So now that Vel'Koz is confirmed..

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    Who's getting him?

    I honestly adore all of Riot's monster champs and I'm definitely getting this one.

    EDIT: We got a Rioter wee~

    EDIT: Adding a list of videos to people who have no idea what is going on.
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    Originally Posted by Durzaka View Post
    Will wait to see how he plays. Im not much of a mid laner so i dont know if ill like him.

    But i want to get him just to show support for more monster champions.
    Couple folks here seem really interested in the monster champs, curious what it is about them that you like so much. I personally like that they look so different but wondering what others think.
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    Originally Posted by Letsgetcooking View Post
    Because they're unique.
    They aren't human and that is awesome.
    I mean, we see humans everyday, we live in a world of humans and some of us use videogames as a meaning to escape reality. So why pick a human? Humans are boring in my opinion:we know too much about them. I never play humans in rpgs: in fact, i pick the thing that's less human possible.
    I know that's just confirmation about what you think about them but i wanted to say my two cents here.
    Humans are lame: i learned that in history books and by social contacts. Monsters have a potential to be better in so many ways.
    Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Basically brings a whole different feel to the game when everything is not human. One thing I think is interesting about them is how different an ability feels coming from a monster champ (IMHO) than from a humanoid champ. Like Cho's ulty. Technically you're just doing damage and gaining HP as a result, and I can think of any number of ways to represent that in game. BUT when it's a giant insectoid monster devouring the target, well that just feels satisfying and different from what a humanoid could pull off.

    Well, maybe Graggy, but he's too busy drinking his dinner.

    p.s. Loved me some TS2 bot games with friends.
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    Originally Posted by EvilTreeSpock View Post
    By nature of looking different they fulfill a desire that I personally have for diversity. Not having to create a human allows for some fun designs that I think frees up artists creativity a bit. Though for the most part the monsters in League maintain some basic human designs (Bipedal and one set of arms) with a few exceptions. Being able to play as a monster allows us to fulfill a fantasy of not being a human and being an "evil" character without really having to feel some kind of guilt. I would also like to see some "female" monsters. While there are "non-human" female champs, they don't really go into the "terrifying" kind of looks. The closest that we really have I think to a female monster is Elise in spider form.
    Personally like that you don't have to be male or female playing a monster champ. I think it's another pillar in what allows for a fairly unique play experience as a monster.
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    Originally Posted by Zastie View Post
    I would type a big reply to you about why right now, but I already did ages ago.
    Thx for link. Like some of the core concepts you presented in that post, especially from Majora's wrath. To me what stands out about that is how it feels so simultaneously human and alien at the same time.