I think I've seen like 1 or 2 games where Yi hasn't gotten fed

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    20/0 last game, in Gold 3 ranked. And he was on my team so I'm not qqing.
  • We're looking at some Yi fixes currently and want to get them in for 3.11 - I'd like to have some direction locked by Monday.

    Unfortunately, we did not meet one goal we'd hoped to - better in high-ranked games, and not as stompy in low-ranked ones. This is still occurring, which means Yi is in beast mode for a vast majority of players.
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    Bookmarking this thread for the next time someone tells me this game isn't balanced around GD

    P.S. un-nerf leblanc ty
    Bookmarking this for someone extrapolating their pre-conceived notions out of something that doesn't mean what they think it does. :P

    We don't need to nerf Yi flat-out, but it's likely he needs more serious tuning to make it so he doesn't tear through people who can't deal with him, then allowing us to buff things that might be needed for stronger competitive play.

    Though I know it's cool to call out how "all these noobs" ruin the game.