interesting reds 5/9/2012

New Soraka Skin coming with model rework

The current plan is to release the model rework with a new skin



What was the thinking behind giving Varus AD Caster qualities when we all saw how Graves turned out?
Is it something we should expect to be standard on carries?

In this case, there's a lot more tradeoff there - Varus' total carry damage is weaker overall based on steroids and stats, and Q has a distinct tradeoff where you can't auto-attack while channeling it.

This is a style of AD carry, but it's not how they'll all be. In fact, the next one is more pewpew on the auto-attacks side, but has a pretty crazy and cool mechanic.

What do you need to be Lead Champion designer?

I can firmly say that no - I'm in no way shape or form anywhere close to what you would need to be in that position.

My designs are typically reactionary of what is going on in the current game right now and I have a poor grasp of a lot of elements of design: Resource management - UX - map design - narrative, etc. etc. etc.

I don't have anywhere near the experience or maturity to actually be anywhere close to that role.


Why don't you tell banned people why they're banned specifically

Most of the time it's not very specific. In the case of the OP you'll note that no one-thing he did was really that bad, but his behavior as a collective negatively impacts those around him. If you look at the responses to what I posted for example, you see people highlighting single lines in his chat and saying, "you can get banned for saying X!?"... Nah, you can't get suspended for saying that one thing. You can definitely be suspended for the collection of the impact you have on others though - even if no one thing is particularly terrible.

There's a really subjective nature to it, and different players have different levels of tolerance. I think you'd find that if Riot handled every single report ourselves instead of leveraging the Tribunal though, we'd issue a LOT more punishments than we do currently.


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