European Service Update December 2013

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    I wanted to give you an update on EUW for December (as a follow up to the Nov and Oct threads). Here I'll discuss how things have been since the last update, how we're planning to ensure as good a service as possible over the holiday period and how the new Amsterdam datacenter build is progressing.

    Over November and December we had serious latency problems on EUW and EUNE. Issues were caused by external provider hardware failures and a faulty circuit that provides bandwidth to approx. 25% of our game servers. This issue is resolved and I hope you've noticed an improvement. Riot TMX gave a solid explanation of this problem in this thread.

    The better news is that some of the platform issues you experienced in recent months haven't recurred (like chat, DB and patch problems for example). During November and majority of December, there were no platform incidents on EUW. Unfortunately with the provider related lag, this hasn't had as much of a positive impact on your gameplay as we'd hoped.

    Many of you have been asking how we're going to ensure you can play over the holidays.

    Firstly, to help with provider connectivity issues like the recent lag, we're rolling out RiotDirect on our Frankfurt datacenter (initially this was targeted for the new Amsterdam facility). This mean in case of any serious bandwidth or latency problems we'll be able to quickly switch between 4 different providers, taking the traffic off problem lines. Our Network Engineers will be on standby watching for alerts or latency delays over the holiday period.

    -More information if you're not familiar with Riot Direct in this thread

    Finally, to ensure stability on all global environments, we're going to freeze any non-essential updates until January. This excludes important fixes and stability works if they are needed.

    Longer term, the Amsterdam datacentre build is still on track for the end of March. Servers and other tech hardware are arriving daily and will continue to do so over the holidays. Once all the equipment is on site and prepped, a big team of Rioters will start installation. This is a huge and complicated build and the team will be working hard over the holiday break to ensure we get Amsterdam live as soon as possible for you.

    I hope you find these monthly updates informative. Again, this is our absolute top priority and we're putting everything into getting you the service you deserve.

    Hope you have a great holiday period and enjoy the Snowdown Showdown!