Why is %current health damage used, Meddler on Upcoming Champions Roles, Skin Sale

Why is %current health damage used?

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We put % current health damage on spells when we want those abilities' effectiveness to be independent of how much health the target has or hasn't stacked and:

  • The spell's intended to be used early in a fight as a core part of the champion's play pattern. Xin Zhao's ult is a great example of that - % current health damage reinforces the message that the Armor/MR bonus already sends, rewards using the ult to make big early plays that split teams.


  • The ability's deliberately being made weak (or non useable even) as a finisher. Elise for example is rewarded with extra damage for going into spider form against weakened opponents, as her human Q damage drops off and spider Q damage increases. Evelynn's the more extreme example, with her ult being explicitly designed so that she can't get kills with it outside of her Q range and is instead rewarded for flanking a fight and going in as soon as things kick off.

  • The effect's intended to be strong as a softening effect, but drop off in effectiveness as enemies get worn down. This mainly just applies to poke effects, like Mundo Cleavers or Liandry's Torment (whether on poking casters or early into the fight champions). Diminishing returns against wounded targets means the poking player's got a strong incentive to eventually use more of their kit/have their team follow up on their engage. Additionally, targets of the % current damage get a bit of help if they're taking continuous hits and really struggling to engage or disengage.

  • We're looking to incentivize splitting hits between targets a bit, in a way that wouldn't normally be smart. Jarvan's passive offers a bit of this in that there are times when, rather than just training one target down, it may be worth swapping to another for the passive proc. A minor opportunity for play optimization under some circumstances basically.

Additonally something we haven't used % current health for in a big way, but might at some point, is as a kill set up mechanic. Imagine a support for example with a powerful % current health nuke, possibly even as an ult. Intent would be that they'd soften a target up for a team mate (assassin would be a good fit) to then follow up on.


Meddler on Upcoming Champions Roles

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@Meddler: What Champion Roles Are In the Pipeline?

What roles upcoming champions are is something we want to leave to the initial champion teaser/reveal, since role's a key part of a champion's identity.


At any point in time we aim to have a wide range of roles under development so that we can mix up the different roles being released. Role is one of the things that's usually locked down really early in a champion's development (with occasional changes if a new direction shows a lot of promise). 2014, by release order, had a mage, tank support, fighter/tank, mage, marksman, fighter and that's the sort of variety we'll be aiming for this year as well.

Champion and Skin Sale: 04.21 - 04.24

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