Mods actually closed a thread with 30 red responses

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    edit: Nevermind, it was mass downvotes automatically closing it. Still odd considering red-posted threads still don't tend to close from mass downvotes often
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    Originally Posted by Glaricion View Post
    If it was some sort of error w/ the autoclose system hopefully they fix that.
    If it was an intentional close...
    I think what's happened there is that the opening post from someone who suggested deleting Rumble was downvoted enough that the thread itself got closed as a result. Feel that's a shame, given that while I imagine his/her phrasing understandably annoyed some people, I thought the observation that Rumble had a kit that could work on a dragon was a good one.

    Anyway, I'll create a new thread tomorrow, continue a bit of discussion there.

    Link for anyone confused about what I'm talking about: