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Riot Brazil Fog Teaser

Another one, also refers to the fog. "Fabulista" can be translated as "storyteller".
UPDATE: New translation! Thanks ohnitiel ! Also additional note from him:
It's worth to say that the writer "Fabulista" is a male character, this is given by this phrase "me sinto sozinho". In portuguese over 90% of the words that finish in "o" are male nouns.

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"In the beggining, many called me “Fabulista”. I wrote tales and histories to entertain people. All that I wanted was, through my words, give wings to my readers imagination. One year ago, all this drastically changed…

Now, I write to not forget.

I don’t know any more if what I see is my reality, or but a dream. Yes, I believe there’s a history behind everything, but… what if not everything is just a history? What to do about these visions of haunted islands clouds of inconsolable souls of places unknown to me?

My sleep is restless – that is, when I can sleep – it might be playing tricks on my frail mind. Ah, rest, why do you run from me?

Once in a while, I feel alone. Common; a writer has these moments when have more the company of his characters rather than, well, real people. Sometimes, I’d do anything to know that these voices from beyond have a meaning…"

Axes on New Jungle Items

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[on jungle enchantments]

So, as for their gold efficiency - they initially were priced out as an efficient chunk of stats at the 1500 gold price point. This really hits the spot for a certain kind of player mindset. If you're thinking of the gold efficiency of each purchase on the margin, as some players do (and as is probably actually correct for winning games), then as long as it's a gold-efficient use of that 1500 gold, you'll be happy with the purchase.

However, a lot more players think in terms of final items and full builds, not in terms of marginal power gain per gold spent. The previous versions of the enchantments were really unappealing for those players and were making the jungle items a hard sell in the first place. Part of it comes down to the fact that the Jungler passive is effectively valueless after a certain point in the game and the Smite augments lose value as the game goes on (though none of them actually hit 0 value late in the game).

We went for the higher (frankly bonkers) gold efficiency in order to make the final items (2250 total gold) feel like a good buy to a player considering end builds. It does push cost effectiveness for that 1500 gold to a crazy point, but you can have at most one of these items per jungler per game, and it's really making up for a bunch of non-combat power that you had previously spent, so we're ok with it.

That said, I'm looking into a few ways we can get some of the power deferred if we need to, e.g. the old Spirit of the Spectral Wraith passive where the item doesn't hit full power til some time after you actually buy it. No promises and we'd be ok going forward with the current power level, but it's something I'm looking into.

As for build paths - I'm considering exactly how to smooth those out (particularly Juggernaut) today/tomorrow. Kindlegem seems promising for Juggernaut, just have to figure out what the final stats for the item should actually be.

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The Skirmisher's Blade with the Devourer enchantment reminds me of the old Feral Flare, minus the healing and flat AD, plus even more bonus magic damage than the original FF, with even MORE bonus damage from kills or assists.

FF: 33 + (1 X Stacks); gains one stack on large monster kill, champion kill or assist.
New item: 40 + (1 X Stacks); gains one stack on large monster kill, 2 on champion kill or assist.

I'm unsure if the balance is correct on the item right now (its possible the baseline on hit damage is too high), but just a couple quick points:

Jungle camp respawns are slower so you cannot stack it as quickly as FF.

Net value per stack is less - same damage to champions, 1/3 damage to monsters, no sustain.

You're more vulnerable to counterjungling while stacking it - you take more damage from monsters, you don't get free wards, and it doesn't include sustain.

You can potentially stack it faster than you could stack Feral Flare by securing kills and assists on champions, but if you're doing that, you're not doing the "I disappear into the jungle for 30 minutes and emerge the strongest champion on the map" thing that has been so problematic with Feral Flare. If you don't mix in at least a few kills/assists opportunistically, or successfully counterjungle quite aggressively, Devourer will have significantly fewer stacks than a Feral Flare would.

If you do succeed at ganking/invading/whatever in addition to farming your jungle, Devourer gets very strong - it gets strong faster than Feral Flare would, even - but you're also actually participating in the game. You visibly succeed, you actually get rewarded. Huzzah!

If this item is still a big problem, we'll deal with it. We found that when we removed Feral Flare entirely, we lost an infinite scaling fantasy that was very important to a small but noticeable subset of players. I wouldn't be willing to compromise the health of the game to fulfill that fantasy, but I'm certainly willing to try and find ways to fulfill that fantasy which also result in good gameplay.

Vesh on Future Soraka Tweaks

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Small Soraka buff suggestion: Speed up the heal projectile from Starcall

When you hit an enemy Champion with Starcall, there's a projectile that flies back to Soraka to heal her. Unfortunately, it often takes too long, and Soraka can die before it reaches her at long ranges.

It'd be nice if those projectiles got a speed increase. Note that I don't mean the comet itself; just the part that goes back to her to heal her.

I'm looking into a number of potential changes for her in the patch after this next one. The missile speed was actually put in so you could see how many hits you got on Q and then choose whether or not to heal an ally before they reached you (because they heal more when you're at lower health) as a small optimization. Also, having them move too fast would disrupt a lot of the clarity of the enemy seeing whether or not they were hit and where Soraka's healing is coming from. We could possibly speed them up some, but I'm not sure if that's the place I really would want to buff Soraka. Right now I'm primarily looking at her E cooldown (possibly raising it), her W range (possible increasing it) and her Q cast paradigm (changing it to fixed travel time instead of variable depending on distance. this would be a nerf at close range but a buff at far ranges and will also increase how understandable/usable the spell is for a number of players).

