Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/29/2014 - Ascension is here!

NOTE2: Now Soraka rework was announced! Check it out!
NOTE: Make sure to look at The Truer Evolution - the initial Viktor's rework!


New awesome UI. Relics are directly on speed shrines, summoning platforms are old capture points. Mode has banning phase. There's also sandstorm all over the place.

The game freezes for some people, resulting in the unbalanced games. Pretty much every game at least one person has major problems with it.

Here's how map looks:


And there's the Xerath

He's doom bot in disguise

Defeating him gives you Ascension

Which comes with great power of course... (it scales)

Closer look on ascended visuals


Now summoning platforms

The outercircle (between platforms) is unavailable

The winners teleports into one place and start to dance to celebrate!

New Inhibitor and Nexus Icons

Inhibitor                                                  Nexus    


Champion Changes


Arise! [ W ] - Now says: "If multiple soldiers strike the same target,each soldier after the first deals 25%"



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