Friends of President 'Tryndamere' Immune to bans?

  • Ok, so I know there a lot of people who have bad experiences in this game, from ragers, qq'ers, etc. but today I had probably the worst case I have ever had in my 2k+ games in League of Legends and at the end of the game where we all report the guy. He finishes with "perks with being friends with Pres of Riot... I duo with him daily... check my stream"

    So, me being skeptical i Google his name + stream and the first link is a stream of him duoing with the President of Riot, Tryndamere.

    I want it to be brought to the attention of the community and to Riot as well, that it is not acceptable to be playing favoritism with who they chose to ban or not ban.

    What LYTE removed was 4 things of proof that he was in fact friends with Tryndamere
    EDIT BY LYTE ::: Removed info about the player being called out.
  • When it comes to toxic behaviors, no one has special privileges--not even Rioters. We take sportsmanship extremely seriously in League and I can assure you that the player mentioned in the OP is not immune to any punishments. I've seen many players use this excuse before and it's never true. There's no such thing as being immune from punishment for toxic behavior--doesn't matter if you are a Rioter friend, press/media, or pro player.

    In fact, the player mentioned in the OP is up for a Tribunal ban right now and was banned 3 times in recent months. I'll talk to Tryndamere about this player tomorrow, but I'm removing him from the original thread due to forum policies against calling players out.
  • If he said that, I'll ban him myself
  • As a note, just because I add someone to my friends list and play a couple games with them does not make them my "friend". I am a friendly guy who is happy to meet people in game and have duo queued with many people I don't know all that well, but am happy to keep on my buddy list. The guy in question is more of a "friend of a friend". I'm better "friends" with Jaximus - and this guy is his friend.

    If people think that that entitles them to special privileges or that they can name drop me... well, they got another thing comin (as Jaximus saw when his main account got banned and now doesn't get end of season rewards).

    There's a difference between "being my friend" and "being someone on my buddy list" who I have duo queued with. One potential reaction would be for me to stop duoing with people I don't know super well - but in the same way that Riot doesn't take the "safe" road with engaging with our community, in that we encourage all Rioters to interact with the LOL community rather than hiding behind a PR wall - I'm not going to stop playing with people because one dude got ahead of himself and name dropped me.

    But - don't believe the hype. If people are toxic, they'll get banned. Period.

    If some people put on their good guy hat in my presence, but are toxic elsewhere, they'll still be caught in the system.

    You guys calling attention to this stuff is helpful - so keep it up.
  • Hey everyone, I'm going to clarify a few points.

    1) It's still not OK to call out players on the forums.
    2) In the extreme case that you need immediate action on a player due to gross negligence or abuse, you can e-mail a screenshot to Player Support and contact me at [email protected]
    3) As many have noted, D DUB already had a Tribunal case when these incidents happened. Tryndamere and myself reviewed the case and decided to approve the ban. His current ban is 14 days.
    4) There is no favoritism when it comes to the Tribunal -- just don't be a ******bag.
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    Originally Posted by Valtielx View Post
    Shouldn't you not post his name there in #3?
    Yes, but it's already been revealed several times in this thread. Let's just avoid calling out names in future threads. I honestly don't have time to comb through the thread and clean all incidences of the name.

    EDIT :: I've removed the player's name in my reply as well.
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    Originally Posted by JMØØ6 View Post
    It is very unfortunate that we have a mob mentality here, meanwhile people with legitimate issues with the Tribunal get ignored at Lyte's discretion because they are not high profile cases. Those who ask Lyte for help with Tribunal issues get laughed at if their thread isn't inventive enough.
    I handle hundreds of Tribunal cases from random players on a weekly basis. To be honest, most of them get escalated to me by other Rioters or Riot Player Support just like this case did. I do this on my own time, typically after work hours because my core job is to lead the player behavior team in the development of new features.

    To say I chose this case because it's "high profile" just isn't true. I don't ignore cases or randomly cherry pick cases either--there's only so much 1 person can do so it may appear biased to players.