[PBE] Futbul Login Screen; Blue Ichor To Possibly Lose The Resource Regen, Additional Champ Bans, Karthus Champion Spotlight

[PBE] Futbul 2014 Login Screen And Music

And here is the music on its own for you to enjoy:

Blue Ichor To Possibly Lose The Resource Regen

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Hey y'all -
I'd like to make some balance changes to Ichors on TT. I have a few ideas, but before i pull any triggers i want to hear from the community what you particularly like about them.
I know this question is kinda vague, but i'd like to understand what you guys want ichors to do, and if you find them at all interesting.
I'll hold off from posting my thoughts for a bit and give y'all some time to discuss.

My general thinking is that Ichors, while kind of imba atm, are important distinctions from Summoner's Rift. (opinion: i think by definition, all 'alternate maps' items should be treated as a cool lever that can be used to help identify the map they're on - feel me?)

We could easily 'nerf' them by just removing them and replacing them with Elixirs, but it's a clear thread through my lurking that TT players like their map being 'SR Kinda' and not just SR Lite.

I'll be pretty up-front and say i'm interested in removing the Resource Regen from Blue Ichor altogether. Structure DMG (while probably OP) is at least interesting to me in that it calls for a specific action once you take it - Resource Regen is like 'I wanna fight...maybe? Maybe i just want to stall forever.' When the map already has a global chalice aura, it gets difficult for me to justify Ziggs Potion as an item.

-gauging if TT players enjoy the secondary 'map-only' effects ichors give or if they just want reg. elixirs
-looking to replace blue ichor's effect with something more defining/actionable, and hopefully more balanceable than stallfest ZiggsPot
-bonus round: if players feel RagePot is too unsatisfying, Structure DMG could become something else

that's kind of where my head's at atm - this is purely ideation phase, so don't worry - not the end of the world! would like to get Ichor changes relatively soon into an upcoming patch tho, so speak up if y'all got thoughts!

Additional Champion Bans Discussion

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Srly if you are gonna keep on with this "We let OPs being OP couse of the meta in tournaments" thing we need 2 more bans in soloQ to get rid of every champ you want to be in that state.
Is not that hard to understand that with that many heroes we need more bans if you don't want to balance them

There are many different philosophies of banning
- What has the highest win ratio ATM
- What is perceived to be OP
- What is the FotM
- What is difficult to play against
- What popular streamers ban/play well with
- Banning out a player by removing 3 common picks for a role and firstpicking the fourth

Some philosophies even contradict each other, eg banning Akali due to perception would make no sense for someone who looks at her 50% win ratio.

For some of those mentalities a fourth ban could be useful, for others it would be abusable (eg the last one) while others won't benefit even though they might think they do (eg FotM). For that reason it's impossible to please everyone.

Also, adding a 4th ban would hurt the players with smaller champion pools (eg Bronze, Silver).

In general I think that the number of bans at the moment is a good middle ground.
We want a healthy LCS, but we also want a healthy ranked play in all tiers. These two are not mutually exclusive.

I'm not disagreeing with the 4th ban, there might be a 4th ban for each team in the future. But I'd like that change to happen in order to promote gameplay instead of hampering it.

Champion Spotlight: Karthus, the Deathsinger

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Learn to defy death and obliterate your enemies near and far in the Karthus Champion Spotlight.

Karthus is a powerful and persistent solo lane mage. Whittle your enemies down with repeated casts of Lay Waste, using smart positioning and timing to deal extra damage to lone targets. When your jungler comes in to gank, throw down Wall of Pain and activate Defile to deal huge area of effect damage to your slowed enemies. Even if they get away, they’re still not safe from Requiem, a colossal global ultimate that devastates every enemy champion on the map.

Learn more about Karthus here.

Big Plays Spotlight: Flashy Mindgames

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing escapes from one side of the Rift to the other.

These clips feature Diamond 1 player hi im gosu as he uses the same Flash juke twice against the same team. Watch him mindgame the enemy, even baiting an ult and Flash as a reward for his creativity.

We’d love to feature your biggest plays, so post a link in the comments below or submit your clip here!



  • #35 Xaen

    Honestly, there are over a hundred champs now...why cant each player just have 1 ban each in solo queue? I know 5 bans would be a bit more drastic of a change, but each player would get to knock out that one super annoying champ (we all got that one...). It would prevent first pick from having so much power and potentially avoid those common team arguments in champ select. I also feel like it would make for less emphasis on fotm champs..smaller champ pools would be rough, but definitely still manageable, right?

  • #34 Skeets

    >2014 and still 3 bans per team

  • #30 GunPerfect

    Futbol is the spanish way to say soccer, why are most people in the comment section retards?

