Riot, we need a duck.

  • 1500+! Let's shoot for 2000! QUACK.

    News update: The duck has defeated Riot staff members in 1v1- they were playing Mundo. This means he's legit. Maybe it's a sign?
    Also note: I have been told this is an awesome thread. Whoever said that is correct. This is an Awesome thread, created by Awesome and upkept by Awesome, with quite a few Awesome posts. Pun absolutely intended.

    No more women.
    No more men.
    No more monsters.
    No more mushroom-loving yordles.

    We need a duck champion. Period. A magical space-duck, to be exact.

    Sign this petition please. WE NEED A DUCK. You all know this full well.

    I shall say none more.

    Reply with your favorite duck noise to signal that you want to be part of the petition for a duck.

    Also, we've come to a conclusion that the name should be Schadadle. I mean, honestly, what a great name for a duck.

    So here is the skillset for Schadadle, the River Warden.
    Conjuncted ideas for a skillset (hand-picked)
    Passive) Put it on my Bill: Schadadle can buy items now for slightly less than they cost and pay the difference when the gold accumulates. 15 gold per level cap. (Posted by Declawd)
    Q) Duck Tape: Removes all debuffs from target champion and heals them for 150/200/250/300/350 (+ 0.8 scaling AP) of their health, since duck tape can fix anything. 15 second cooldown. If used on an enemy, this slows them for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and decreases attack speed by 25/30/35/40/50% for the duration(Posted by Saldean)
    W) Waddle Away: Active: When an enemy targets Schadadle and is facing his back, Schadadle gains a 50% boost to his movement speed for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds. 15 second cooldown. Passive: Schadadle gains a 10/20/30/40/50% boost to his movement speed when walking on water-covered surfaces. (Posted by OmegaHorizon)
    E) Feather bomb: Schadadle creates a radial puff of feathers that renders only those inside it able to see what's in it (both allies and enemies). Lasts 6 seconds and scales up in size (400/500/600/700/800). 25 second cooldown. Schadadle's stats are slightly increased inside of the puff. (Posted by Pakstinarian)
    R) Quack in the Surface: Schadadle emits a very loud quack, causing the ground beneath him to create a impassable fissure straight out from his beak. All enemy champions caught in the fissure will trip and fall, being damaged and stunned for 2 seconds. 95 second cooldown.
    Right now it looks like Schadadle is headed towards being a solid tank. Duck enters field, NOTHING CAN DESTROY IT, and you suddenly win a teamfight.

    Thank you, and try to have a nice day without a duck.

    Oh, and there's no vibe to this thread. See why here.

    -Zach (Omega) (now Awesome)
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    Originally Posted by Zakur the Bright View Post
    Riot, you got 21 red posts. Make it happen! Riot, we need a duck. Riot, we want a duck. Riot, MAKE A DUCK

    Make that 22.

    We still need a duck.
  • Quack.
  • roit pls.