Promotion Series Expirations

  • <div class="cs-body"><p>Hey Summoners,</p><p>We made some changes to the way a promotion series can expire over time. Read below for an explanation:</p><p><strong>Short summary:</strong> Last patch we released a change to the league system to fix a behavior that was extending players promotion series beyond the expected time amount. From the day you enter your series, you now have 28 days to complete that promotion series or it will be automatically ended.</p><p><strong>Context:</strong> With the latest ranked play update, players now have a 28 day time limit from the day they qualify to complete their tier / division promotion. Previously we had allowed players to extend the series for an indefinite amount of time. Players who fail to complete their promotion series within 28 days will be removed from out of their series, where regular LP decay can be applied.</p><p>This change was to address an unintended behavior that was causing some players to have a promotion series that could run almost the full duration of the season. We've applied the update retroactively to all players currently participating within ranked play.</p><p>Unfortunately we failed to properly message this change within our official patch notes, and some players may have already been affected by it. This announcement is to provide clarity if you've been automatically failed out of your promotion series and were wondering why. We apologize for the inconvenience as we strive to make ranked play a more consistent and dynamic experience overall.</p><style type="text/css">.cs-body p { margin:1em 0;}.cs-body img { border: 2px solid #cd8e2f;padding: 1px;margin: 0;max-width: 100%;height:auto;}.cs-body img.borderless {border: 0 none;padding: 0;}.cs-body a {font-weight: bold;}</style></div>
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    hey riot. what's wrong with buying rp?

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    Is there something wrong with buying RP at the moment? I'll pass that along to the right people.