new sivir is so pretty, well done riot

  • i was fearing the worst (even more skin than before), but you guys surprised me with this. she was my very first champ (or was that morgana? either way she was right up there), and i'm glad to see that her new look is so good.


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    she looks middle eastern but damn dat's hawt
    Working as intended

    Glad you guys like!

    When we get back from PAX ill see if I can get some higher-rez concept art up.
  • Glad you guys like her!

    This is very much a team pile-on of a design. I did a lot of iterations, as did Grumpy Monkey and RiotTeaTime. Together we sorta just mashed up all the ideas we had and executed on them. I think in she ended up extremely on target. There was a lot of debate about her. We tried some really divergent ideas but came together on her current design.

    Quick thing, the material the video showcased Sivir in stil a work-in-progress state. She will be releasing "soon" but will not be the next immediate content from Relaunch. We have some work to do on her skins and a few base touch-ups. She's looking gorgeous because the team has done some beautiful work. We want to make sure her technical execution is as flawless as possible, so we appreciate you holding tight while we really crisp her up.
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    is that her skins rework?
    Those are all iterations of her base, actually.