Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 5/23/2014 - Braum, Kassadin, Kayle, LeBlanc, Soraka Changes

Champion Changes


  • Winter's Bite [ Q ] - Now deals 60/110/160/210/260 (down from 80/125/170/215/260)
  • Stand Behind Me [ W ] - Base Armor and Magic resist granted on arrival is now 10/15/20/25/30 (down from 20/22.5/25/27.5/30)
  • Stand Behind Me [ W ] - Additional Armor/Magic resist is now 12/14/16/18/20 % of Braum's bonus Armor/Magic Resist (down from 14/15.5/17/18.5/20 %)

Dr. Mundo

  • Infected Cleaver [ Q ] - Range is now 975 (up from 900) (NOTE: This change doesn't seem to be visible in-game when comparing to Live servers, so not sure how true it is)


  • Nether Blade [ W ] - Active: Next basic attack now deals 40/65/90/115/140 damage (down from 40/75/110/145/180)
  • Nether Blade [ W ] - Active: Damage now scales by 0.6*AP (down from 0.7*AP)


  • Righteous Fury [ E ] - Now increases her Attack Range by 350 (down from 400) 


  • Distortion [ W ] - Now costs 80/85/90/95/100 Mana (Down from 80/90/100/110/120 Mana)
  • Mimic [ R ] - Mimicked Sigil of Silence and Ethereal Chains now deal 60/110/160 damage (down from 100/200/300)
  • Mimic [ R ] - Damage from Mimicked Sigil of Silence and Ethereal Chains now scales by 0.5*AP (down from 0.65*AP)
  • Mimic [ R ] - Mimicked Distortion now deals 90/165/240 damage (down from 150/300/450)
  • Mimic [ R ] - Mimicked Distortion's damage now scales by 0.75*AP (down from 0.975*AP)


  • Starcall [ Q ] - If Starcall hits at least one enemy champion, Astral Blessing's cooldown is now reduced by 10/11.3/12.5/13.8/15 % (up from 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 %)


  • #127 s0ul3a73r

    I've been playing league of legends for 2 and a half years.For this long i've played league of legends (im a pure mid player,who only plays ap carry types of champion in my role.)In this past 2 years,many ap carry champions that was once at the top of the pyramid becomes completely useless and hopeless to play anymore.The way Riot solve the "over power" champion,is making something that can counter it and nerf the burst dmg of the character.every single nerf comes out the summoners will put their effort to figure another way to "revive" the champion from death and desperation.Yet still, the effort is too strong against the nerfs,and there will be another nerf waiting for tht cham once again.You've nerf all my main champion such as Ahri,Akali,Lux,Orianna,Xerath(remake),Zyra,lulu,Kayle and more.Every nerfs,you gave player desperation,and every new cham such as Yasuo and Braum which can completely block projectiles from carrys countering them.As a pure ap mid player i have to admit that,the skills and technique we've learnt and discovered was briliant.And wht Riot doing now is...distinguished those effort we've made everytime and make and make and making again a bunch of counter cham such as zed mid,yasuo mid and more.You're not settle things down now,you're making things goes worst.Everytime we hear that someone juz get nerf.You,Riot Send US A Big Piles Of SHIT INFRONT OF OUR FACE.AND NOW!? YOU'RE DECREASING LEBLANC'S DISTORTION MANA COST FOR NO REASON TO CUT DOWN 60% OF THE BURST DMG OF MIMIC!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?.You think that we train 1 champion untill full controll oni needs a game!?.As a manner of fact,things you're doing now.Only making more and more players to give up playing ap champion OR you're juz FORCING players to play others strategy games like DOTA2. I believe the popularity of league of legends are not rising as faz as Seoson 2 World Champion.And the old players were giving up now after years and years nerfs. If you dun want someone get over power,thn dont fucking create it and publish and thn whts coming next? NERFS! we're getting bored with those nerfs now.You have to find another solution to solve problems like over power instead of nerf-ing them so easily while we train so hard on it.

    Last edited by s0ul3a73r: 5/26/2014 11:11:28 AM
  • #128 12ocky

    Orianna never got nerfed.

    But I agree they aren't doing a very well job since season 2 ended. Season 2 world championship had much more pregame tactics.

    Itemization is still shit. And it seems so hard for Riot to buff a couple of underpowered champions and make reworks for champions like Poppy.

    Instead they nerf the top 3 champions everytime. Until the 3 other obvious become top tier and those get nerfed.

  • #130 anganchado93

    You are pure mid player, i'm pure support player. Everytime riot detecte a support that may have an impact in the game, they neffed him. They nerffed Alistar, lulu (support), soraka, Janna (bad meta for Janna), Thresh, Zyra (support), Annie (support), Blitz, Sona, nunu (delete please), Taric (Rework and big nerf), Zilean (I prefer not to comment ...).

    Braum will get nerfed. Of course, It is a well deserved nerf. Now i'm waiting Morgana's nerf. That game works that way. ...

    It's nice to know other people's comments. I'm aggre with you, many nerfs eventually make some champions stop play. 

    Last edited by anganchado93: 5/27/2014 1:16:11 PM
  • #131 frtanko

    Riot doing this for a quiet a time. Every time people cry about champion says "broken" "remove" "OP as heck" nerf is coming. Instead of people would actually learn to play against something they just constantly cry. Like LeBlanc. Why now? She's like this for about a year and now tadaaa she's OP and needs nerf? They probably won't stop with this one and nerf her to unplayable state. This is going every time over and over again. Kassa was good again after they reworked him. Then they buffed him. And then "Woops we over made it" and nerfed him back to what he was before buff. Now nerfing him again. They listen only to those who cry about everything. Well I don't even know if they listen. I don't want to be bad I think they still have best game I've ever played, but nerfs after nerfs over and over again isn't healthy for game at all.

