@riot: regarding Elise...

  • I enjoy the character. I played her as a mage and her harass puts a lot of pressure on mid and jungle. I play her (more often) as a bruiser and I enjoy the way she has good poke and can still hold her own as a bruiser when the enemy closes the gap.

    However... my biggest problem with her (and how it kills her jungle) is that her W's aspd buff does not apply until her next autoattack.

    She literally will activate the buff and waste half the duration making her next autoattack before her attacks happen faster. I believe that you should change her W so that it resets her autoattack timer. It would fix her in the jungle and allow her to get the most out of the W in sitautions were she's not getting kited.
  • We did have a fix for auto attack speed not increasing immediately a few patches ago that addressed this issue for a number of champions, it had some unintended impacts on tower attack speed however so we've had to revert it for now. We'll definitely do something to address this, completely agree Elise suffers from this more than most given how concentrated her AS boost is over a short duration, would like to do it via a game wide solution though, not just a band aid on Elise.