ETA of Ashe, Gangplank Reworks, Patch Rundown 5.6, Riot Support Help Videos, ARAM/Dominion Changes Teaser, Skin Sale

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ETA of Ashe, Gangplank Reworks and More

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@Riot Meddler, will we see Ashe testing begin in the PBE really soon?

Not for a while. Gameplay changes haven't been completely locked down yet. Once they have, she'll then go into the queue for the required visual changes. It'll be a while as a result.

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@meddler Is Darius buffs still planned to be in patch 5.7?

We're still planning to make that change. I'd imagine that'll be in 5.7, though can't guarantee that yet of course.

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@Meddler What happened to RiotGMang's Gangplank rework?

Still planned and the gameplay changes are showing promise. Won't be for quite a while though, there'll be a number of other reworks first.

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@Meddler or any Rioter who would be in charge of this regarding Mordekaiser.

When we do a visual upgrade for Mordekaiser we'll definitely want to make him look like he matches his origins (the Shadow Isles). Not sure what the timing on that will be, but we'll certainly want to work on him at some point, he does show his age visually.

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Sejuani Nerfs Followed by CinderHulk Nerfs


Maybe this is dumb because I'm not ranked or anything so what do I know, but it seems like a strange balance idea to nerf Sej on one week due to the power of the newly released CinderHulk and then the following patch nerf CinderHulk (PBE) with no recompense to Sej.

We felt Sej was clearly too strong in 5.5, relative to other tank junglers in particular, and chose to remove some power from her as a result. We kept the 5.6 nerfs to her relatively minor since the state of the game's still adapting to Cinderhulk's introduction and she hasn't been a consistent, long running problem (though was definitely strong pre 5.5). Having had a bit more time now to assess Cinderhulk we also feel it's a little bit too strong. We're glad to see tanks being successful with it, but feel it's a bit too strong compared to other options. Current thinking is to drop it from 350 to 300 HP as a result.

Patch Rundown 5.6

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Riot Support Help Videos

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Hi everyone!

Riot Games Support has been busy the last couple months working on a new project to help players troubleshoot problems with League of Legends. Today we're happy to release our first set of help videos!

This set of videos specifically focuses on one of the more prevalent causes for frustration: connection troubleshooting. Let’s be honest, wi-fi sucks, port forwarding sucks, and hell even accessing your router sucks. With these videos we hope to make complicated things easy. Our goal is for players to be able to solve a problem in an easy-to-follow and visual way, and also learn more about why problems are occurring in the first place.


You can watch these videos on the new Riot Support YouTube Channel and we'll also be embedding these videos in the support site soon.

In the near future more videos will be added to tackle a variety of problems, such as FPS optimization and crash prevention. We’re also working right now translating the videos into other languages, so that everyone can benefit from them.


We’ll hang out in this thread for a while, share your thoughts and feedback. :D


P.S. We know that not every issue is your fault, sometimes it's on Riot's end. That's why we have the Server Status page. When stuff breaks on our end, we hustle to fix it as quickly as possible. For everything else we want you to have the tools and help to fix your problem as quickly and easily as possible.

ARAM/Dominion Changes Teaser

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A few thoughts from an avid ARAM/Dominion player. [...]

We've got some cool stuff coming soon™ :)
Don't lose hope brave warrior.

Champion and skin sale: 03.27 - 03.30

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Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

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