhit magic damage when you coplete FF instead of 33.

    Overall a really good compensation for the clearspeed and heal nerf.

  • #80 UNOvven

    Nope. The stacks reset once it transforms to feral flare. You start out with 25 magic damage.

  • #81 2Flux

    No, the Feral Flare stacks are a different thing to the stacks you need to get the FF, FF stacks are set to zero when you first get it. Its a nerf as you will only do 25 on hit damage to champions as oppose to the 33&third that it was before.

  • #83 Rahvin90210

    You are both wrong, reread it. The stacks of damage are the same thing as the stacks on wriggle's now.

  • #72 GiantR

    So it looks like they went ahead trying to implement THIS system. Can't say I'm thrilled. I expect there to be a huge shitstorm.

  • #71 Weeho


    • Feral Stacks are granted by kills,assists and large monster kills

    ^ perfect



  • #62 zixic

    Feral flare is still to strong and these changes are good, champions which require so little skill should get that strong by simply kill jungle creeps. 

  • #60 Gorre

    Riot, you suck seriously. There's absolutely no reason now to build Feral Flare. Elder Lizard + Brut will be stronger early, mid, late.

  • #91 Shinkada

    Good. Flare does not add a single positive thing to this game, it's more toxic than Teemo.

  • #59 UNOvven

    Welp, there goes feral flares viability. Back to the more boring Lee sin every second game meta, huh? Seriously though, this nerf is WAY too harsh. It makes feral flare useless. And its not even that bad now. It gives farming jungler an item that can make them good, but contrary to popular belief, it doesnt push out other junglers (has noone been watching lcs? There was like 1 time a feral flare jungler was picked, and he failed), so lee/kha/vi are still as stupidly powerful as they were.

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