Dreadknight Garen for following on Twitter

  • Summoners,

    As part of our ongoing effort to more efficiently deliver localized League of Legends news to the European community, we are rewarding our Twitter followers with the Dreadknight Garen skin.

    To redeem your skin, just log into Twitter, then use this application to Follow the @LoLEU account.

    (The codes for following @LoLEU will only work for EUNE/EUW servers.)

    Additionally, we’ll continue to gather feedback on how to best use Twitter to suit your needs. If you have content suggestions, let us know!

    Edit: Spread the word

    Edit 2:
    There was some community concern with woobox permissions: This app will not post or follow on your behalf (after the initial @loleu follow).
    The app just needs those permissions to function.

    Edit 3! WOO!:
    Yes. You get Garen, too.

    Edit 4:
    There are some technical complications with the Woobox. Currently troubleshooting the promotion. We'll let you know when it's live again. Thank you for your patience!

    Edit 5:
    Promotion back online. Grab your Garens. Spin to win

    Edit 6:
    If you purchased Garen or the Dreadknight skin in the past 2 weeks, you are eligible for a refund. Submit your request.

    Edit 7:
    19:27 GMT+0
    We took the promotion down to pump more juice in the system.
    It's back up.
    Grab your Garens and spin to win.
  • Don't worry guys, neither we or Woobox will be posting anything, reading your Tweets or following anyone on your behalf. I swear on the Scout's Code!
  • We ran into a little snag with the promotion, guys, we're working to get it back up as soon as possible!
  • I just pushed out refunds for Garen purchases in the last 2 weeks, so you shouldn't need to make any tickets.
    If you still think you're eligible and haven't received anything, just make a ticket and we'll take a look at it for you.
  • Its an application that asks for access to your Twitter account. It does this simple to check if you're following back and will then give you a code to use in store to redeem Garen and the skin.
  • We're experiencing issues with redeeming Garen through this, as Riot Weecore has informed, I'm just gonna put it here:

    Aware of issues with DK Garen redemption from Twitter.

    Should be resolved within 48 hours, but please don't hate me if it takes me longer.
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by My name Ã*s Jax View Post
    @Riot eglorian make someone respond about the ref page please.
    Sorry, only saw this today. We have disabled RAF due to a technical issue we are trying to fix. No ETA so far on when it will become available again.