Top 10 - Rarest LoL Skins 2015, Bard Champion Spotlight, Bard Available, Champion Mastery FAQ, Skin Sale and More

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Top 10 - Rarest LoL Skins 2015

Bard Champion Spotlight

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Champion Update: Kassadin

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Kassadin’s all gussied up and about ready to Riftwalk out of the champion update workshop!

Similar to the updates we applied to Singed and Maokai at the tail end of last year, we’re giving Kassadin a visual-only brush up to his base model and skins. That means a new model and textures, plus a whole new set of animations, visual effects and spell effects. We’ve reworked his blade, too, so now it looks a little sharper while costing a bunch less in terms of resources. Even the Void loves toasters.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, available now

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The stars have aligned. Bard is here.

Discover Bard here:

  • The wonder above
  • Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
  • Bard Q&A
  • Bard: Mountain
  • Bard Champion Spotlight

Bring infinite understanding to the Fields of Justice with Bard and his Elderwood skin for 1462 RP (normally 1950 RP) through 3/16.

Champion Mastery FAQ

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This is cool and i like it but will enemy Summoners see oour badge in loading screen, Becuase that would tell them we are good with that Champion and camp our lane or something. reallly cool and i am waiting for this, its cool.

Team only. Same rules as Ranked banners on loading screen.

A new way to gain bragging rights and free stuff for playing our mains? Sounds good to me.

The only downside. We probably will now see a new wave of people justifying their skills by saying "I have a A+ rank on [insert champion] you only have a B rank. Clearly I'm better noob."

But despite the inevitability of those people showing up. I still think this will be awesome.

You can only see your own grade so other players won't know if you scored poorly

Will others be able to see it from other sources such as lolnexus? [...]

No, this won't be available to third party sites. We want the grades to be feedback for you, not something for others to be able to see.

Damn it, I wanted it on team builder :/

We're supporting normal SR queues immediately, including team builder.

I'm only interested in this if it's possible to demote from your rank if you do worse with the champion.
If it's just "Spam-the-champion-enough-to-get-the-badge" then it'll be even more worthless than Zimbabwe currency.

[... few responses]

You won't lose points. It's about leveling up your favorite champion, and your pool of favorite champions. You get a grade after every game that is feedback for how well you did, and how well you and your team play contributes to how quickly you level.

So this "grading system".... what is it grading? A positive KDA, most gold on team, Highest Damage Delt, & if you got a VICTORY screen...
is it actually grading each role on the things you're doing in your actual position? [...]

All positions are treated equally. If you're running a Jax / Poppy bot lane (or some of those other crazy combos) you'll be measured against similar players when we give you your grade.

We aren't giving players an explicit breakdown of their performance in all the categories we consider for launch, but maybe some day.

This is cool, you should be able to unlock champion Icons in the future

Can't make promises on this one, but it's something we considered.

At max rank you should give the person a cheap skin for that champion...I feel like people would work harder towards it then

Skins likely won't be on the table as part of this system. We've got some other cool ideas in store though.

Quinn and Blind Bugfixes Coming and More

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[On Blind Bug]


Can you keep us updated?

Sure! I have an update now after doing some more digging.

We have a fix tentatively in for 5.6. The fix basically moves the miss chance definition of blinds from "attack declare" to "attack launch" (basically, from before the windup time until once the windup time is finished).
This fix is going through QA now. If there are any problems we'll pull it for a later patch to figure those out.


We've got a couple of other fixes for Quinn going into 5.6 too. One's for a bug where Harrier's sometimes not applied by Vault. Another's for a case where Vault would take Quinn so far back she'd be out of range to attack afterwards.

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[On Darius R changes on PBE]


That's such a low-risk change that it's likely to go through.

It's what they should've done long ago since it'd stop his snowballing while letting him retain power late-game.

Yeah, late game power's the goal here. We originally removed Darius' full ult reset because it lead to situations where he'd kill you once with it in lane, get ahead and then always be able to do so again, leaving opponents with no way to continue laning. Late game by contrast we don't think a full reset will be problematic, particularly given in many cases the reset window gives you all the casts you can use anyway. Late game's also where Darius particularly struggles to close against many team comps, so giving him the potential for a bit more payoff if he can there seems appropriate. He's gated heavily by mobility, so doesn't need to be as mana/CD gated at that point (the Nasus principle).

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Kalista's dash speed is affected by slows [...]

Kalista's passive's the dash most affected by slows certainly. Some other dashes do get their speed modified based off the users movement speed at time of cast as well though (in contrast to Kalista, who will dash slower if slowed, but won't dash faster if hasted). Examples of that include Shen's E and Corki's W.

Ward Sight Range Indicator Is Being Tested

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[Comment to Bard Champion Spotlight]


anybody know what the weird blue fire was? it seemed to show sight range of wards, but it went through walls. maybe related to the mandrake ward?

EDIT - if you missed it, you can see what I'm talking about as Bard is placing wards around timestamp 6:45

Hey all, just to address this specific feature you're talking about.

It's essentially an indicator for a sight wards max vision range. This is something we're currently testing internally, however I can't comment on when/if it'll come to PBE.

