I got the sneaking suspicion that heimerdinger is the next vu

  • why? Riot said about the first of July that we can expect to see the heimerdinger updates in about a months time, which would of made him the perfect candidate to ship with the 3.10 patch and/or get put into beta on that day. and even then yi go showen ahead of time what his new abilities are before going into a beta, a good while actually. so the ETA on the dinger is def taking longer than expected. which brings me to one thing Xypherous said: "Nope - it'd take too long if we waited for a VU" and in response to different laser visuals and sounds he said "If it pushes back release, I'd really rather not and take the hit until a VU."

    The second point being that they said the next VU champ in a low risk champion to work on. Which fits pretty well on heimer. His ingame model doesnt look much like his art, most of all his head being round in the art but in-game his head looks more like a overused worn out balloon as well as some other things. And the easy way to make nobody mad is just keep his voice and keep his epic walk. A majority of the turrets already have custom designs for their skins so thats made already too.

    So i may be crazy for this but im connecting that this low risk next vu champ may be a tie in to the fact that the ETA on us getting the dinger update has been pushed back.
  • It's very likely Heimer's gameplay changes will come out well before he gets a visual upgrade. Xypherous has some kit changes that have been testing well in playtests and there are other champions we feel need the visual upgrade first, particularly since in Heimer's case some goofiness adds to his charm.