@Meddler What is your position about leblanc's current state?

  • I know live feels she's a bit weak at the moment and are currently looking at whether some base stat adjustments would be an appropriate fix/part of an appropriate fix. Nothing set in stone yet, she is on their radar though.

    From what I've seen personally I'm inclined to agree she's a bit weak, at least at the level I'm playing at, I usually play ADC or support though so I don't have much direct exposure to her in lane to draw on. Plus, more importantly, I'm not involved that much in balance changes.
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    You mean you've never had to face support Leblanc?
    Someday someone will show you what true hell is.
    Run into a few, all that I can recall were on my team though. Quite like laning with them, provided on an ADC that can take advantage of what they offer.