It wasn't intended to be shown in the spotlight, sorry for all the mystery around it!

Quick Ninja Edit: This has nothing to the with the mandrake ward that is currently on the PBE!

SRU beta comes to a close

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With Patch 5.5, the update to Summoner's Rift Beta will be coming to a close. Since launching this update last November, we've been monitoring games on the new rift, and soaking up tons of player feedback. We greatly appreciate all players who provided feedback and those of you who helped us identify issues with stability and performance.

When we decided to launch SR as a beta back in November, we knew we had some more work to do to fully hit our goals for the update, especially around performance, visual quality, and a few parts of the map that weren’t quite up to our standards. Now, a few months later, we’re ready to remove the beta tag, and to commemorate we’re patching out another bunch of updates for SR. While I won’t go over every single part of the map that we’ve updated, I’ll walk you through the main things that we’ve focused on.

As we’ve mentioned in some of our earlier blogs, one of our goals for this update is to have the environment feel like a place you want to spend thousands of hours in, and used words like charming, fun, ancient, magical, mysterious, untamed, overgrown, and alive to try to describe SR. Throughout our development on this update, we’ve been continuing to narrow in on making the updated rift more and more this sort of place.

This has been an ongoing process and while we believe the release of the November SR update was a considerable move towards hitting our style and feel from when we first launched on PBE back in June, we knew we wanted to keep pushing the experience on SR even further.

A stronger sense of place

And we saw your feedback. Some players waxed, often quite poetically (and some with pretty pictures, oooh!), that they missed some of how they felt when playing on the former map, specifically calling out that the artwork felt a little less vivid and lively than it did on the original version. We heard you, and we’ve focused some additional updates specifically aimed at improving the map environments.

First up, we did an overall hue, saturation, and value rebalance across the entire map. This leads to the overall color palette to feel warmer and the trees and colorful elements (like flowers) to look more bold and vibrant.

However, while we amped up the amount of saturated color throughout the map, we also widened the value range. We’re hoping these broad shifts brings in some of the feel of the old SR while improving gameplay clarity. In this instance the value adjustment should help characters to stand out from the background environment so that you can still clearly find your champion during the chaos of skirmishes and team fights. We’ve also increased the levels of contrast and added more details to the ground in the bases, jungle and lanes to help anchor the champions and increase particle readability.

Next, when we released the update to SR, we were still working on how we wanted to implement lighting and shadows in a uniform way across the whole map. Without broad, consistent lighting, there are many cases where parts of the map can look flat, less detailed, and outside our intended art style. For the 5.5 update, we’ve done a broad lighting and shadows pass across the whole map. Part of this process was updating some of the in-game geometry artwork to feature more three dimensional detailing at various spots throughout the map. Then we added new directional sunlight (and corresponding shadows), which we hope make the environment feel more 3D and consistent.

I can haz pretty end of game screen?

As many of you noticed, the announcement video for the update to SR showed a shiny new end of game sequence that didn’t match with what went live in November. We ran into some technical hurdles that blocked us releasing the full end of game, but ultimately decided that we’d rather get the update into your hands sooner than wait for the fixes to those issues. Now, after tackling a handful of tricky problems, its finally made it in this patch. May all of your future games end in a little more glory and celebration!

Blue is us, red is ENEMY!

You may have noticed in 5.4 we added a new in-game option (on by default in Options → Game) called Relative Team Colors. This option changes the way team minions and structures look in order to mirror the way the rest of the UI in the game works. Regardless of which team you are on, you will now see allies as blue, and enemies as red. The result is your minions and structures will look blue when you are playing on both the north and south teams (and your enemies will always be red for both sides respectively). Many of you may have noticed us slowly making other color changes to League in both the UI and in-game over the last months. Our goal is to achieve a single consistent visual language throughout the game and Relative Team Colors is the last major part of that process. Moving forward, when using this option, you can consistently count on blue meaning ally/friendly and red meaning enemy/hostile.

Performance and bugs

Over the past few months we’ve made a ton of improvements and optimizations to performance. The net result is hopefully better frame rate, quicker loading times, and less hitching in games on SR. Many of you helped us identify issues, and while we are sorry that any of you had to experience a less than optimal experience when SRU launched, we greatly appreciate those of you who took the time to call out issues so that we could find and stomp out a whole bunch of subtle problems and issues.

Additionally, I know some of you may have read everything up to this point and are currently thinking, “More updates! Oh Noes! MY TOASTER WILL DIE!” Well, do not fret! we don’t expect these new updates will cause any negative impact to performance.

And MOAR coming

Lastly, even with the SR beta coming to a close, we’re excited to keep making SR even better. We’ll continue to look for opportunities to update the rift and the rest of League well into the future!

See you on the rift!

Riot Aeon

Champion and skin sale: 03.13 - 03.16

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Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins:

Bioforge Darius
975 487 RP
Midnight Ahri
750 375 RP
Ruthless Pantheon
520 260 RP

Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster:


975 487 RP

Lee Sin

880 440 RP


790 395 RP

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