All of this is tentative though, but those are the things I'm looking at primarily. She might not need any of that at all but we will be testing some changes. I'm more concerned with usability/fairness than power right now because it's hard to get a good power read with all of the preseason changes being tested right now. For instance, with the new Dragon granting increasing buffs, Soraka is naturally more powerful because she allows certain junglers to take dragon extremely early with her heals.

Scruffy on Nautilus Model Size

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When we were evaluating Sion's new size during development, we compared him to a bunch of the other tanks in terms of size. A few of them (like maokai, malphite etc) seemed like they were smaller than they should be in game.

We should take a look at Nautilus and see if there's room for him to get a little size bump. He's definitely never going to be as big as he is in the cinematic, but there may be a bit of room on him. No promises tho.

On Fiddlesticks and Lulu Lore

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Hello! I'm currently the guy taking a crack at Fiddlesticks (still in the early stages, nothing concrete). For the current iteration I've decided to keep him separate from the Shadow Isles, if nothing more than to keep SI from being our Spooky Scary Champ megamart. Plus, I think he fits in better elsewhere anyway :)

One of the things I want to preserve is the core of Fiddle's personality, while expanding on his origins and purpose. I'm throwing in a bit of Lovecraft and Alice in Wonderland to the early drafts (I also took a couple suggestions from the forums), so hopefully the result is a bit of creepy absurdism with a hint of something-wicked-this-way-comes. We'll see if we end up using any of it, but I'm definitely trying to do him proud!

Whoop whoop! Does that mean visual update?

I'm not part of that team, so I'm not sure. If he's on the list it'll probably take a while, as he animates better than a lot of older champions and is notably missing pizza feet/chunk body. Plus I like his funny little dance-walk.

Nocturne never really had a home and his whole existence was based around the summoners. His whole concept is a spooky champ megamart. Is anyone working on him?

He was one of my options along with Aatrox and Poppy, but I went with Fid (and took a crack at Poppy) because cosmic horror and puppets pretty much make up the entirety of my wheelhouse. Well, that and youtube sketches. But last time I checked we didn't have a magic death scarecrow watching Cute, Win, Fail in his underoos.

Not sure where he ended up, though I know who would've taken him immediately if they had the option.

I will be deeply upset if you miss the opportunity for a reference (or many references!) to The Hollow Men. The poem is basically Fiddlesticks.

I do love The Hollow Men, but this time around I'm taking a couple minor cues from a personal favorite, West.

so quick question; is every champion having lore written about them right now? how many champions are each writer tackling?

Yes. Writers tackle about one to three at a time, with short foundational stories thrown in every week as prompts/practice/inspiration. Some do more, I do less. As opposed to a full-time writer, I'm (as my forum badge says) the ambassador to the writing team, so I have a bit less writing work and bit more leeway concerning what I'm able to poke at between inquiries.

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Is Lulu evil?

Apart from the obvious listing of Veigar as a friend on her lore page, she has no problem with turning her opponents into cute fluffy animals before killing them (it's almost as if she prefers it that way). She also doesn't seem to care that pix basically stole her whole life away from her, or that her family is dead. Is it possible she is a sociopath?

When looking at Lulu it's important to consider English fairy tales, particularly those involving the fae realms and things like elves, gnomes, and dwarves. These creatures are not particularly violent or cruel within the expectations and boundaries of their own society, but have little understanding or empathy for humans and/or human culture. This isn't because they're evil, it's because they're far removed from humanity as whole.

Lulu is very much the same way. She doesn't understand that to many, her magic isn't a game - she grew up among the fey, where changing forms and wild magic are extremely common, and where things like audio/visual perception and the concept of death don't necessarily mean the same thing they do to the rest of Runeterra.

She's not a sociopath. She's a child who never grew up.

I've been a bit curious about the yordles as a faction - there doesn't really seem to be a set consistency to them as a group. Are they techo-crazy, like Heimerdinger and others; or are they rural, like Teemo; or fantasy, like Veigar and Lulu? Of course there's contrasts between champions (yordle champions seem to be more different than most), but how does the race in general do things? Are they unified or are there several different groups of them?
Other factions, like hextechy Piltover, has a consistent theme; what is Bandle City's consistent theme?
Old lore has rural elements, like the new shopkeeper. But then there was a mothership and crazy-techy-what-not. Do you have a set direction for them at this time?

Bandle City has remained largely undefined until very recently - which is why there's a big rocket ship in the middle and the art looks like one of the earlier trading posts in Oregon Trail. Like Targon and Icathia we have traditionally had loose interpretations of what could be there, smaller faction-oriented stories and the like, rather than any big-picture stuff. Foundations has been working hard in that regard, rebuilding a vision of Bandle City that plays to the innate strengths of Yordle characters and society.

What I can say is that Yordles, as they have always been, are a eclectic bunch that excel at pretty much anything they set their minds to. But Runeterra still doesn't know very much about them, and whether or not they stand unified in really anything is still a matter of scholarly debate. Why are some inventors and some warriors? Why do some fight and some explore? Why is that very short magician laughing maniacally, and who decided to build a death robot with toilet plunger feet? That whimsy and mystery defines Yordles much more so than any traditional standard, so if you're looking for an overall theme right now, that's probably your best answer.

Champion and Skin Sale: 10.28. - 10.31.

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