  • #132 TheEclipsedMoon

    Dude chill, these are unofficial changes on the PBE. They're not final. Leblanc didn't get nerfed. I am happy that this didnt happen as a leblanc main. Although I liked the new kassadin and he got nerfed :(


  • #126 jhawkjayhawk


  • #129 Fonzie

    Shut the fuck up, he is so broken atm imo

  • #120 xmanors

    Or just remove DFG. By nerfing her this hard they force her into DFG even harder while simultaneously ruining every other possible build. Good job riot, you are master game-designers! 

    Funny thing with LB is that the preworked LB had way more toxic dmg. People just play her because she's the next easiest champ to burst with. Evelynn, Zed, Ahri, Kayle, Kassadin, Kha zix all got nerfed for this reason. This is an endless cycle. 

    Last edited by xmanors: 5/25/2014 7:40:37 AM
  • #116 JetSetDizzy

    El Bonk is dead

  • #115 nickolias123

    In all honesty, the only thing "broken" about LeBlanc is her Ultimate. It just gives her way too much versatility. Increased damage, and the ability to get a double silence, root, or jump depending on what she needs is just way too much for 1 kit. Small nerfs to her damage and a new ulti should set her in a better place.

  • #95 klocugh12

    Kayle is such a problematic champ. Nerfed so many times, so hard, and yet still problematic.

    Remember time when Q had 1.0 AP ratio AND damage amp? Imagine how would full AP buld work THEN? People cried that Kayle would be trash tier after either of these nerf, but nope.

  • #125 Frikgeek

    Yeah, but her E used to have a 0.2 AP ratio instead of a 0.4 one. Also, spell and blade weaving(season 4 offensive masteries) add a lot of unseen power to her E.

  • #91 Selutu

    So RIot nerfs Kayle's range.. That's not the problem at all.

    And LeBlanc's R so Mimic stuff does no damage? They are just gutting LeBlanc so she HAS to get DFG... Great.

  • #117 yoshiwaan

    Um, good?

    Her weakness used to be waveclear and now she's fine at that, so she has no big weakness. She has big AoE damage, insane single target damage that in many cases you can't react to late/mid game and/or a double dash (with a revert for jukes). She's worse than Ahri used to be when her Ult cooldown was lower and she did more damage, she's safe and does tonnes of damage with mid/decent CC and it squeezes out other champs in mid lane.
    It's the same reason that Kassadin got nerfed, i.e. when someone jumps on you with massive damage AND an escape AND an ability to stop you fighting back it's OP and usually not fun to play against.

    Getting a deathcap on LB and then choosing to either AoE or burst just on your skills shouldn't be an option, she should have to pick to go for assassinations (has to get gold from kills) or AoE (can farm up more safely).

  • #121 Selutu

    If she uses her RW for waveclear, it meant that she was trading off the potential of ever killing you for 45 seconds-ish. That's a huge amount of time.

    In team-fights, sure she could QWRE or WRQE or something like that, but that means she's getting closer to you first, BEFORE using her combo, giving you a lot more time to retaliate.

    I'm not saying LeBlanc doesn't need nerfs, I'm saying she shouldn't be gutted to unplayable. With these numbers, you're going to need DFG to actually burst an ADC, I think that's too much of a nerf.

    People used to think LeBlanc sucked back in Season 2 and 3, no-one played her because of how high her skillcap was and how much she falls off. What's more is that people pretty much always had to WQRE, which is much more predictable than anything else she could pull off now since before, it was either that combo at Level 6 or you don't have to fear her killing you. Riot shouldn't have ever removed that and gave her Mimic abilities base damages, since it just gave her more utility while taking away some of her weaknesses. So instead of nerfing her into oblivion (which they specifically said they wouldn't do), they could just revert the change to her ult, giving her waveclear problems again and forcing her into 1 combo. Just a thought.

  • #90 12ocky

    possible Kayle nerfs:

    *nerf her base E damage at level 1 with 5 or 10

    *Q no longer applies a stack of holy fervor

    Nerfing her E range would just make her pretty thrash to lane with.

    Btw thx for the Soraka support buff.

    Kassadin: Hmm his problem is just his superhigh mobility with his low cooldown ult and high base movement speed (+ ignores unit collision.)
    And since i'm a strong fan of all melee champs having mr/level I still think he needs it aswell. Even if that means he needs his passive nerfed

    Final note: plz don't buff Mundo, even if it's the smallest buff to bring him to 'the renekton bar'. He is superstrong I love to play him and I know his ultimate at later levels will be nerfed if he becomes popular in pro scene. (and probably rightfully so.)

    Last edited by 12ocky: 5/24/2014 12:00:21 AM
  • #96 klocugh12

    Could be just matching written value to actual travelled distance in-game. Even if not so, no, 75 range more on a skillshot (which already had nerfed hitbox, so it's not like it will be hit left and right max range), doesn't bring Mundo on Renekton level and Mundo NEVER was there anyway, as he was never a huge lane bully in the first place.

    Last edited by klocugh12: 5/24/2014 2:01:10 AM
  • #114 12ocky

    not a lane bully, but he can farm pretty safely and he has a godlike lategame.

  • #122 Selutu

    His health costs on his Q are actually pretty high and even if half of it does refund when he hits something, he really can't spam it too much. 

    Yes he has a godlike late-game, but so does a lot of top laners (e.g. Shyvanna, Nasus, Jax etc.) and he actually has a weak early game and gets bullied by most top laners.

  • #88 NoobyBanana

    Why nerf kassadin? Especially his W which had the most counterplay in his kit? Riot, you make no sense.... He's in a good spot... He's nowhere near broken, and he's not piss poor weak. 

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