Forum cyphers.

  • I'm sure you'll all aware of the cypher marathon going on on YouTube. So, while Nikasuar works on her cypher, I thought it would be kinda cool do a forum version. Works the same, right down the the lyrics and then call out another forum user to do there's. etc, etc.

    Here's the Dominion/ cypher theme to go with it:

    Now, here's mine:

    It's the League of Draven, and you're in my lane,
    Using my axes to show you some pain,
    You try and escape, you're just running around,
    But you're still in my range, so i'm bringing you down!

    Go in 2v2, you're just asking for death,
    We brought down your Jax, you're the only one left,
    You're at low health, just escaped the assault,
    You think you're safe, then out comes my ult!

    It's a double kill here, and a triple kill there,
    I'm too strong for you, corpses e-ve-ry-where,
    You bought a thornmail, you're just being daft,
    Cause when I kill you, I will have the last laugh!

    I get a bloodthirster, in fact make it three,
    You're raging in all-chat "THAT'S SO OP!",
    I'm so powerful now, it must be a sin,
    I carry my team and get us the win!

    I'm calling out randomnoob1337, let's see what he's got!

    And yes, you can call out Riot members
  • I'm being called out eh? Well then...

    I’ll have Rumble take you on with only Flamespitter
    Incoming first blood and another rage-quitter.
    It’s only been 5 minutes but you’d better submit
    You can’t handle a team with this much Grit

    You’re fleeing so fast you’re all outta breath
    But you cannot escape from my Pony of death
    The name’s Hecarim and he’ll rip out your soul
    My champs will crush you regardless of role!

    That’s cute and all, how you try and fight back,
    When in comes Fizz with the counter attack!
    Smokescreen your team will keep you in the dark
    But be careful in there, watch out for the “SHARK”

    A Thundering Blow and Shock to the face
    It looks like your team just got Jayce’d
    What’d you expect Solash? I ain’t no phony.
    Prepare to get rocked when you call out Feral Pony

    I'm calling out Philidia. Show me what you got sir.
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    Originally Posted by Philidia View Post
    Hem... You sure you want to make the rain coming ? =D

    Sorry Feral, I'm really not good at this, I'm more interested by Sona's boo... boots ! Oh, and look at your thread if possible, I'm waiting an answer from you !
    I need to get back to it but my time has been really limited as of late. Don't worry I didn't forget! It's just taking me a long time, sorry