Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/19/2014 - Gnar Buffs

NOTE: Summoner's Rift VU is back for testing! Seems like the crash bug has been fixed.

Champion Changes

Context on Gnar changes:

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source #1,  #2)

Working on a collection of Gnar "buff-fixes" for this patch. Stuff like boomerang reliability. Will post later in week when they're locked

Gnar numbers changes (like the R ratio increase) on PBE are experimental. Likely to revert many of them as people are still learning the guy

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey folks,
Just submitted a set of changes to Gnar's boomerang logic on the PBE that are intended to up its reliability and reduce the crazy "right-angling" that happens at times with it.

General idea is that it can no longer swing out as far when its turning point is closer to Gnar. Additionally have slightly slowed its starting speed and upped the acceleration. Should give more time to catch it at close ranges while still making it get to its end point when needed.

PLEASE TEST THIS OUT AND GIVE ME FEEDBACK! What situations are you still running into where you feel you should be able to catch it but it does something to prevent you from doing so?


  • Base Attack Damage is now 51 (up from 48)
  • Hyper [ W ] - Now deals max 100/150/200/250/300 damage to monsters (up from 75/125/175/225/275)
  • GNAR! [ R ] - AD scaling is now 0.5*AD (up from 0.2*AD)
  • GNAR! [ R ] - Now has 0.5*AP scaling (from none)

Massive Q mechanic changes (can be confusing, explanation below diffs):

  • Boomerang Throw [ Q ] -
    • Missile width is now 60 (up from 50)
    • Missile min. speed is now 1400 (up from 1000)
    • Missile accel is now -3000 (down from -3600)
    • Returning missile width is now 75 (up from 70)
    • Returning missile accel is now 700 (down from 800)
    • Returning missile max. speed is now 2600 (up from 2400)
  • Boulder Toss [ Q ] -
    • Missile width is now 90 (up from 80)
    • Missile speed is now 2100 (up from 2000)

Explanation for Q changes:

  • Both Qs now have bigger hitboxes.
  • Boomerang (small Q) speed now decays slower and is much faster at minimal speed.
  • Returning Boomerang (small Q after hitting) now accels bit slower and is slightly faster at it's max speed
  • Boulder (big Q) is now slightly faster


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