Soraka's New Kit Soon, Gnar Q&A Coming on 8.5, More on Sona, Skin Sale

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/4/2014 - Champion Changes

Soraka's New Kit Soon

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Hi guyssss.

Sorry for the radio silence. Been heads down trying to get Soraka's kit ready for production for new effects and such. While I really appreciate you guys taking the time to make this thread, the kit is pretty close to design locked ^_^.

I'll be sharing lots more details soon, but the core of this rework was to make Soraka the core healer of League of Legends. We really wanted to capture the feeling of a healer who is constantly managing their resources and attention to keep their teammates alive. We want the core button you're pressing in a fight to be a heal, not spamming a pbAoE spell constantly.
But heres my question: Will she be FORCED into being support only champ like sona/lulu/Alister is or will you guys actually let her do more then just being a bot lane healer?
You guys do viciously attack supports/junglers who try not to be forced into their "main" role.
To be fair, how many times has support lulu had to suffer because she is so dominate in solo lane? Supports that have reliable CC and also decent damage have a hard time not being problematic in other lanes (especially mid) and undermining the less reliable but higher gameplay mages/etc that live there.

I will say this though, a champion whose core strength is healing allies will probably not be very good by herself, since the majority of her power budget is dedicated to being the best healer in the game.

Whew, back from work. Alright, now.
I am really excited to hear that Soraka is going to be The dedicated healer. It sounds like you are going to create practically a Braum kit (I.E Sacrifice everything to do just one specific job.) and I am really glad to hear that.

Now I hope you can answer a few more question while you are here so here I go:

1.Will you be getting rid of her mana-battery capabilities? It does not define Soraka as who she is but it was still a unique ability.

2. Please tell me you replaced her Q with something less...stupid. If anyone likes Starfall, sorry that didn't really help me as a support. If anything, I accidently steal cs from my adc just so I can decrease my CD on my heal.

3. Do you have a definite time as to when Sorakas kit rework will be released in the PBE?

4. This is a scary question for much did Morello help in remaking Soraka?

Alright, thats all the questions I have to ask. I can understand if you can't answer any of them yet. So I will eagerly await her appereance in the PBE.

1. I went back and forth on this one a lot. The mana battery thing doesn't seem very cool on paper but it was a cool unique output that only she had. It's probably going to remain, but the spell as a whole will have a much larger cooldown (and thus a bigger choice) since her silence aspect is also getting some more changes that will make it more impactful

2. Q is now a spell with more gameplay that will be the driver of her healing engine. Without going into too much detail, you will need to be successful at landing these if you want to heal to your full potential

3. No. We still have to make some new vfx for her and tune/balance her appropriately with the new kit

4. Morello was actually the one who told me not to give up on her core healing identity. He pushed for the high-level pattern we ended up going with, and I honestly believe Soraka is a much better character for it. He's a great leader and really good at identifying what things are cool at a high level.

edit: try not to bump so much by the way. I promise I will still see the thread without it being on the front page

Gnar Q&A Coming on 8.5

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Gnar’s throwing yet another tantrum, so the team behind him have temporarily set their grooming kits aside and agreed to a Q&A session at 11am PST on 8/5. If you have any questions about what went into making Runeterra’s cutest AND most terrifying champion, come along!

Learn more about Gnar here:

More on Sona

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You're going to have to go full-Nami on her Q. In fact, after Nami, I'm not sure how Sona's Q went live. Nami players complained for weeks about how invisible the empowered attack was to her carry, and you radically improved the visual effect, sounds and everything. Then Sona comes out with mildly blue hands - I was playing with my premade and it wasn't until I mentioned it 15 minutes in that he realized I was even giving him an on-hit effect during his duels.

It also needs to either only be trigger-able on champions and large minions/monsters, or you need to give the carry more than one (maybe 3?). Mainly because it seems to apply to in-progress attacks. I would use my Q to harass and then follow up with an auto, and by the second game with Sona my premade was attempting to also harass each time I Q'd - but half the time the on-hit effect would go on a minion that he was in the middle of attacking at the time.

It should only be triggered by full attack, not a projectile in flight. I'll look into that to make sure that's still working as intended.

As to having more attacks, the amount of damage you'd get if the proc was spread across many hits is going to feel really weak, even if the impact is powerful. We had a model of Q that empowered multiple attacks, and the satisfaction and understanding was really low.

We're still gathering feedback on the particles. If we have any changes on those, it would likely be a little down the road.

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

I get that I'm just one person, Sotere, and I respect that Riot has to balance for the game as a whole and that the devs take in information from many sources. You don't need to convince me of that.

I guess that at this point I'm looking for three things:

  1. An explanation for the nerfs to Sona's laning and early game poke. [...]

  2. An explanation for why Sona's ult "costs" so much on her kit when other champions have similar ults and far more aggressive kits, especially Nami. [...]

  3. An admission that it is not okay to be routinely dismissive of our opinions. [...]

I'm only one person, too! I'm happy to address your points but do take note that my opinion isn't necessarily shared by Fearless, or the Champion Update team. I was just a player who shared feedback throughout the update process.

1) Balancing her early game was a concern. I can't speak to the stats on the ultimate. Throughout her update a number of her iterations simply provided more burst and poke on her kit. When you give her access to that, she single-handedly dominates lanes.

We also noticed in testing that she and her laning partner were less susceptible to early all-ins thanks to the shield on Aria of Perseverance. Since the response to her poking nature was less successful, we had to make sure her poke wasn't overbearing when she was the sole contributor to aggression in a lane.

2) It's just stronger, in my opinion. Ahskance went into it below , but a nigh instant 1.5 second AOE Stun is huge. People joke a bit about Flash+Crescendo but the reason the combination is so prevalent is because it's so impactful. People do not have time to respond to it as they would many other ultimates, so its consistency makes it a strong choice for AOE and pick comps.

3) It's hard to communicate on forums. A lot of context is not readily apparent in each response. I can't admit/apologize for Fearless, even if I wanted to. I do know that being dismissive is the furthest thing from his mind.

However, the context that might be missing is that we don't expect updated Sona to be the best champion the first time you play her. She has her own learning curve. This includes optimizing her build, learning her new positioning, and even includes your allies respecting your new auras. Part of the beauty of League is that every time you play a champ you like, you get better at them.

The other bit of context is that we don't expect to be spot on with our changes. I have provided a ton of feedback through internal tests, yet, I only played her in 10-20 games. The amount of experience I have with her will be dwarfed by people who latch onto her playstyle over this weekend. The amount of games on Sona worldwide over the coming weeks will be gargantuan and from all of that combined feedback we will evaluate where she sits.

Hope that somewhat helps explain where I'm coming from.

Champion and Skin Sale: 08.05. - 08.08.

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