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  • Salutations guys! It's not really a secret with Season 4 approaching at some time in the future we're going to be doing some gameplay changes. Morello and Xypherous have talked at a very high level about a few of the topics (we're still heavily in concept and prototyping phase atm) but one of the topics I wanted to grab feedback on is Masteries as one of my tasks in S4 is to give these guys another pass (I also worked on Season 2 and Season 3 masteries for context). It'll prob be a while before I can preview anything but I did want to get your feedback as early as possible during this process.

    Feedback need not be limited to the following but some points I'm curious about are (Don't feel the need to answer all of them, any feedback is helpful)

    1- Do you feel masteries as a whole should be stronger, weaker, or stay the same? There are pros and cons to each approach.

    2- What are your current favorite and least favorite masteries?

    3- Which tree do you feel is currently the best designed and why? Worst and why?

    4- Which masteries do you think are the most overpowered and which are the most underpowered.

    5- Any crazy ideas for a new mastery? It can be for any tree, at any tier. New ideas are always helpful
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    Originally Posted by Cruel Cupid View Post
    ... many of my friends who are pre-30 can't really work out what to do with their mastery pages, or how to use them to optimize their play.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. thanks for coming out to EUW don't let the mob scare you, I for one am very glad to have you here helping us give input.
    No problem. I've been hanging around the last few years on the EU forums (almost 2.5 years now eeek!) though I've been quiet recently due to time constraints both work related and non-work commitments.

    As for helping your friends out who struggle optimizing masteries how useful would a recommended masteries button be? Basically after you select a champion you hit the recommended button in the masteries tab and it fills out the tree for you?

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    - Least favorite; This is a major complaint of mine, actually, about a minor (and, to a degree, insignificant, some would say) detail. There's a total of 10% CDR spread throughout two mastery trees. However, instead of an equal amount in both (5-5) you opted to go with 4-6. "Sorcery" annoys the living hell out of me, because you often end up with that terrible number, 39% cooldown reduction. And I detest it...

    For Gods sake, swap over that 1 CDR point when we transition into S4, so we won't have to add one point in CDR via Glyphs, or find some other obscure solution to add that one missing point. It seems like an unnecessary distribution of CDR. Champions who value CDR will still spec into both and acquire the full 10%, supports will only lose out on 1%, but will still have a psychologically satisfying 5% to work with, and carries who value CDR won't have to make gimmicky builds just to reach the cap beyond the 39% CDR.

    It's on my list. Current plan is to remove the Improved Summoners and shift it to be 5% and 5% in Offense/Utility. It'll take a little more shuffling and tuning beyond that but I agree its a concern just due to the extent it bothers some people.