Zed needs better Energy refund systems

  • Only one skill on a 20 sec CD that refund only its own cost and only once per cast is not enough.
    Not to mention the absurdly high Energy cost on Q.

    With that, you can't afford to spam E to succesufully lower your W CD, and makes it that you dont want and CANT to use Q never after the initial burst, because you will lack energy. Basically you cant use his cool mechanics more than once in a long teamfight.

    I think there are real simple ideas that could help with this:

    - Make Living Shadow refund energy from more then one cast, so if you hit double Q and E both, you are actually rewarded. Right now you only pay for W cost, which is really low. You could do the same to the Ult's Shadow, maybe reducing the refund, so you are even more rewarded, the more skilled you are, while not making it OP with only 1 Shadow

    - Make his passive refund some energy amount on enemy champions. This would create interesting decision-making, while only refunding on champions below 50%, making it quite hard actually: is it better to risk yourself to auto attack enemy champions to be able to use more your skills, or just do your initial burst and save energy?

    Add more ideas if you want. Both suggestions, alone or together, would immensely help with his sustain in a long teamfight, which kinda sucks right now. Numbers can be tweaked so it wont get too strong.

    TL;DR: The other Ninjas have multiple energy refund systems, Akali hardly runs out of it actually, Shen who had the most problems is now balanced on energy-refund. Dont make Zed use energy for only 1 combo, his mechanics are so cool, he should be encouraged to spam skills to use them more and more, not save it.

    Sorry for bad english.
  • I think we tend to give too much energy refund to our energy champions. Lee Sin for example basically has no resource limitation if he is able to autoattack. With Zed, the goal is for you to feel energy constrained. In exchange, you get relatively short cooldowns on your abilities compared to their power level. This lets you burst harder when you really want to.

    That being said, we are still debating the exact numbers on his W energy return. It's very possible that they will go up.