  • #31 Dankaw
    Quote from GunPerfect »

    Futbol is the spanish way to say soccer, why are most people in the comment section retards?

    No need to be mean to others. I was surprised when i've seen "Futbul" in the name of the article (i was sleeping, JTA and Stonewall just edited my roundup post), but it turns out the name isn't random.

    The login screen was named like that by Riot - yes, the name is completely based on what Riot did. It could be typo tho.

  • #32 vMoPPy

    Just because someone isn't aware that the Spanish word for soccer is "Futbol" doesn't mean that they are a retard. Don't be a jerk like this on the forums please!

  • #27 NotSoSeriousName

    Not buying any of the new skins, the champion pick for the skins is just horrible, i'd never play any of them aside from Lucian who needs an actual skin and not a themed one.

  • #26 jadrammal

    "Futbul" ? It's "Football". This post *cringe*

  • #28 protobyrn

    Or ya know they were just saying football in spanish......

  • #29 diegorm92

    Actually, in Spanish it's Fútbol.

  • #33 jadrammal

    They said "Futbul" , whatever the hell that means.

  • #21 Kiedisticelixer

    Idk I don't ban only OP stuff, just what's hard to play against. So LB for OPness, Kayle for annoying and Morgana because 3sec binding late game simply wins the game and its not satisfying to play against.


    Edit: "Futbul"? Footbull could make a nice wordplay, but futbul sounds a little dumb

    Last edited by Kiedisticelixer: 6/14/2014 8:24:25 AM
  • #22 GentlemanThief

    "Futbol" is Spanish for soccer/football. Possibly Portuguese, too; the languages are a bit similar.

  • #20 DiamondHeist

    4th ban in soloQ and team ranked sure, but in LCS and Worlds they could remove bans entirely! I would like to see them play their best, that would make a good show!

  • #23 outofinspiration

    Interesting point. Why must LCS/professional scene have the very same rules? (Ok, it's logical since we all play the same game) I'd like to see some different in LCS, for example no bans, random 4th ban or a ban based on previous games' popularity/ratios or something like that.

  • #25 Sanear

    this is why i like dota bans... ban phase -> draft phase -> ban phase -> draft phase even tho they have more bans its much more complicated and interesting for spectator to watch that game

  • #17 phoenix370

    "Also, adding a 4th ban would hurt the players with smaller champion pools (eg Bronze, Silver)."

    What about one trick ponies in Diamond 1 and Challenger that literally only play one champion at that level and are legit Silver when they play any other champ? Honestly it would be really nice if we could expose these people more often and a 4th ban would really help a lot. It would be a nice way of weeding out the crap from the actual good players that deserve the rating.

  • #19 Rahvin90210

    You gotta also take into account that many of the champions in League are not viable when play competitively or with ranked in mind. So the champ pool is actually a lot smaller than it appears.

  • #14 22AcaciaAvenue

    I don't really agree with Riot's statement about the bans.

    I think that, with a much larger champion rostercompared to the past, the adding of a 4th ban won't cripple players' champion pool that much. On the contrary, the adding of another ban would force pro players to master other, unconventional picks, thus widening the pool of champs picked in tournaments. Like, "oh wow they banned twitch and Lucian, better try out something else" and we may see a Kog vs Sivir lane matchup. Same for other roles, we may finally see something different from Shyvana/Trundle/Jax in toplane.

    6/14/2014 2:52:35 AM

    The flaw in your argument is that tier doesn't necessarily make you right. I've read people in forums that think that they're always right because they're diamond1>, even if they say the sky is orange, while also thinking that every silver or lower player is always wrong, even if they say they're breathing. It's like 2 people taking a medical exam. One may fail for various reasons, the other may succeed for other reasons different that preparation, so the 2nd one gets a piece of paper but the first doesn't. That doesn't necessarily mean that the 2nd one is more competent that the first one.

    OFC I agree that a lot of unexperienced people may percieve "snowbally" champions as OP just because they keep approaching them the same way and keep roflstomped, but that's where this wonderful tool called brain we have kicks in: it's wiser to read and analyze every post and think with your own brain if it's right or wrong, using tier/division of the one who posted only as a secondary tool of judgment. That's how I swing atleast.

    Last edited by 22AcaciaAvenue: 6/14/2014 2:52:25 AM
  • #16 Matchlockmaster

    "a 4th ban would hurt the players with smaller champion pools (eg Bronze, Silver)"

    Why not just make so that it requires more champions to play ranked? Currently it's 16. 

    If they want to add a fourth ban they should make the requirement to 20 champions.

  • #37 klocugh12

    18 actually.

    8 bans total + 9 other picks, so you need one more.

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